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  1. I admit I haven't been watching a lot this season, but the few episodes I've caught seem to be Rousing Success Stories or Dismal Failures. One episode I caught was with a guy who was very pleasant and committed, did everything Dr. Now told him and lost a great deal of weight. Actually, his story was almost boring, it was so drama free. Recently I've watched drama filled segments of Jeanne and Maya, and both of them dropped out of the program and never qualified for WLS. Another thing, does anyone else think many of these Supersized comments are stupid like "Maya's favorite color is blue..."? It's like they can't think of anything interesting to say about them.
  2. How About “90 Day Fiancé: More Bullshit”
  3. That's why the title ends with a question mark. They're toying with us!
  4. magemaud

    House Hunters: Buying in the USA

    For the recent Birmingham episode, my TV guide said something about a couple searching for “a tiny house on wheels.” Um, isn’t that a trailer?
  5. I never noticed. I guess I've always been distracted by his fugly glasses and undulating eyebrows.
  6. That moment was particularly cringe worthy. So much for Larissa's claims that her new guy "isn't into social media." I thought his mannerisms and facial expressions playing to the camera came across as over the top attention seeking.
  7. Is this new guy pinging anyone else's gaydar? Not believing for a minute that this is a real relationship
  8. more like g-strings. Does Coltee actually think they find him attractive?
  9. magemaud

    Say Yes To The Dress

    If you go to FB and enter “Angelica JJ Pagano” you should be able to view the info. There is a wedding photo where someone is standing in front of her, but she’s leaning over and spilling out of her strapless dress which doesn’t cover her “chubby arms.” She also appeared in what looks to me to be a really cheesy movie, “Jersey Shore Massacre.” She also poses for some provocative photos which strikes me as funny since she was dressed rather modestly on the episode. In fact, when my husband came in the room he asked why she was wearing a parochial school uniform. I told him she must be going for the male fantasy "naughty Catholic school girl look."
  10. magemaud

    Say Yes To The Dress

    How can anybody be so dense? They practically unfurled a white sheet under the tulle skirt to show what the blush dress would look like in white and WAG still squinted and said, “I just can’t picture it...”
  11. magemaud

    Say Yes To The Dress

    Actually, Emanuela is CEO of a successful makeup company (believe it or not) and it was determined when the show originally aired that Daddy works for HER! I suspect she was buying her own gown and the “Daddy Who Couldn’t Say No to His Little Girl” storyline was just producer driven drama. Furthermore, I’ll bet she also paid for that rock on her hand. I forget what fiancé did for a living, but it wasn’t a high paying job.
  12. magemaud

    Steven & Olga: Babies With Babies

    and loads more student debt!
  13. Colt was in his early 20s when his father passed away. In the first episode, he said his father passed away "ten years ago" and they showed a photo of him in his high school graduation cap and gown with his father.
  14. They played up the "interracial couple in a Redneck environment" from the very beginning when Ashley was warning Jay about it on the way to her home from the airport.
  15. Pix or it didn't happen! Really, does every woman on this show immediately find a new upgraded boyfriend immediately after their breakup? Like Danielle, (remember the mysterious "Neltson"?) Molly, Angela, Darcey, etc? "So and so has a new man!" I suspect there are people who contact them on "soshul meedyah" hoping to get in on their own 15 minutes of fame.