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  1. My area of western Canada was bitterly cold for most of February - seemed to be around -25-30C every day. Seeing Salem folks dressed for warmer climes is a bit jarring. Granted, I do understand going to a mall and just wearing a light jacket and a mad dash from the car or bus to the mall doors. Malls can be very warm and you can easily pass out or get sick wearing a huge parka. Some of Gabi's outfits seemed unusual for February - Chicago is a 3 hour flight from me but with the lake effect wind and humidity, brrrrrr. I did like Claire excusing herself to scream in to her cushion. After hearing about Tripp's stupid idea, I would too. She still has hundreds of thousands of followers for her singing career or whatever? Seriously? She does like the whole boyfriend part, but she needs to be okay on her own - it's not love for her, just need. Haley is toast. And the hug of death seals the deal. I felt a bit squicky when JJ started kissing Haley. She isn't exactly your girlfriend. You saved her life from a suicide attempt and maybe it's just her way of thanking you. He is not ready for marriage, either. Given his sister and her exploits, stay away! Marrying a girl you barely know will not work either. Good for John and Marlena to be suspicious of Dirty Diana. Did like Leo's visit with the new Stefan. A bit softer than the old one, but this one is very unlikely to fall for the alt-Gabby. Nice chemistry he does have with Gabi and good for her for slapping him and standing up for herself.
  2. Haley should be talking to an immigration lawyer.
  3. Frozendiva

    Spoilers And Shockers

    No idea. I am not a frequent enough visitor to that site. Just check it out once in a while.
  4. I watch 90 Day Fiance and the Americans are responsible for their spouses for 10 years. Either Tripp or JJ is going to take care of Haley for a decade? They will be lucky if a relationship with her lasts a month. And Tripp, you are going to seriously trigger Claire. What she did to Ciara was one thing; what she will do to Haley, another. Haley isn't really working for me as a character. She seems to be a filler. No compelling reason to find her remotely interesting. Geez, Ted, you couldn't show Hope your phone with the footprint pics? It is not that important. You are not going to find the goon who tried to kill Chloe within a couple of hours. Anything to spend time with Hope. That poor donut. Destined to stay on the plate and dry up and harden until it is inedible. Hope barely eats anything. Eric, making a promise to God to stay away from Sarah Horton? Geez. Get over your guilt complex. Does not work that way. Rex is still an idiot for not seeing that the love of his life doesn't seem to want him in hers anymore. I too wonder how the Salem restaurants survive and pay for staff and bills when folks can close early for whatever reason. Hope Rafe gave Roman at least $500 to cover some of the costs. Bad business practice.
  5. Frozendiva

    Spoilers And Shockers

    Spoilers are also stingy at Dayscafe.
  6. Tripp, I thought you were a bit smarter than you are. You should have given Eve a fake neighbor name. She would have no idea who lived next to you. At least Haley was sitting down a bit and she didn't point as much. How nice that her sister has done nothing for her. JJ, you would be a fool to marry her. Don't know if that works now. Maybe she could go back to China and get some sort of work visa or the 90 Day Fiance K1 visa. Melinda is a lawyer, and probably could find some legal loophole to sponsor her. Dumb story. Did like Jennifer throwing the water in Jack's face. Claire, your little plans are going to go belly-up. Eve will throw you under the bus. For such an estate, the DiMera mansion and grounds seem super-easy to access. The goons would not normally miss their target. Ben, get your life in order and maybe let Ciara grow up a little. The whole serial killer backstory for you is problematic for a lot of people. Maybe not in Salem as some have still yet to reach your body count.
  7. Geez, Eric, maybe give up something like punching Brady or chocolate or something. You know perfectly well that you will not stay away from Sarah Horton. Your God would know all about promises made in haste. They never stick. Set some boundaries with Rex and act like a brother and not a man who is after any brother's female companion. Some women may like you for a while and then they will see your sanctimony and take off. Marlena woke up far too fast. Granted, they couldn't have her flatline for more than a couple of minutes. Brady, do you think that Leo will fall for your trap? Ciara, if you were just a little bit older and had a bit more life experience, maybe you and Ben might work. Surely Salem Hospital would have a security camera on each floor and especially by the nurse's station. And I would think that all meds and hospital supplies and IV bags would need to be signed out, scanned, etc. Billing too in that the patient would be charged for it.
  8. Marlena got to go to a white, pristine room complete with Future TV. How odd to find Tony, Andre, and Princess Gina. Those macarons really had a kick! Did like the hourglass. Those WERE the days of your life. Princess Gina needed her tiara. I remember some of the old footage, including Marlena's Queen of the Night possession. The good old days, when soaps had a few dollars for special effects. Claire, why would you want to steal Ciara's baby? And Ciara went running back to Tripp? Claire, you could do better for yourself. Your mom was funny in telling you that jail would be a learning experience for you. Eric and Brady duking it out? John marrying Hattie?
  9. I did enjoy Ciara's pointing out Julie's hypocrisy over the crimes of Salemites. Abigail did kill one person, almost killed three others, tried to set Ben on fire. Ben may have her on a couple of technicalities in terms of victims, but Abigail just pretty much walked away from her crimes with no real punishment. Her mental health issues were fixable in two weeks and she doesn't appear to be on any medication or receive any counselling/long term psychiatric care. Ciara's mother murdered Stefano in cold blood - yeah, he deserved to die but that wasn't Hope's decision to make. The body count is quite high for some Salemites. The Salemites do not like Ben and will hold his crimes over him forever. Or until someone else comes along. I did like the friendliness between Ben and Stefan. The sins of the fathers indeed and can people change from their family history. Can they be better. Ciara, Ben needs to eat and pay some bills and such, and working, even if it is at Stefan's temporarily, is something. Leo was pleasant and almost charming today. Being around John is probably a good thing. And he did raise his mother's hatred of Marlena and set her up as a possible suspect. Kristen DiMera is a longshot. Rex, you are pretty clueless when it comes to relationships. Your fiancé is unlikely to commit to you. I don't think it is a case of your brother steals other brothers' girlfriends. Brady mucked up his relationships all by himself. The whole Salem thing is just so incestuous and people just make their rounds because there is no one else! Ciara how did you sit in that short skirt without exposing yourself? And the hair looked silly.
  10. Gabi would bring the same pillow to Stefan that she used to decorate Leo? Ewwww. Hopefully she had it cleaned first. How convenient that the person who allegedly poisoned Marlena was Kristen DiMera! All the folks at the ISA, FBI, Interpol, etc. have no leads on her? Hello, hospital security! Check your cameras and you will see Norma Desmond/overly concerned and seemingly always at the hospital Diana Colville on your feeds. Nurse Shelley should come clean and implicate the real person. No one can steal someone from another. The relationship is not working on some level and both parties know that. So no, Eric cannot 'steal' Sarah from Rex or from anyone else. Sarah is not Rex's property and she has the free will to make her own choices. There are obviously some unresolved emotional issues with both. A lot of Brady's issues are about control and his immaturity. Did like Leo's quip about being half-Black. Chloe had a nice spring-like dress.
  11. Haley probably couldn't afford expensive macarons and be stupid enough to leave a note. The hospital would have security cameras that would show she was nowhere near Marlena's office. Stupid plot line. And stop the pointing, Haley. You are going to hurt someone. Ciara, Claire is not really all that nice. You said to Tripp that she has jealousy issues - hope he listens. Poor Brady, sleeping in almost nothing and finding Leo in his room. He is playing the role, but he's getting tiring.
  12. I too have a penicillin allergy. Do wonder if it would actually remain stable if injected in to the cookies. Nice of Rex to not tell Sarah that he applied for a job at the hospital. I must be weird because I would never knowingly apply for a job where any of my relatives are without asking them first - if I didn't know where they worked, I wouldn't care. Wasn't too interested in Will and Sonny. Leo, your dad probably isn't John Black. Mommy may have faked the test. Do wonder what is in the envelope. Little Holly is cute.
  13. So Haley, who is running for her life, or so it seems, and is the FBI's most wanted, has time to go to a French patisserie and buy a box of macarons for Marlena? And put it in her office without being noticed? Claire, your machinations will come back and bite you. Haley continues to make her points. Eve, you have zero respect in terms of pulling out your phone and recording the crap you helped set up. Nurse Shelley, you will need to admit to letting Diana use your master key. Things like drugs are accounted for. Nice of John to hold what is probably an empty envelope over Leo. And nice work letting him know that he may be your son. Well, you should look at the DNA test first.
  14. Frozendiva

    S02.E08: If Memory Serves

    I too was squealing a bit with the scenes from the original The Menagerie. Anson Mount was well-cast as Captain Pike. The singing flowers on the otherwise deserted Talos IV were a nice touch. I missed the cave with the elevator doors that let the Talosians out of the ground abode. The planet did not seem desolate enough. I almost didn't recognize Melissa George as Vina. Didn't like the lens flares with Pike and Vina. The Talosians seemed a little too helpful and I do wonder what the price for their help will be. The fine print. Too easy for Tyler to be the spy. Too obvious. I did like Pike's handling of the fight. Interesting that Section 31 can track Discovery in warp drive. Vina's message of let Spock and Burnham go nicely telegraphed in to the shuttle returning. Nice play by the Talosians. Geiorgiou is a bit too smart for Section 31. The big secret was that Burham told Spock off - like a kid. I was more interested in the monster chasing him in the woods. Childhood scars do last well in to adulthood but it seemed a little too simple.
  15. The last 10 or so minutes did not record. Don't feel like rewatching the show. John did really well in Diana's daydreams of Marlena's ever more interesting demises. I liked the chocolate covered strawberries one. Diana Colville is a woman of means and resources - why did she wait so long to reconnect with John? Everyone is looking at Safecracking for Dummies? I wouldn't mind the ever-expanding loft apartment. When I need a new room I just take a tiny room, let it soak in water and one 600 times its size will appear. Where do all these people fit? Claire, it really isn't a good idea to turn someone in. You would be better off calling a police confidential tip line. And Haley, you do need to be a better judge of character. And stop the hands!