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  1. This is another question I have with Teddi and her so-called Accountability. If she "realized" she was being used and she's so big on being accountable, then why not speak up right then and there? She claims that she figured out that she was set up when she was at VDPDs and LVP was insisting that they not tell the story, that that is when she knew that she had been used to get the story out while LVP was going to play innocent. So, if that's the case, why not look her dead in the eye and say "But, wait, Lisa, didn't you tell John you wanted me to know? Didn't you say that you wanted me to tell this and put it out there? Did you change your mind? Because if so, that's cool, I just need to know before I say something I shouldn't. I just want to make sure I know." And then what would she do? If she WAS using you, then she'd deny it, but she'd know good and damn well that it's done and she can't exploit you. But, oddly enough, that's NOT what Teddi did. She pushed until the story was told, then she made sure it kept being brought up over and over and somehow, she lied about her part in it, but she DOES NOT LIE!
  2. Dorit is a con married to a grifter. She'll always figure out how to be the victim. I mean, look at how she's shilling her Beverly Beach swimwear this season while she was being chased around the pool in the Bahamas for scamming the guy who paid for it.
  3. smores

    S07.E15: Trouble in Lala-land

    Try having a big ass and a small waist. It's like wearing a paper bag. I wonder, though, if it would be easier to get mens jeans if you need a smaller waist with a longer inseam? I should preface this with the fact that I'm the unicorn that does not ever EVER wear jeans because I don't like how they feel, so I don't know what options you'd have if you wore mens vs women's, but I know they are sold by actual measurements vs whatever fucked up size metric that particular maker wants to use to determine size for their garments. I tried to explain the concept of women's clothing sizes to my husband once and he couldn't understand how you could be like 6 different sizes all at one time, in just shirts.
  4. From your keyboard . . . We often see LVP being happy for Kyle, upset for Kyle, supportive of Kyle, taking Kyle's demands for support and friendship into consideration, humoring her constant "but Lisa, you don't do this for ME and I'm your BFF!" whining, and yet, what do we see Kyle doing? "I'm going through stuff TOO Lisa!" when Lisa mentions the rough time she's had since her brother's sudden death. Oh, and when she gets ganged up on at a table full of people "No, Lisa, don't go. Oh, ok, you're going? Listen, I don't speak for Lisa. She's my friend, but I don't like all the stuff she does, she has a nasty side to her" Way to have your friend's back 1000% there Kyle. I don't know why those 2 are stuck together, but, I am SO over Kyle's splits. Yep, she can still do them. Woohoo! Kyle's got a party trick folks! Watch out! She's gonna twirl her hair next! There you have it, that's her entire repertoire! I also don't get how if you are someone who is so set on being ACCOUNTABLE, why do you care if you outed Dorit? I mean, listen, she DID dump the dog. So, you could say, hey, look, I maybe shouldn't have taken part in things the way I did, or maybe I shouldn't have hidden my part the way I did in the Bahamas, but, at the end of the day, we wouldn't have had any of this conversation if Dorit had just returned the dog to VDPDs, so I guess I really don't understand why we aren't focusing on the root of the problem here. Dorit didn't follow the contract and that's ultimately what put us all in this situation. Had she been accountable for HER ACTIONS, no one else would be in this mess in the first place. The other thing that Teddi has conveniently left out is that her brother's girlfriend is the person who was caring for the dog during the spaying. She is also the one who was trying to contact Dorit to follow up on how the dog was and not getting a response. So she can keep saying that she got all this info from Blizzard, but how do we know she never got any of it from her brother and/or his girlfriend? This, all of this. LVP didn't know that Teddi knew at first. When she found out, then she texted Dorit. Kyle just decided to throw out some random questions and didn't bother to let her explain the timeline when she was playing Judge Judy, so it makes it seem like LVP is giving conflicting answers, but, the reality is, yes, at one point LVP did NOT know. And then, at another, later point in time, LVP DID know and then she texted Dorit. Funny how no one is bothering to match up any of this "proof" that LVP knew Teddi knew by showing dated/time stamped texts. All of the texts I send have them. It would do wonders for proving their side of the story and the fact that they don't show that kind of tells you something. I'm going to leave this link here, because I think it makes the argument better than I could: https://keirnthomas.com/2019/03/14/lisa-has-receipts/ I guess I also want to ask, why, if Teddi is SOOO accountable and truthful, did she say to Dorit (when confessing), that yes, she did out things but she DID NOT tell Kyle or Rinna? Because oddly enough, Kyle found out "on camera" at VDPDs. Because Teddi wouldn't let the subject go. And then we see Rinna learn about it because Kyle and Teddi won't shut up about it. So, poor little Teddi lies again. On the one hand, I kind of like the idea of a therapist who meets you in the situations in which you feel the most comfortable. I think you might get more "work" done if you were out hiking or what have you, than if you were just sitting inside on a couch, but what about any sort of privacy laws? And notes? I guess this is probably something that is best suited for a life coach sort of thing vs a therapist and in any event, it really just feels like this person was a prop to try to redeem poor used Teddi. What better way to absolve her of her guilt than to have a professional say, well, what else could you do? It looks like the reunion was filmed on 3/27. According to a timeline on reddit, 7/29 is when VDPDs gets the info that the dog was dropped off at the shelter. Hannah had the dog at some point, in the middle of that timeframe for spaying and healing, and it's unclear when Dorit gave the dog to "the woman" if there was another woman. But, she had the dog for somewhere around 4 months. Get Amazon cards, they're more versatile! It never, ever does. But, she'll sit there at the reunion and yell about how Lisa sticks up for Dorit and doesn't take her side, despite how Kyle is there for her friends 1000%! This is what I don't get. If someone came to me and was like, ok, I want you to say this when this happens, I'd be like, uh no, say it your own damn self. I'm not your puppet. And if you're my close friend I'm going to tell you what I think of things. Just like Camille, I would have said "Why didn't you just return the dog to VDPDs?" That would have solved the entire thing. I think there are some things you maybe don't say to people in public, because it could be hurtful to them (like, let's say I'm Nene's friend on RHOA, I might privately pull her aside and say that I don't think the tweets she's putting out about Gregg are a good look and say I can tell she's hurting and ask how I can help her), but, I do think you don't just blindly say stuff because someone asks you to, or overlook them because you're their friend. If you do jump in and say something because someone wants you to, I honestly think it's worse than if you just spoke up on your own. That means whatever hurtful thing you said isn't even your own thoughts. You're just willing to be nasty and hurtful because . . .? And I don't think LVP had a part in this, I think she meant what she said when she said she didn't give a fuck who found out (whereas Ken DID want to protect PK and Dorit), she was dealing with the opening of TomTom, the Vegas stuff and also the loss of her brother. I'm sure she was pissed at the situation, but I do also think that she did believe Dorit that it wasn't on purpose and she just wanted to move on from the situation, but the others decided to move in for the kill. And here we are again with the rest of the group ganging up on LVP but the proof not vindicating Teddi. She doesn't have any new texts. None of them show that LVP has a hand in anything. Her story that she was told that the dog was locked in a basement doesn't prove that LVP manipulated her. She's still lying about not being the one to tell Kyle, she's not talking about the fact that her brother's girlfriend was the one who cared for the dog during the spaying and was also the one who had been trying to reach Dorit to follow up on how the dog was doing but not getting any answers (and hey, isn't this the most likely source of info for the dog being locked in the basement?). She hasn't released anything with dates/times to prove her timeframe, nor is she releasing entire conversations, it's still bits and pieces. And her whole "she joked that you should adopt the dog" being proof? It could be that LVP said that Blizzard should adopt the dog from Blizzard's texts. It could be more info Blizzard made up, and it could very well be that LVP said, the day of filming "you're not going to adopt the dog, Teddi" to get her to shut up and stop talking about it precisely because she did not want it filmed, as she'd already said several times.
  5. smores

    S07.E15: Trouble in Lala-land

    Raquel was talking about Lala, though, which wasn't cool. I'm not saying it justifies Lala going off on her, but, Raquel was basically just standing around playing Michelle Duggar to her boyfriend James while he works as the super cool DJ at SUR, and also managed to talk shit about Lala. Then when Lala confronted her about it, she brought up Lala's dad, which is not a great topic to mention and Raquel's aware of that. It's a bit disingenuous to then say "I'm a patron! How dare she!" I really don't see how James has any standing to say anything about Lala's freakout when he literally had to be walked out of TomTom the day before. He really doesn't seem to grasp that he has caused damage and it will take time to rebuild his reputation with everyone and that at this point, some people may not ever want anything to do with him again. And they don't have to. He's been a dick to a bunch of people a bunch of times and he isn't OWED another chance. If Sandoval wants to give him one? Fantastic! But that doesn't mean that other people have to. But, he shows up and is all "I've changed! I swear! What do you mean I can't get what I want right this minute? I've put 4 days of effort into this changing thing!" And then when they don't give him what he wants "Fuck that bitch! She's just a fat fucking bitch and she doesn't want me to succeed!" And that's exactly why people don't want to give him another chance just yet. It has never occurred to Kristin to apologize to Lisa. Somehow she thinks Lisa owes HER something. This is puzzling to me. This. I mean, I've watched Springer and Cops, so I kind of feel like yeah, I'm probably better than some people. Maybe not better than them all the time, but, what I'm seeing on tv? Yep, I'm not wrestling someone in a baby pool of jello or in a wife beater running barefoot down the street screaming that they can't catch me to the police, so I kind of feel like I have a bit of an edge for that particular moment. I'm not gonna lie.
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    Bad Ads: Report Here

    Sure, it's right here: Sorry, I'm not sure why it pasted twice!
  7. Oh! I'm nosy, do you have a link please?
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    Bad Ads: Report Here

    Sure, it's been happening repeatedly on the RH of Beverly Hills, New York, Atlanta and Vanderpump Rules forums. Every time I click to stop seeing the ad, it keeps popping back up, regardless of the reason I try to stop it.
  9. I have absolutely no problem with Luann saying that all of this stuff has taken a toll on her. If she were to come at things with an attitude of "it was a really rough patch, things got bad, I was drinking, I was behaving irrationally, I ended up hitting bottom so badly that I ended up in a lawsuit with my children and I looked around and said what the fuck is going on in my life? It was then that I realized I needed to really get a handle on things, so I went to rehab and it's not easy, but, I'm working on it every day, to try to make things better. Then, I'd have no issue at all. Where I DO have a problem with it is that she's making it sound like the kids just randomly sued her out of nowhere or that they sued her because they just wanted to keep the house and that's NOT the case. She was sued because she didn't follow a divorce decree she agreed to a looong time ago. She's making it sound like her kids are just spoiled brats who didn't want mommy to move and leave them without the party house they love, so they threw together a lawsuit to cramp her style. I also think she's making it sound (and I realize other people are hearing it differently, which is cool, I see how they hear it that way, I just lean this way on it), that the excessive drinking and craziness happened because of the lawsuit. That she was all well and good and yoga-blissed out and sober then BOOM! kids dropped the suit and Lulu was in the bushes with a pitcher and a 6 pack. But, there were lots of reports of her doing strange things, from smoking pot on the street, to being hammered on a Pride float, prior to that. More and more stories were coming out, including some strange videos, and THEN the lawsuit followed by her running off to rehab. Oh, yeah, also blind items of someone stealing money from their kids. LOL! I also think it's kind of telling that the news is out there now that she really hasn't even bothered to comply with her probation deal. She did some major shit when she got arrested, if she wasn't a rich, white woman, she may have been injured or killed for doing what she did. And yet she walked with a sweetheart deal. And she hasn't even bothered to actually comply with it.
  10. I think so. Part of his defense in the previous lawsuit and his response to this one is that the DOJ was involved in approving the sale. So if it is proven that he defrauded the seller, then yes, I imagine he's going to be liable to the government for his actions. Interestingly, his partner also pulled his broker license as being the broker of record 3 weeks before the lawsuit hit, though they claim it has nothing to do with the lawsuit (the original one). There are a lot of issues with the "dual agency" situations, and that's just when you have people representing both the buyer and seller from within the same company. This particular deal is way, way worse because it has the same company representing both the buyer and the seller, but the actual selling agent was also one of the purchasers of the property. The fact that Mauricio U was a purchaser of the property was apparently not disclosed until just prior to the property being listed for $70M, which is even more sketchy, why hide it for so long? It's not even like he helped facilitate the sale and then after it was done, he openly bought into the deal as an investor to help fund renovations or anything like that.
  11. I think it's probably likely that she's been supplementing her income. There have been rumors over the years, and I want to say there were a bunch of blind items over the last couple of years that one of the housewives who seemed to have a lot of money was living on borrowed time and her house of cards was about to fall apart. Luann downsized her house, but otherwise didn't really change much about her life once she and the count split, and while I'm sure he was doing the heavy lifting when it came to the kids and their school, I don't know that she made enough from the show to actually live the way she was. Especially when she got downgraded to friend of for a year. On another note, I went googling to see if I could find the blind items and got completely distracted when I came across this: https://allaboutthetea.com/2019/02/10/luann-de-lesseps-violates-probation/ So, it appears that Miss Life Changes hasn't exactly been totally onboard and cooperative, despite her storyline. I think there's a decent chance that either Theresa or Nene would draw a crowd if they did something similar. I can't stand either one, to be honest. I quit watching NJ when they held it for Tre to get out of the pokey, and I'm really close to dropping Atl, but each housewife gets her own cult followers. I like some people, but not blindly, I like Bethenny, for example, and find her amusing. She does do things that I think are wrong and I say it when it happens. I'm a big fan of Erika's on BH, but this season, I am not liking her behavior at all. Still, there are people who are ride or die for each ho, and they'll show up if they do a thing, no matter what.
  12. They are being sued by Sweetwater Malibu LLC. The property was owned by Teodoro Nguema Obiang Mangue, who is the Vice President of Equatorial Guinea, he owned the property through the LLC. In 2011, the US government accused him of using stolen funds from Equatorial Guinea to purchase the funds, so Obiang and the DOJ agreed in 2014 that the house would be sold and any proceeds from the sale would be distributed to Equatorial Guinea and the US.
  13. It's complicated, the house had been seized by the US government and the profits from the sale were to benefit the people of Equatorial Guinea. Mauricio and his company were hired to sell the house in 2015. He sold it to someone also named Mauricio for $32.5 million, who he/his company also represented, which means they got the entire 6% commission. On top of that, Mauricio U turned out to be an investor with the other Mauricio in the purchase of the property, which means he negotiated the sale of it to himself. A year later, the property was sold for $69.9 million. Now, in addition to the info above, the people suing are saying that there were other, higher offers that Mauricio U withheld, in order to let the other Mauricio get the property. (You are required to present ALL offers) They are also saying that Mauricio U pressured them to waive a required $1M deposit, which let him tie up the property without any consideration, and they pressured him to extend the escrow repeatedly, while he searched for financing and investors, along with getting a repair credit of $1M, while telling them that the market was softening so no other buyer could be found. And, supposedly Mauricio U had told the buyers that the buyer Mauricio was an "all cash offer" which clearly wasn't the case if they had to wait for financing. Last year the sellers sued the Agency's insurance company for $8M (I think that was the amount of a higher offer that wasn't presented), and the insurance company, Western World, refused to pay out and sued Mauricio instead. Mauricio filed a counterclaim. That was settled out of court, but now the seller is coming after Mauricio and the Agency directly. None of this looks good at all for him.
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    S09.E05: The Proof Hurts

    Lisa specifically said that she did NOT want to dredge up the whole situation with Kyle and her sisters, but that she wanted to say that after what she had gone through with her brother, she sees things clearly in that all of the little stuff didn't matter. She couldn't remember a single fight, she knew they'd had them but not one of them mattered, etc. So, she wasn't trying to get her to talk about them at all, in fact, she specified that she didn't want to discuss the topic, just that she wanted to say, now that I've lost my brother, I wish I'd never wasted a day fighting with him about something stupid, please learn from my lesson.
  15. I think there are a few categories of nude. You can have a nude that is your lip tone, with some sort of color in it, like a mauve and that's fine. Or you can have a nude that looks like you just spackled foundation over your lips and then you look dead. Barbara also is a weirdly overtanned color to start with, so nude isn't a great look, she ends up with a weird effect all around. Going back to the very first seasons there were stories of Lu being so drunk she was doing bad karaoke and falling down in parking lots. She just got so bad that they couldn't keep it off camera anymore, apparently. I think overall, Bethenny is someone who lets a lot of stuff go. It's actually something the NY cast is generally pretty good about, really. For the other cities, they seem to have the feuds and shifting teams from year to year and things carry over. NY, for the most part, has their season, fights it out at the reunion, and then they all go out to dinner and leave it in the past. They recognize that it's a new season, it was a job and they move on. Some are closer than others, but, they typically all have somewhat decent relationships and can have fun with each other. In my opinion, Bethenny is someone who generally takes things incident by incident, as well. Like Dorinda in Miami, she was not happy with her behavior at the dinner, but then it was addressed, and they moved past it. She let it go. Yes, of course it was discussed at the reunion, because everything is, but, it wasn't like they talked about it ad nauseum the entire season, and she kept demanding apologies. Now, will she put herself in that position with Dorinda again? No. But, it's not like she'll keep arguing with her about it. She just seems to go from situation to situation and once it's resolved, it's done.