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  1. I was wondering that. But given his record, it would be highly unlikely and unrealistic. A lot of bureaucratic and other hoops and pardons and such.
  2. Frozendiva

    Spoilers And Shockers

    I am amazed that Claire was able to live with Ciara knowing she apparently set the fire. And caused so much damage to so many people and didn't blink an eye. For Tripp? Just let things play out.
  3. Petunia13, I doubt that Ben is heading down the Danville route any time soon. He did the right thing, he stepped up and did what a normal person would do. He had the self-awareness to apologize to the Commissioner for knocking out Eli. He seemed serious about making amends. He also seemed genuinely puzzled about his sister's current behavior. He has taken a couple of steps forward from his trouble past as an abused child, his mental illness, etc. No, he will always be seen as the Necktie Killer. It'll take him a long time to make serious contributions as a good citizen. Maybe he is on the road to being one now, maybe not. He needs to broaden his scope and not have Ciara be his savior. The work has to come from him and there will be many more Ciaras in his life. I had the uh-oh feeling when Rex encountered Jordan. Yes, be a nice guy and simply say hello and move on. Not notice the big red scar on her neck. At least he can cook and bake. Many dudes would have gotten takeout or had food ordered in. Abigail and Chad got back together waaaay too fast. Still a lot of obstacles, including Abs' mental health issues. They'd be better off just seeing each other for a few months to see if things work. Charlotte's kidnapping was a nice little bandage for their relationship, but they need to deal with a lot of things, including Abs' insufferability, lack of self-awareness, selfishness, self-absorption. Kate looked pretty good and recovered quite quickly from being poisoned. Jordan has good technique with the pan.
  4. I was thinking something fast food. Or maybe some cheap buffet. Dinner at a nice Vegas restaurant would be $50-100 per person, if not more. Maybe Debbie made stew and put it in to disposable containers.
  5. Only the first 9 minutes recorded. Will watch on demand tomorrow.
  6. Geez, Hope, your daughter got rescued by the man who have been trying to pin any crime on that happens in Salem. Even your decent cop Eli clued in that Ben may be right. No need for your behavior. Hopefully you will have a dozen eggs on your face when the truth comes out. Jordan was really good with blanket baby. Nothing much about her kidnapping Ciara and Charlotte made any real sense. Cocoa Puff time. And Chad lying that Ben was dead. Surely he or Abigail could have grabbed a candlestick or something heavy and clonked Jordan and then tied her up and called the cops. At least he and Ben worked together and he can corroborate the fire and Ben's figuring out of the truth about who kidnapped Ciaaaaaaaaaaarraaaaaaaaaa. The Brady Pub wasn't busy on Valentine's Day? No one wanted clam chowder in heart shaped bowls? How much does John have to pay to rent the pub for a night? The staff who were hired might like to get paid for work and not have their hours yanked at no notice. And of course he is keeping a secret from his precious Doc. Unless there is a DNA test that goes to a mystery lab that no one knows about, there is no evidence that Leo is John's retconned spawn. Kate isn't exactly known for being depressed and suicidal, so she wouldn't take pills. The tox screens should show some poison or other toxic substance. What does Ted do except be Hope's bodyguard and follows her around like a puppy?
  7. Hope, a lot of people talk to themselves. I know that I do. Instead of running something through your head, you talk it out and you see things - sometimes more clearly. Yeah, Ben was imagining Ciara, but that is one of the few supportive things in his life. The puzzle pieces started to come together. He probably should not have knocked out Eli - or whatever he did - and held a gun to the Commissioner. But she was having none of it. No reason, no rationality, no truth - just what *she* wants. No evidence that Ben did anything. If he was under surveillance and barely left his motel room, when did he have an opportunity to get Ciara's phone and Charlotte's blanket? Unless he lost the cop tailing him, wouldn't happen. And the cop tailing him would have filed a report. Plus made note of any visitors to Ben's room. Certainly the cop would have seen Jordan go to his room when he wasn't there. There would be quite the paper trail. I don't think he's protecting Jordan. Hope is not going to listen to him about anything and maybe hear a different narrative except the one that is stuck in her mind. He's probably shocked that his own sister would do this to him. Someone who cared for him, loved him, supported him - and now is framing him and wants him sent back to jail or a mental hospital for nothing. John has another retconned offspring? Please say it isn't so and that Diana is lying. At least Gabi has some support from Will and Sonny. I laughed when she walked in on Leo wearing nothing but a valentine heart. Will, not everyone gets to be with their valentine and it is still a stupid, expensive, guilt-inducing Hallmark holiday. Couldn't Rafe have flashed his badge and asked someone at the hotel to let him in to Kate's room - suspecting something was wrong? At least Gabi mentioned Kate's unusual behavior and her spending time and allegedly drinking with Jordan Ridgeway. And Jordan, time for the cliché of setting the cabin on fire again. Someone needs to buy that land and put up some sort of public building so no one goes back.
  8. If Ben has indeed been under surveillance from the Salem PD (a huge waste of financial resources), surely the good spying cops would have seen that he has stayed close to home. All they would have seen was Hope and Eli and probably Ted going to his room - without a search warrant - and he'd only be a person of interest. Oh yeah, they'd also see Jordan went to his room when he wasn't there. Hmmmmm. Maybe some Salem brain cells are seeping in to Eli's noggin. And really it is incredibly convenient that evidence to implicate Ben just magically turns up in his hotel room. Sure, Ben questions himself and if he blacked out. Not Abigail. The two weeks with Grandma fixed her up good. I find it hard to believe that Julie would knit a baby blanket - when, during Netflix time? Too busy being a busybody. No one would check the cabin because they think that Ben would outsmart the brainpower of the Salem PD and stash Ciara somewhere else. With the fire, I guess whoever owned it had insurance and got it fixed up. And funny, no one living in the area has noticed any activity in its environs. Gabi was dressed for spring. Too bad she didn't dig further in to Kate having a liquid lunch and being passed out. Again, Jumpin' Jack Flash Jordan weasels out of her predicament. Psychic links/connections to someone are real but not hugely common. Either you have some ability to work with energy, or you have a soul connection to someone. Brady, you have zero business controlling where Chloe lives. Why can't you rent a condo in a secure building for her? Nice of Stefan to buy such expensive gifts for the kids.
  9. Frozendiva

    Spoilers And Shockers

    Write in a way that does not let one get a head of oneself.
  10. Maybe Ben will get possession of the Salem Brain and figure out that Jordan being in town could have something to do with Ciara and Charlotte being missing. All about him going back to Bayveiw and surprise, Ciara's phone magically turns up in a hotel room drawer that has probably been searched a dozen times in the past day. Jordan looks so pretty, so controlled, so normal. I didn't catch what Kate saw when she ran in to Jordan. Now Eve has something on Trask. Don't know if they know that Trask is Haley's sister.
  11. I don't wear shoes in my home unless it is summer and maybe some flip flops to water the plants or go on to the deck. I noticed Abigail's white boots and wondered why she is wearing full-on shoes in her mother's home. Not socks or just slippers or something? It never dawned on Abigail that Jordan could take her baby? She had a golden opportunity to do so when Abigail took the tea set back to the kitchen. You do that *after* the guest has left. Abs didn't notice that Jordan's talking to her focused on Ben and her projecting of what he could possibly do - when he has shown zero interest in Abigail in ages? I did like Ciara mentioning she needed to go to the bathroom. She looks far too clean where she is - no stains on the clothing, tight jeans, shoes on the bed, perfect hair and makeup. Did Jordan touch her up so she looked good in that she is safe from Ben? Why does tying her up equate to her being 'safe'? Jordan's snap, Ben is crackle, and Clyde is pop in the whole Rice Krispies family. If a cop is watching Ben's every move (really expensive waste of resources for the Salem PD), why do they seem to search his hotel room all the time? Do they think that some vortex or black hole opens in the floor to bring in evidence? There is zero evidence he had anything to do with anything. But it's nice to blame someone for everything going wrong in Salem. A bit ewww at Rex having Sarah Horton stay overnight at his brother's home - without asking his brother if he was allowed to have overnight guests. And more ewwww at Eric sniffing Sarah's clothing. I do understand Victor not wanting more people staying at the mansion. It could be the new Salem Inn. Must be nice that Chloe can just ship the kids to New York overnight. Julie and Victor should be spoken to regarding their actions/language toward others. I don't say much to my elderly aunt if she says anything that's now considered offensive - that language was fine in her younger days and she isn't going to change.
  12. Shouldn't Abs wonder why Jordan came to see *her* before visiting her brother Ben? I also would have found Jordan's questions and comments to be weird. Her focus on her brother as a serial killer, that he will continue to harm people, etc. Uh, she hasn't talked to her brother to see that he is on his medication, he has received psychiatric help, he has shown remorse for what he did, he is trying to build a new life for himself, he's found something good and meaningful in his life, etc. She would have some idea that Hope is on some bizarre crusade to pin every crime that happened in Salem on him for the past 20 years! Her talking about Ben kidnapping Charlotte is utter nonsense. Ben has shown zero interest in Abs in quite some time. And Abs also needs to own up to her own misdeeds - and her own mental health issues - and not just talk about her two week visit with Grandma to integrate her alters. That wasn't Ben's fault either. Abs should be on medication, having regular sessions with a psychiatrist to see if the alters are still integrated. Instead, it's the dark, uncombed centre-part hair and the entitled smugness. Ben had every reason to tell Marlena off. She should make a point to talk with him after he has cooled off and apologize for Hope railroading her. At least Claire had some doubt that Ben would kidnap Ciara. Maybe they should pay a visit to the cabin, just in case, because Ben would be stupid enough to take her back there, right? Tripp is far too eager to go the Gaston and the villagers go and hunt the Beast scenario. Hopefully the airport footage will show the time that Ciara was kidnapped and that at the same time, Ben was in Marlena's office for his weekly session. I do hope that Ben does find Ciara and find out that his sister set him up too. Sarah Horton certainly wears very high heeled pumps. Looked about 4-5 inch heels. And yeah, Rex, good idea to do it at your brother's place. Ugh, find a room at the Salem Inn. What do Rex, Xander, and Eric see in her, except that she is not part of the incestuousness that is home to Salem. Liked John wondering if Leo was his son. Diana also reminded me of Sunset Boulevard. Leo killed his father? His real father? I hope it's not another John as father story.
  13. Lani's hair looks like it is receding. You'd think she and Eli would grab a fast shower before leaving. Eww. The whole El Fideo/Mateo thing seems so random. No pattern of threats. Just the knife showing up and then the two hapless goons. Poor Stefan getting shot - works nicely in to a new romance with Chloe, maybe. The kids are off with Grandma again. At least Eric would be home with Holly. Julie and very dark haired Abs? Yes, go run away with Chad. You just want him to dance to your tune. I too am waiting to see what Abs does to preserve her mental health - no monthly psych appointments, no checks for integration, no meds, no nothing. Just the two weeks with Grandma putting her back together like Humpty Dumpty. Not defending Ben, but he served prison time, got himself mentally healthyish, still gets psychiatric care, is on medication, probably has to report to others, etc. Not getting any sort of job while Abs seems to sit at home and does not much, no real contribution to anything except watching TV. Hope, give it a rest. You have zero on Ben, and he told you openly that he has no idea where your daughter is. Goading him because you know you are right is wrong. Jordan came off a little unhinged with Ciara. Wonder if she disguised herself as her brother when she kidnapped her from the parking lot. And for an airport parking lot, you'd think there would be other people going to their vehicles so someone would have noticed. And how does Ciara go to the bathroom?
  14. If I was Ben, I'd be finding myself a good lawyer and suing the Salem PD along with Commissioner Brady. Or going to the newspaper and giving the Spectator a very good story, or even going to the local TV station. And it's Mayoral election time. Yes, the Mayor's Office should be questioned about the police commissioner's behavior. Yes, Hope is worried about her daughter, but geez. The girl is probably around 21 years old and she can go wherever she likes after getting off a plane. There was no reason except Hope's obsession for going after Ben Weston. So he apparently missed a dose of his medication. So what? If he missed a month's worth of more, maybe I'd be concerned. And bringing slimy Ted in to an unwarranted search of Ben's home? And found..... NOTHING. Even when Ben walked in, he knew nothing about it. Marlena, you should have kept your patient confidentiality, no matter how much Hope was badgering you. Does Kidnap Kabin come with a jacuzzi or anything? Is it like a kidnap Airbnb? So RoJohn met his old love -who has changed a bit? Who is Leo's father? Hope it is not him. It took a long time for Mateo's goons to find Chloe in Salem. Maybe Julie will see that the restaurant should not be rented out short-term. Who is going to dispose of the body?
  15. Frozendiva

    S02.E03: Point of Light

    Canadians see the show on their Sci Fi Channel - Space. No CBS All Access for us.