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  1. Panda Bear

    S07.E08: A Housewarming Divided

    Jax just likes that someone else is the bad guy right now. When the focus is on James, it means it's off him.
  2. Panda Bear

    S07.E06: Love Thy Mother

    Kristen used to have a website called Vegiholic, a vegetarian recipes/lifestyle blog kind of thing. I think her pivot to T-shirts is a better move. I'm glad they're showing us more career stuff for her and Stassi.
  3. Panda Bear

    S07.E06: Love Thy Mother

    Because she's incredibly unoriginal. The Olsen twins have a clothing line called Elizabeth and James; Reese Witherspoon has a clothing line named Draper James; and Kristin Cavallari has a jewelry line called Uncommon James. If you're a basic bitch, James is the name you use for your brand, even if you hate the one James you actually know. Stassi should put that in her book!
  4. Panda Bear

    S09.E10: From Turkey With Love

    Melda seemed happy to see Jennifer's brother when they picked him up from the airport. I think the arrangement is kind of odd myself (and I definitely rolled my eyes at the "old school values" scene with Jennifer, Tre, and Dolores), but I don't see it as the nightmare scenario many are imagining. Maybe Jennifer's brother is just shy? There are plenty of adults who have never been married.
  5. Panda Bear

    S07.E03: Either Him or Me

    I'm all for firing James (his comments to women are gross), but I did find that whole scene of Katie counseling Raquel on how James treats her a bit rich considering her own husband constantly cheats on her when he drinks and has twice thrown drinks on her, on camera. I also noted the editors' shadiness when Jax was talking to Brittany about James being a cheater. The men on this show are all awful.
  6. "Someone call Dick Goodwin" made me laugh out loud. Leslie Lytell is a Herb Stempel for our times.
  7. I can believe Bobbi and Felice are sisters, but I cannot, in any way, believe Bobbi is Gina's mother. Not when we know who her father is...
  8. Panda Bear

    S03.E16: Party Fouls

    I thought it was rich of Brandi to accuse LeeAnne of looking down on her and the others when Brandi is constantly firing smug putdowns at LeeAnne for not being married, not having children, not being rich enough to afford first class, and not having a college degree. Oh, and not having been friends with Travis for twenty years, as she has. Boy, aren't we all jealous of that!
  9. Panda Bear

    S03.E14: Growers and Show-ers

    I have seen absolutely no evidence of this on the show. I can believe that LeeAnne is envious of Kameron and D'Andra, with their money and social connections, but when has she ever shown any interest in having children? She also seems to have a happy relationship with Rich, with or without a marriage certificate. I think LeeAnne actually looks down on Brandi because Brandi's trashiness reminds her of her own past, which she's trying to rise above so she can be this fancy, charitable society lady.
  10. He has acted as a lawyer for a few of them at that point, but... yeah, it's still pretty weird. I liked her a lot on General Hospital in the '90s, but then she returned around 2011 and had so many annoying vocal tics, her character was basically ruined for me. Maybe she started developing them here.
  11. Good question! It is pretty harsh. The only thing I can figure is that it was a religious school and they didn't appreciate her calling wine "Jesus juice"? I think that's probably why she stopped using that term.
  12. Brandi's children were kicked out of their school after season one, due to her drinking. And part of the reason her husband was so mad at her back then was because he'd heard she went to a male strip club on camera, drunk, and was worried about how it would look to his coworkers. I don't know if Brandi actually has a drinking problem--maybe she really does only drink when she's on camera or out socially these days. But her drinking has already affected her family negatively and if she's worried about it happening again with the adoption, then she should stop doing it in public. And it's on her, not anyone else, to make that decision. I haven't liked Cary that much in the past, but I've come around to her this season and I felt for her in that restaurant scene! I also really liked her cousin's music, go figure. I don't know what the hell is happening in the preview, with her and Mark naked, though. I might change my opinion back after I see that...
  13. Panda Bear


    God help me, but I actually thought this one was kind of funny? I liked what Juliette Lewis and Chris Sullivan were doing anyway. Also, I hadn't realized it was only six episodes, but now that I know that and I see that Busy Phillips is in the next one, I suppose I may as well keep watching it. ETA: Wait, it actually is eight episodes like I thought, per reviews and Wikipedia. Well... I guess I've committed. It seems like they're going through the days of this four-day trip pretty quickly, though...
  14. Panda Bear

    S03.E11: A Recipe for Disaster

    I always get a little upset when my DVR cuts off my recording before the three bees. It is very charming. Yes! She looked beautiful. I wish she would quit it with the dark eyes and LeeAnne would quit it with the lip liner.
  15. They also drank a bunch of of tequila shots together while shopping in Colorado and did beer bongs together at the rodeo, but okay, sure. It was one lunch.