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  1. Bugfrey Von

    S06.E12: Whitney and Buddy Get Serious

    I respectfully disagree! I think Twit's parents are SO DESPERATE for her to find a man, she could show up with a pudding cup, and as long as it had a pulse, it'd be an unofficial Thore. My thoughts on why Heather is so "cool" with Bud and Whit? He expressed to her (while they were dating) how repugnant he found her. Now that he has absolutely nothing, giving Whit the old pickle tickle isn't as bad as going back to living at home with mom and dad.
  2. Bugfrey Von

    S07.E11: Jeanne's Story

    I can watch A LOT of garbage and my standards are tragically and hysterically low, but I had to stop watching about 5 minutes in. People are terrible, but those dogs don’t deserve to live like that. I hope someone rescues all of them.
  3. Bugfrey Von

    Family By The Ton

    Casey is such a fucking crybaby, his parents need to tell his 34 year old ass to hit the bricks if he doesn’t like life at their houses. Byyyyyeeeeeeeee.
  4. Bugfrey Von

    S06.E04: Big Girl, Little Bus

    Todd is the only thing giving this show life. Also, calling it “blow” constantly is so fucking annoying. I can’t.
  5. Bugfrey Von

    S06.E01: Single, Fat and Crazy

    Also currently sleeping on his blood soaked mattress, soooooo.....
  6. Bugfrey Von

    S06.E09: No Way Out

    I think that TLC has completely lost touch in the brainless malarkey we are all hoping for when watching this show and have opened the door to possibly one of the worst characters on tv EVER in Leida. They should have cut bait when they saw how the storyline was playing out. I will say though, that Eric deserves every morsel of torture this Indonesian 4 will impart on his sad little life. Fuck you for picking this trash bag over your kids.
  7. Bugfrey Von

    S06.E06: Not What I Thought

    Nick’s raggedy ass condom from his “personal stash” was sad. He’s had it in his wallet since the seventh grade. It’ll probably disappear into a sad cloud of dust and lost dreams upon opening. Her family treating her like a native 19-year-old is getting really old. She is 30 goddamn years old. She went back to Samoa to get herself some dick. She’s not an innocent flower that needs protecting. She is also an asshole, so there’s that. Asuelo seems like a simpleton, I don’t think it’s a language barrier. I also could not imagine him in the sack. He sounds a little bit like a muppet. A very nice muppet, but a muppet nonetheless. Eric is constantly 3 sheets to the wind. He has the look of a sopping alcoholic. Probably barely functional. Leida is homely as hell. Indonesian beauty contests must be a breeze to get into. Female, breathing? Second place! I don’t understand why she has to have her whole family approve of her living situation. She should just let her little boy go home with his grandparents and ruin her own life. I just gave birth two weeks ago, and watching that ragamuffin scream at Olga set my teeth on edge. He is a vile little creature and nothing but bad things await her if she stays with him. Serious anger issues. He needs a swift kick to the testicles. Trashy moron. Larissa and her fiancé are doomed. He is a cruel man in a purple dress shirt. Things must be pretty bad in Brazil to have to settle for that shit turd mother boy.
  8. YOU'VE BEEN LIKE A MOTHER TO ME. My God, the show is just the gift that keeps on giving. I have no idea what Angela was wearing on their restaurant date, but I love it. Whenever she wears her Dog the Bounty Hunter hair, an angel gets its wings. He bought her a cake. I’m cackling here. Tariq and old dead eyes make me sad. Jesse is weird looking. I wonder what awful incident he’s referring to. I hope Darcy kept the receipt on those veneers. They are still too big for her mouth. I feel kind of terrible for her, thinking that she was going to get a proposal and this guy is here, flying 6000 miles across the world to dump her. She really hasn’t gotten the hint from him that less is more as far as make up is concerned. She’s really spackling it on. Pole, when you have sex with a human woman in real life, and you don’t use one of your fish dick condoms, the woman can get pregnant. But really, this is a conversation for you to have with the bag of your mother’s hair. Poor Gracilene. Was Pole even in Brazil when she got pregnant?
  9. Bugfrey Von

    S02.E04: Family Ties

    Fun week! Tarik and Hazel: She is so not into you, guy. I'm not saying that a King Tut shirt isn't super styling (yes I am), but maybe take off the plaid Charlie Brown hat every now and again. She's kind of puzzling. She had a child young, out of wedlock, with religiously zealot parents. It really doesn't make too much sense. Maybe she's playing up this angle to scare him away? She kept asking if they were SURE that they didn't have an issue with his lack of religious beliefs. Jesse and Darcy: What a bunch of children. There is seriously no hope for these two. Jesse acts like he REALLY dislikes everything about Darcy - her voice, her cultural levels. Her relationship with her twin suuuuuucks, Stacy obviously wants a piece of obnoxious Dutch apple pie. I take umbrage at him sneering at folding of the pizza You're in NYC, dick. That's how eat pizza there, captain etiquette. Ass. Grangela and Michael. Good God. I agree, it's a cultural thing about calling her fat, God knows that there is definitely less of a stigma against calling someone fat in other countries. Nothing can hide the level of disappointment he exhibits every time that he looks at her. He almost visibly shudders at her touch, it's uncomfortable to watch. She's going to give him his (snicker) engagement ring, leave and never hear from him again. Too bad he had to prostitute himself for a 200 dollar pawned ring and some wack-ass Trump regalia. She needs to do something with that hair, she looked like Dog the goddamned bounty hunter. Pol and Kriny (or Cringey, as I call her in my head): What's with the stuffed animals, man? It looked like a 4 year old was living with them. Kriniy is old enough to wash dishes and do laundry, and although we know how it's going to end, a baby is certainly not a good idea. She'll treat him or her like a stuffed animal that's entertaining for exactly 3 seconds. Pol's mom is right. Who'da thunk that I'd agree with that crazy, hair-snipping dame? Ricky is sad. Luckily he's meeting up with his back-up Colombiana. It would be a terrible thing to waste a trip to Colombia and a perfectly good engagement ring. I hope he stopped whatever automated payments he's been making to Melissa. I can't help but kind of like him, even though he is clueless, shallow, and not super bright.
  10. If you're selling, I'm buying!
  11. Bugfrey Von

    S02.E01: And So It Begins

    She also caught a few episodes of The Jeffersons and drove through a black neighborhood. Quickly. What a collection of assholes, I am so excited for this season. It's a dumpster fire I just can't quit!
  12. Bugfrey Von

    S03.E13: Tell-All Part 2

    Pay has made herself look like a real asshole and Russ is a cuckolded. They're both grinning like they won something by humiliating Anfisa. What did you gain? Russ, you're suck with a narcissistic douche bag who thinks you're a pushover and a joke and Paola, your husband has less personality than a used postage stamp. Congrats? Damn this show for making me REALLY like Anfisa. Her genuine grin when she saw May was so freaking refreshing. She's going to be a great mom, but hopefully she chooses a better mate than potato liar Jorge. Annie should have NOTHING to say on the subject of webcams, as she was almost certainly, a call girl (if not a pee pee ping pong champ) in Thailand. Please, get off your high horse. David should have nothing to say about anyone's work situation - ever. He abandoned his children, cheated on his wife with true vigor, and will never ever ever ever ever ever ever reverse his vasectomy. Bitch, please. Nicole and Azan, OK. He says he doesn't want to marry you. He doesn't like you. He literally cringes at your touch. Move on. I agree with an above poster that her mother should have her declared incompetent. Molly needs to reevaluate her life and stop making the same mistake over and over again. If she thinks Luis is bad, she has no idea the kind of predators out there waiting for some pea brain to leave their small child in their hands. Learn from this and move on - and stop attempting to give anyone advice, my god. Family Chantal needs to muzzle mother Chantal because she is an idiot. River takes after his momma and I'm 100% team Pedro. Even with his grasping mom and sister, his family life is 1000000000000 times better than the poison that family Chantal steeps in.
  13. Bugfrey Von

    S03.E13: Tell-All Part 2

    SO TRUE, and I would like to state that the only reason I know what a pigeon drop is because of an episode of The Golden Girls where it happens to Blanche and Sophia! Good times. Also, Nicole is dumb as a bag of hammers.
  14. Bugfrey Von

    S03.E12: Tell All Part 1

    To me, the most irksome part of this reunion, apart from Paola and Roooooos and their smugness, was Molly having an opinion about Jorge and Anfisa's child situation. In my humble opinion, I think Anfisa is being very fair and very honest by saying that she did not want to be a step-mother. What WOULD have been a true shit move would have been to say that Jorge having a child was a-ok and then resenting him (and the little girl) forever for taking away her youth. Kind of like, oh - I don't know, HER ESTRANGED HUSBAND DID TO HER? Anfisa strikes me as a very intelligent, thoughtful person (who'da thunk it?) and someone who understands the weight of parenting. After hearing about her father's death this season and her mom's parade of husbands, being a step-parent doesn't strike me as something that she takes lightly, which is something she should be celebrated for, not maligned. She was being HONEST, something that Molly and her giant albatross of a husband don't understand.
  15. Bugfrey Von

    S06.E20 Lupe & Brittani 2018.07.18

    Lupe and G2 had me really sad, I thought she could do better, damnit. When the patient starts to blame Dr. Now, you know it's over. Back to purses filled with tacos and sad, sad men. (<---An excellent title for a country music album, if anyone is interested....). I feel for her, really. She's lost and needs therapy desperately. Brittany was a testement to hard work and perseverance. As another poster mentioned, it's a shame her husband gained weight. They're both going to have to get their health together in order to get pregnant. I think she can do it, she's got a lot of gumption.