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  1. kelseykixx

    S07.E07: Girls' Night In

    Did anyone hear Brittany right before she was talking to Lisa? How she said something along the lines of "I used to be able to elevate Jax with my sweet personality but now it's flipped and my reputation is being sullied because of Jax." Like... wtf? So she is incredibly cognizant of her "sweet Kentucky innocent gal" act and is now getting pissed that people aren't buying it anymore and STILL shitting on Jax. She truly thought that her sweet shtick would be enough to make everyone forget about Jax's 8 years of televised psychoses? Ok girl...
  2. kelseykixx

    S09.E10: From Turkey With Love

    Jennifer and her Chanel addiction is so over-the-top and annoying - it was straight up embarrassing to see her running around the engagement event like it was HER party. Flaunting her ugly ass Chanel earrings/wrist cuffs (who even wears wrist cuffs) and acting like the belle of the ball. Also creepy for her to run over to Melda and her brother and say "HOW ABOUT A BABY SOON HUH?" and to force her brother to say "I can't touch her until the wedding." You could see the fear in Melda's eyes as she realized what this arranged marriage would mean she has to endure on her wedding night. *Shiver*
  3. kelseykixx

    Jersey Shore

    I agree about Snooki being too much to watch this time around. Back on the original shore her antics were funny and non-irritating because she was young, single, and wasted all the time. It was a personality never really seen before on tv. However, these two most recent episodes I was basically reaching a point of "OMG shut the fuck up Snooki." She wouldn't stop yelling and wildly overacting everything she did. She seems to have lost her original charm and is just super try hard now - and I could NOT get past her new face. Her lips/teeth are absolutely insane looking she can barely even close her mouth. Also, did anyone see the countdown specials they did before Family Vacation premiered? Snooki was FUCKED UP. She was slurring, eyes were basically closed, swaying. It looks like she was pilled out of her skull. Does anyone know when she got her boob job? I'm wondering if she's still taking pain pills and that was why? Or Xanax? I'm not sure but I was like good lord girl this is nottttt a good look.
  4. kelseykixx

    S06.E14: Watch Your Back

    I'm sick of her talking about how BOMB EVERYONES PUSSYS are. Like... great you're such a worldly feminist we get it. Sit down. She's also always trying to fight for what she thinks is right but typically no one even asked her so I don't understand why she feels the need to insert herself into everybody's issues.
  5. kelseykixx

    S06.E13: Vegas! Baby?

    Uh the previews for next week with Ariana fully splayed out with all the girls staring deeply into her uncovered vageen was a little offputting. I understand getting elective treatments is different from a regular but for some reason it felt so incredibly skeevy that there was no sheet put over her lower body (like they do at the gyno). She has been talking about her insecurities with her vagina for a few weeks now and how she doesn't want anyone to touch it, look at it, or be near it, yet here she is with two friends and an entire production crew just spread eagle under a halogen light in a tight room. WTF? I don't know why but for some reason that truly weirded me out.
  6. kelseykixx

    S07.E12: Something Blue

    This post summary (snipped for length) was a thing of freaking beauty my god. I almost started clapping at my desk.
  7. kelseykixx

    Season 8 Finale Special - Check Up w/Dr. Drew Part 1

    It was on reddit I believe - one of the users went to the reunion and told everyone all the crazy ish that went down. Unfortunately, MTV won't show that for whatever reason. Agreed. Also - she was like 16 when she was with Adam. A lot of people are douchebags in high school - but most end up growing out of it. Unfortunately for Chelsea Adam didn't but how was she to know what he would become?
  8. kelseykixx

    S08.E15: Love You, Mean It

    Yeah I'm glad she said something actually - Jenelle is used to everyone staying quiet about the dysfunction in her life. I think having this episode air plus cast members/peers speaking out on what they just saw is positive in some ways - if everyone admonishes the abuse publicly Jenelle and David can no longer paint their own narrative.
  9. kelseykixx

    S08.E15: Love You, Mean It

    Wow... this was super dark. There is a dark cloud over Jenelles house and the kids all seem terrified. It makes me sick hearing Jace tell Jenelle he doesn't want her to marry David and then quickly playing it off as a joke - he wants so bad for her to hear him but knows it doesn't matter how he feels. Ughhhh those poor poor children.
  10. kelseykixx

    S08.E10: Welcome to a Puerto Rican Baby Shower

    Briana is so so so so so so terrible. She even manages to make the "drama" in her life boring as fuck. It's just so dumb watching her play this morose role of the put-upon, pregnant girlfriend who was cheated on by her baby's father and now has to do this all alone with no help. Like bishhhhh are you kidding? You were publicly BEGGING to get pregnant by a rando on twitter for all of last year and now you're embarrassed by your mind-numbingly dumb decision that's being aired on national tv for everyone to watch. Constantly shaming Luis as if he was the love of her life who broke her heart is ridiculous. You got pregnant with a rando you didn't even know and have zero chemistry with. Are we supposed to be sad that your magical fairytale romance didn't work? Cause I could literally not care less - maybe if she ever showed signs of life, humor, happiness, excitement, fucking ANYTHING then I'd root for her. But how am I supposed to care about her storyline when she's just a miserable slug of a human? Her and her whole family are just a bunch of dramatic harpies. The fuck was up with Roxeanna acting like the sky was falling at that dinner? Sobbing uncontrollably because of Luis? "THIS IS WHAT WE ARE GOING TO HAVE TO DEAL WITH FOREVERRRR" yep. You're right. You can thank your barely functioning daughter for getting impregnated by some guy she didn't know. Ugh - the way Briana talks about her "baby daddies" skeevs me out too. Something about that phrase just sounds so god damn trashy. Especially knowing that she never even really dated either of them so it's just extra gross because both her kids just came from random guys she barely knew. There was never any love there at all. And there's no chance for Luis to even begin to navigate through the crocodile trap that is the coven. God at least let him fail first before you start complaining endlessly about how he's a deadbeat. They're not in a relationship anyways so I'd say for now he seems to be there for what he needs to be - appointments, interrogations from the Help Me Jesus family, meeting with Briana to listen to her whine endlessly. Ugh I hate hat family.
  11. kelseykixx

    S02.E05: Walking in Memphis

    Well this episode was about as exciting as a trip to the bank. Really struggling for content here eh Dallas? So what the hell even happened with D'andras stepson moving out? I must have been zoning because all of a sudden I look up and she's screaming at him and he moves out that night? Where did he move to? Did he explain why he wanted to go? Seemed rather strange and abrupt. And then D's reaction... Jesus lady calm down! I understand she was yelling like that because she felt like she failed at bonding with him as his stepmom but it was so out of place and inappropriate. That kid is an adult who really doesn't even know you so maybe dial it back down from a 10 to a 2. i am honestly impressed Leanne didn't have a fucking nuclear meltdown when Kam told her that she wasn't allowed in Brandys house. She surprisingly brushed it off and moved on which shocked me. ok that's all I got.
  12. kelseykixx

    Catelynn (and Tyler)

    A-fucking-men! Tyler is clearly sick of hearing about this weight she "wants" to lose so bad and at this point I think he has no idea how to address it other than making comments like "Wow you're really indulging." He's heard for YEARS about how badly she wants to lose X amount of weight all while watching her stuff her face with giant quesadillas and chinese food. He used to be compassionate and surprisingly supportive and helpful (i.e. when he used to propose healthy recipes) but she still resisted those positive affirmations and wouldn't eat healthier. At this point I believe he is just sick to death of hearing the same ol' same ol' and is legitimately annoyed and resentful.
  13. kelseykixx

    Catelynn (and Tyler)

    I agree - I don't think she has depression either. I think she may be FEELING depressed because of circumstances in her life but it's not depression. I think a BIG part of her insecurity/lethargy is her weight. She is completely unhappy with her size and as a result doesn't want to do anything - doesn't want to get dressed up, or go out, or be around people, or let people see her. I'm not overweight but I've had days where I've felt bloated or may have eaten too much and I don't want ANYONE to see me or to see anyone. I think she is greatly insecure about that and hasn't taken steps to change it because it's overwhelming to her so she figures "what's the point?" I think Tyler is at his absolute wits end with trying to coddle her. Everyone's saying he should be more supportive but jesus christ she has literally been complaining about her weight for YEARSSSS. In the earlier seasons he even DID try and come to her with healthy recipes - I remember one episode where he talked about how he researched a bunch of healthy recipes online and they should make them but she resisted even then. At this point she has no one to blame but herself.
  14. kelseykixx

    S04.E20: Push Comes To Shove

    Anyone see Lalas makeup on the reunion? What in the ever loving fuck.... she looks like a blueberry. Or a corpse. http://m.imgur.com/sSVVVrG?r
  15. kelseykixx

    S04.E14: Sex, Lies And Stassi's Videotape

    At this point - I am just as sick of Lala as I am of James. Yeah some episodes she makes a lot of sense but the way she keeps hanging around James annoys me to no end. "Ew no I'll never have sex with him we're just friends etc etc etc" Yet once again in the episode we see her trying to turn him on by going "Squeeze my ass." WTF - if you're so disgusted by him just STOP hanging out with him. Stop telling him to take photos of your ass. Stop telling him to squeeze your butt. Just stop. What's the point of "teasing" him if you're disgusted by him anyways. Ugh.