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  1. Reem reminds me of Brandon Hantz, crazy, unpredictable, and aggressive. I simply cannot stand her and I hope Chris goes fishing and shares it with everyone but her and Wendy. If someone else had been voted off first, or if Reem did not exist, I think the vibe would be different. Wendy's attitude with Aubrey and Victoria and then at tribal made me wonder how much she actually understood what was going on around her. Keith taking off was a dick, but Chris physically pushing him aside seemed really mean to me. I think the expression on Keith's face got to me, bc I'm pretty sure this is not the first time Keith has been shoved aside by bigger, stronger guys literally and figuratively. I still like Chris overall, just not one of his best moments.
  2. That's a fair point about Moonves/Margulies.
  3. @Blerghit has nothing to do with Baranski. It's the Kings. And it's not about punishment, it's about protecting my time. Good Wife was their show and they allowed Margulies (imo) to dictate the plot in a significant way. The last couple of years were terrible, and some of it was the writing and some of it was due to Margulies influence. The Kings should have managed it better, that's their job. It was their show. So after investing a couple of years and how many hours in a tv show only to watch it turn to shit? No thanks, lots of other tv out there. It's like I would never watch another Chris Carter show bc Carter is a terrible writer that cannot keep his own plots straight. It has nothing to do with David Duchovny and GA. It also takes a lot for me to reach that point. There are only about 3 writers/showrunners that I will forever avoid bc of the way they destroyed their own shows and the Kings have the distinction of being one. ETA I guess it's also that I'm still not over how TGW was turned to trash. I really loved that show. So you can call me unforgiving lol.
  4. I won't watch any of the Good Fight bc the Good Wife got so bad, not only the plot but also the Kings inability to rein in Margulies and stop the squabble from affecting the show. TV shows ask viewers to invest a lot, and once I lose trust in showrunners it's pretty much it.
  5. cleo

    Santa Barbara

    @BingeyKohanthanks for sharing, interesting read. It is still quite popular in Russia I think. I find it interesting there are still a lot of very passionate and engaged fans of SB, moreso than for some other soaps even though it was on such a short time. I'm disappointed MW didn't comment, though I know she is retired. A Martinez liked a tweet of mine.
  6. cleo

    S38 Reem Daly

    I don't think she's that strategic. But I'm gonna leave it at that.
  7. cleo

    The Cool Kids

    Shrimp queen is very triggering for me! Hahaha. Some good lines this ep. But the stuff with Hank was just over the top and dumb. This show is so uneven.
  8. cleo

    MLB Thread

    I don't like the all-star game either, I just don't see the point. I always get annoyed at waiting for meaningful games again.
  9. cleo

    S38 Reem Daly

    For one thing, her squawking voice when Rick walked up saying you're not welcome here or something like that. I don't think Survivor changes who people are, some are awful and some are not. She seems to fall into the former category, for me at least. Yeah her attitude changed after the other guy fed her fish. I wonder why.
  10. cleo

    S38.E04: I Need a Dance Partner

    Reem is awful. I have to apologize to Rick. With my usual good luck and Survivor foresight at the start of the ep, I thought this guy has been getting a lot of THs all season. Maybe he'll win. He was instantly doomed. Really dislike Wendy at this point, partly bc of what's shown on screen partly bc of her social media posts. Those chickens were probably safer and more comfortable in the pen. And did I hear her suggest fishing instead? So every life is worth saving but fish?
  11. cleo

    S38 Reem Daly

    Reem just continues to be awful. Is she going to attack everyone that comes? I don't think I could stay a day with her.
  12. cleo

    S38.E03: Betrayals Are Going to Get Exposed

    I'm enjoying the Edge of extinction stuff just bc it's like old school survivor, where they are actually struggle day to day to survive, unlike now when they have all kinds of things. There are certain things on Survivor that are just unforgivable to me- fucking over your tribe's food supply and acting like it is funny and cute is one of them.
  13. cleo

    Santa Barbara

    Wow very sad to hear. Jed Allan had such an amazing presence onscreen. I found CC an enjoyable character, but he was an awful person if that makes sense. He is so manipulative and cruel to people. I never understood what Sophia saw in him, as she usually seemed the opposite- caring, compassionate, non-judgmental. But like I said, Jed Allan was just fantastic in the role, and a joy to watch. It is nice to hear he had a good family, and people that cared about him. A's statement is great. He is such a classy guy. Do you know if any other cast commented?
  14. cleo

    S06.E09: The Golden Child

    I enjoyed it except for Boyle. It was just too much and too stupid and I ended up muting half of his scenes.
  15. cleo

    S05.E07: A Whisper Of Desire

    This is the only show I've been able to tolerate him in. But barely.