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  1. susannot

    38:E01 It Smells Like Success

    Oh Fuck Jeff Probst and Survivor. Once again the oldest woman was voted off first. I don't care why. She is ALWAYS designated as annoying for some reason. It doesn't matter why. This time it was because she tried to act as a Mom; in other words, tried to be nurturing. Fuck this show. Fuck, fuck, fuck it.
  2. susannot

    I Am the Night

    Yes, it is disjointed. It's frustrating how the show leaves so many loose ends dangling. For instance, in the conversation between JimmyLee and Fauna in the club JimmyLee tells Fauna Sammy Davis Jr. heard her sing and offered to take her to Capitol Records. Wouldn't any daughter ask the follow-up question, "so did he take you, mama?"
  3. susannot

    I Am the Night

    What was the photograph Jay took from Sepp's place then showed to Corinna? Did anyone notice? Very creepy episode with the psycho surrealist art.
  4. susannot

    S07.E07: Pure Imagination

    Already I disagree with the judges. I thought two of the safe designers had the best, most avant-garde looks.
  5. susannot

    S16.E09: Music City USA

    Feel so badly for Michelle. That is a tragic story. I thought that Eddie should have gone home, but David had chewy clams which are disgusting. I love Justin. He is entertaining, hip, and a great chef.
  6. susannot

    I Am the Night

    My husband and I watched it. He normally doesn't watch TV mysteries but he's a huge Frank Lloyd Wright fan and he wanted to see the Sowren house (sp.?) which was the actual Hodel house. The house is certainly creepy and fits right in to the noire feel of the show. Agree about the over acting though.
  7. susannot

    S18.E13: An Episode of Firsts

    I fucking hate Bret.
  8. susannot

    S16.E08: Whatever Floats Your Boat

    Eric's Dad got the key to the city. We houseboat vacationed on Lake Cumberland about 25 years ago. It was fun but there was literally no place to eat or drink nearby. All the nearby counties were dry, so this party would have been very welcome for the vacationers!!
  9. susannot

    S16.E06: Roaring Munchies

    So there are going to be TWO LCK winners coming back? Ridiculous, show.
  10. susannot

    S16.E05: Restaurant Wars Part 2

    I thought Northeast would win. Adrienne was a surprisingly badass leader in the kitchen and Brian did a good job as FOH. We were kept in suspense over the chicken ballotine but it looked and apparently tasted delicious. Good, I like Brian, Adrienne, and Eric. Justin dodged a bullet and I am glad but I think the judges saw that he knocked himself out to help his team but it was just hopeless. Lesson to future chefs: do not choose someone who has won challenges as Exec. Chef or FOH. Just because they can cook does not mean they can manage. Pick someone like Adrienne, who has experience expediting in 3 restaurants and can bark out orders like a Marine drill sergeant.
  11. susannot

    S07.E01: All Stars Goes Global

    Dmitry's dress was gorgeous.
  12. susannot

    S07.E01: All Stars Goes Global

    And she admitted she hasn't sewn since Season 9. That said, I liked her garment. I love flowy, floaty things. I love seeing Dmitry again. Michelle is bitchy about everyone else's looks. She can go anytime.
  13. susannot

    S16.E03: Naughty and Nice

    Eric Ripert said about Kevin's too-salty dish that adding butter was not the way to fix it. I was frustrated that Chef Ripert did not then go on to explain what is the proper was to fix it!
  14. susannot

    S16.E03: Naughty and Nice

    Nini is effortlesslty rising to the top it seems. Richard Blais should never in any universe be seated at the same table as Eric Ripert.
  15. susannot

    S37:E13 Finale LIVE CHAT

    OK jury. Carl Gabby Christian Davie who else?? Maybe more Goliaths on the jury??