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  1. Miss Dee

    LGBT Themes, Stories and Characters on TV

    Schitt's Creek just had a lovely coming-out-to-the-parents episode. Well worth watching even if you don't normally keep up with the show.
  2. Miss Dee

    S05.E11: Meet the Parents

    Holy Schitt, this was amazing. The set up: bang! Just got right into it. Trust Johnny to be the catalyst, LOL. Noah Reid broke my heart; he was so visceral in the panic and pain he was feeling and trying to keep it all under control. And this was maybe the best David Rose has ever looked as a character. Whatever self-centeredness he usually has, he definitely put it on the back burner tonight. Loved Patrick's parents. Loved how everyone worked to give Patrick that one moment of courage he so desperately needed. And such a clever way to do it, with the audience knowingeverything was going to be okay, even if he didn't. Most favourite subtle moment: David wiping away a tear when he realized the Brewers were fine with Patrick being gay.
  3. Miss Dee

    Miscellaneous Celebrity News

    One take I haven't seen on the Varsity Blues scandal: while it's easy to say the kids should have known something was up, I'm not sure how realistic it is to expect them to be able to overturn the tables on such a scheme for several reasons: 1) Most grown adults will not blow the whistle on things going on at their workplace because of the pressure, the fear of losing a good job, etc. Now imagine you're not old enough to drink or vote and your parents - presumably people you love and trust - are telling you that you have to do this. Even if it seems wrong, I think it's the exceptional kid who'd be able to throw all that off and independently take action. That's not a reasonable course of action, that's the super-duper "holy moly, that person is a saint" kind of action. 2) Even exceptional kids are incredibly damaged by helicopter parenting or whatever type of parenting where the parents make all the kid's decisions and cushion them from any blowback. I've seen what happens to these kids - it's cruel parenting. The kid often ends up helpless, completely dependent on the parent and unable to think for themselves, weigh options, or assess and mitigate risk. Those skills start early, with easy decisions and choices, and helping your kid learn to make decisions instead of making it for them. I'd bet real money neither the Macy-Huffman kids nor the Loughlin kids have been taught those skills. 3) Kids are tunnel-visioned. There are some obvious exceptions, but there are a ton of otherwise intelligent teens who were like me: caught up in the things we thought were important, and otherwise just going through the motions for the rest. I did some kind of province-wide math skills test in my last year of high school and all I knew was I had to show up in this place at this time and write it. I was much more concerned with the fact that as a result I would miss the review and judging of our school's entry in the one-act drama contest the night before, in which I had a prominent role that I'd thrown my heart into. My parents could have bribed every official on every level for a high test score, and I'd have been oblivious.
  4. That's a 16-episode season for ya. 36 weeks without a new episode, i.e. roughly 8-9 months of the year.
  5. So this fugitive has to be the Kaupe, right?
  6. Miss Dee

    Party of One: Unpopular TV Opinions

    On a break or broken up: any guy who can stick his dick in another woman 24 hours later is not someone who screams "long-term partner potential", to me.
  7. Miss Dee

    S05.E08: Nothing's Shocking

    Topic's not locked? Okay then - I am not spoiled, so I predict Ed the dog prevents Nygmobblepot from escaping.
  8. Miss Dee

    Late Show With Stephen Colbert

    For those of you that were there: How did the interview with Dan Levy (Schitt's Creek) go? Or was that taped on a different night?
  9. Just as long as they meet somebody's mother in the first part.
  10. Miss Dee

    S05.E04: Ruin

    Jedidiah, the Amish Joker. His rumspringa kind of went off the rails.... I liked this episode a lot, but not enough Bruce for me. What we got was good though. Although they set it up in the best way they could, I wish the show hadn't felt the need to set up Barbara Gordon's lineage so strictly to canon. Jim/Babs is still hard to buy.
  11. Miss Dee

    Spoilers and Spoiled Speculation

    It'd have to keep pace with Bruce's aging, though.
  12. "I still have no clue what they write about, but it works." I now picture Purcell reading each script and his only response is "....okay."
  13. Miss Dee

    Spoilers and Spoiled Speculation

    Didn't we have a baby in the first season that was Robin? Doubt he'd be this old. But if this is a spoiler and not a speculation, I'd love to see the source.
  14. Miss Dee

    S04.E08: Legends Of To-Meow-Meow

    AIRWOLF!!!! Oh man, that takes me back! I loved that friggin' theme song! I wonder what the episodes would be like to watch now. I remember them being the height of excitement, but looking at this clip it strikes me just how fast action scenes have gotten.
  15. Miss Dee

    Party of One: Unpopular TV Opinions

    @Shakma, I really like Anne with an E too - and I'm someone who's read the series often enough to quote passages from memory. Interestingly, it was The Lego Movie that really got me thinking about my reactions to those who take material and adapt them to new mediums, audiences, eras, etc. I decided I didn't want to be a Lord Business who insists on all adaptations of a work to follow the exact same canonical beats every time; I want every adaptation to use the pieces of the work to create their own vision. So I'm trying to judge AWaE on its own merits without constantly comparing them to the books. it helps that for me, Anne is like she stepped directly out of the books even though she may be in new stories. In fact - and here comes a *really* unpopular opinion - as far as verisimilitude is concerned, she blows Megan Follow's rendition out of the water for me.