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  1. Maya

    S07.E06: Pedal to the Metal

    The judges kept saying they didn’t “get” Anya’s design - but they were ok with Sean’s??? A heavy looking cropped jacket over an ugly fringed skirt. So bizarre and unflattering. And he won of course.
  2. Maya

    Winner Cake All

    I’m starting to think they know what the challenge is ahead of time. The one team already had a pre-made shopping cart made out of pvc pipe. They also happened to “find” the perfect spinning red light for the red light special. Oh and how gross did that last cake look?? Dense, wet and beige.
  3. Maya

    S07.E03: Buckle Up!

    I am such a skeptic that I wonder if he only had a three-episode contract or something. I just can’t believe they’d send their golden boy home so soon.
  4. Maya

    S07.E03: Buckle Up!

    I can’t believe the little jacket that zipped up and had a hood wasn’t in top!
  5. Maya

    S07.02: Top of the Class

    I thought it looked like a gold foil fast food wrapper with some leftover ketchup on one side. Seth Aaron is getting pretty full of himself. I wouldn’t mind seeing him brought down a notch.
  6. Maya

    S07.02: Top of the Class

    Anthony Ryan’s look was boring and ugly and the opposite of fashion forward. I like Irina but she should have gone home for that mess. Alyssa looked great!
  7. Maya

    S15.01: The Perfect Bird

    They have to spatchcock a chicken immediately- how else are they going to get their hilarious montage of snickering and mispronunciations?
  8. Maya

    S15.01: The Perfect Bird

    This show makes zero sense. The first challenge was to illustrate “why you are the worst cook in America.” Then they sent the guy home for being the worst cook.
  9. Maya


    I’m thinking eating disorder.
  10. Maya

    S07.E01: All Stars Goes Global

    I forgot how dramatically my opinion differs from the judges on this show. I assumed the Mountie was on the bottom. I liked Michele’s dress. I think if the bottom had been black instead of white she may have had better luck.
  11. Is that supposed to be True on Khloe’s lap??
  12. Maya

    Season Five Episode Talk

    I think Sarah’s really talented and I’d be happy to see the “token young person” win for once.
  13. Maya

    Season Five Episode Talk

    They all seemed like trifles to me, not tiramisu.
  14. Maya


    Why is she even mentioning her baby’s thighs?
  15. Maya

    Season Five Episode Talk

    Why do you say that, because Julia asked for a chair while she was baking? 🤣🤣 I couldn’t agree more about people who haven’t made choux pastry in years, don’t know what a snowman looks like, etc. Um, maybe figure these things out as soon as you make the cut for thr show. Also don’t know why Lerome didn’t just look at the giant snowman figure that he took the card off of.