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  1. Maire

    10:09 Kody's Secret Plan

    So Meri loves this plural lifestyle so much that she buried the cherished “Colada” ring FIVE years ago. She must not have cared if she ever got it back 😝
  2. Maire

    The Case Against Adnan Syed

    I understood the presentation of Serial on the podcast and found it compelling. This production feels kind of disjointed.
  3. Maire

    Season 10 Live Chat Thread

    Kody as “the patriarch of a very religious family...” who does he think he is fooling?
  4. Maire


    I love this show but agree about the whiplash. I don’t see how they keep coming back from the cutting, cruel things they (especially Rob) say. Brutal. This season I really appreciated the rest of the cast. Chris and her Fergil were hilarious.
  5. Maire

    Season 10 Spoilers, Speculation and Social Media

    After watching the most recent episode it’s clear they must be operating in the red. All the Vegas mortgages, taxes, Flagstaff rentals, Flag staff land mortgages (did I hear him say he’s putting 10% down?) then trying to build plus bring utilities in? What a living nightmare they have created. I would love to know the actual amounts.
  6. Maire

    S10:07 Divided We Move

    Kody always saying the quiet part out loud, that he only cares about Sol and Arielle ( or whatever her name is) and these dolts go along with it to the detriment of their children.
  7. Maire

    S10.E06: Flagstaff Flirtation

    They often go to concerts and events in Vegas where the city never sleeps. I don't know much about Flagstaff. It's pretty but it might be a little sleepy for this group.
  8. Maire

    Season 10 Live Chat Thread

    What a coincidence that Dayton is going to school right in Flagstaff! That really works out. Seems like Robyn has no worries then. Except if was her I’d hire a food tester.
  9. Maire

    Live With Kelly And Ryan

    So fascinating to watch this morning since it’s all about Kelly and how SHE feels about winning an Oscar 🙄
  10. Maire

    S10:04 Kody's Shocking Move

    Robyn said she doesn’t want her little kids raised in Vegas or going to school there. And what Robyn wants she gets.
  11. Maire

    The Other Two

    Even Wanda Sykes is very funny in this and she usually bugs me.
  12. Maire

    S03.E04: The Hour and the Day

    I’m pretty good at figuring things out and maybe it’s because I’m a little bored but I really don’t know what’s happening. I get the broad strokes but that’s about it.
  13. Maire


    I would never recommend this show because it’s so cringey but I keep watching it!!
  14. Maire

    S07.E29: Mixed Feelings

    Very happy for Gary and Christina! Everyone else (except the kids)can go scratch.
  15. But you guys! Jennifer’s the Queen of Paramus! 🙄 (Nice town but no great shakes)