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  1. Sarnia

    S04.E15: We Hold These Truths

    The doctors need to ask at a time like that because it's the only time they can recover an organ in good conditions. I can really understand how difficult and delicate it must be. Of course no one can force you. But I hope neither you or any of your loved ones are ever in need of an organ transplant (or I trust you would do the logical thing and refuse a donated organ). I apologize, this is probably going off-topic fast.
  2. Sarnia

    S04.E14: Can't Unring That Bell

    Seriously, I think Neuro doctor was the single redeeming character for this episode. I always like his little snippets. He is very blunt but not actually mean and he's usually right! He just seems like he's had enough of all this sh*t (and as a viewer of this show, I can relate). And I also enjoy the very deadpanned way the actor delivers these lines.
  3. Sarnia

    S07.E05: On the Prowl

    Ok, it may be a cultural thing, but when did belly buttons become offensive? (and when did showing a belly button was more offensive than showing your whole butt cheeks?). Also, what was happening with mentor Ann's hair? It looked like she had woken up in a hurry. Dmitry, I love you (in spite of what you have done to your face), but if you want us to believe that you are a kick-*ss inspirational designer, please be one! That dress was a snooze-fest.
  4. Sarnia

    S07.E04: Of Corsets Fashion

    Well, they did : https://www.adoreme.com/corsets-and-bustier/jeanice (to get rid of the annoying "sign up" window, I clicked on "log in" and then you are able to close the window and browse the site) It's an inspiration of the look as they said it would be, but it's a recognisable inspiration and actually looks alright (it may even fit different body shapes, including curvy women).
  5. Sarnia

    Masterchef (UK)

    No topics anymore, just that one discussion for all. I do think it's a pity to choose this for shows that are still airing, but that's how it goes now.
  6. Sarnia

    S04.E10: All The Lonely People

    I didn't feel there were reasons to doubt they did spent one night together. Bekker did not deny it while she talked to Rhodes Sr, but she refused to reitirate it. She just does not want Connor to learn about it. I'm not sure why I'm still watching this, all the characters are developing into really awful people. I'll save maybe Maggie and Sharon in this mess. The others, I just don't get who they really are (and I feel the writers don't have a clue either). And what I get, I really can't relate to.
  7. Sarnia

    S07.02: Top of the Class

    I actually have no idea what a graduation party looks like and what kind of dress (or outfit) would be appropriate for one, but Irina's dress was inappropriate in any situation. The bottom was too short and the top was way too small and revealing. Many other dresses had much nicer cleavage openings (not sure what is the proper way to describe that), which left a lot to the imagination. I liked Evan's dress, I thought is was quite dramatic and interesting, but the fabric looked like wall-covering from the Victorian era. Not sure what Dmitry was thinking when he picked that color combination for himself, but the result was very disappointing. None of the designers really wowed me this week, and I think there are too many of them. Do we know how many episodes there will be in the season?
  8. Sarnia

    S16. E10. What Child Is This?

    This episode was all kind of ridiculous (except the Kacie/Jimmy bits) but that baby sure was cute.
  9. Sarnia

    The Block

    I like Jess more and more with all episodes (and Sarah, less and less). I guess it is partly thanks to editing (for Sarah especially, I can't believe someone can be so needy, selfish and clueless). But I would like to be friends with Jess, and it's the first time it's happened to me in any reality show. I hope her and Norm do well at auction. And yes, I hope whoever designed those ridiculous floor plans gets a carreer change.
  10. Sarnia

    S03:E02 Need to Know

    I was on the verge of quitting on the show altogether after this summer's drama, and I'm glad I didn't, because it's back to the light, fun show it was in season 1, but with a bit more maturity. I read about Wayan's leaving, and, seriously, WTF. However I'd be fine with a show of just Cole and Trish (and Avery and Bailey as sidekicks). Trish is all kinds of awesome.
  11. Sarnia

    S04.E01: Be My Better Half

    I felt (not for the first time) that April's behavior towards Emily was totally unprofessionnal. Choi was a bit out of line as well in immediately thinking of abortion, but maybe he was talking as a brother and not a doctor. April should not push Emily in keeping the baby if that is not what she wants (nor should Emily be pushed to have an abortion if that is not what she wants). The right way to react, as a professional, would be to tell her : "these are the possibilities for you, if you have questions we can answer them", and as a human being, tell her "it's your life, you decide, and we'll be here to support you". Maybe I'm a bit touchy on the matter but April's talk to Choi and subsequently to Emily about the baby pretty much ruined the character for me. If it's supposed to paint her as a compassionate person, it has totally backfired.
  12. Sarnia

    The Block

    I wonder how much Spence knew about the show before entering. Everything he said about the ridiculous building methods and requirements, and the fact you can't do proper work in so little time, is very true, but that was obvious to anyone who has watched the previous seasons. I was surprised the editing allowed him to express himself so clearly on the subject (even though then they tried to let us think his opinion was based on his psychological troubles, which I didn't fully get as English is not my first language and I couldn't understand what was wrong with him). I feel more sorry for him than for Sara. So far my favorite couple is Norm and Jess. They are hard working, and Jess is such a funny and positive person.
  13. Sarnia

    The Block

    And you were right. So much for a drama-free season. Norm and Jess' master bedroom and ensuite were very small for a penthouse appartment. It's surprising since the appartment is built from scratch, couldn't they manage a better space planning?
  14. Sarnia

    The Block

    And now we learn that the reason they choose this apartment was because it was the one suited for that very tacky brass bathtub she's so excited about. Really? I'm not a huge fan of Keith, but I laughed at his reaction when he saw it.
  15. Sarnia

    The Block

    Indeed, so far so good and it's actually enjoyable to watch this year. Hope they continue on that front. On the other hand, The Block NZ is also on and you'd have to look hard to see the reno work in the midst of all the drama (with production sh*t-stirring, misleading editing, dramatic music, false suspens and everything). So for this one I'm back to watching only the reveals day (unfortunately, the judges are awful).