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  1. missbonnie

    S02.E16: oMens

    Having never read the X-Men comics and only seen the movies, I loved this show and will be very sad to see it go myself. UO but I loved the finale.
  2. missbonnie

    Whiskey Cavalier

    Loved it and I'm in.
  3. missbonnie

    S03.E07: A Public Inconvenience

    Not so UO, I personally think that Tom Hughes has a glorious head of hair. I am really missing Ernst as well. I haven't hated the season, but I concur that the first two were better and I am bummed that next week is the last episode for season three. Does anyone know if there is going.to be a fourth?
  4. missbonnie

    The Enemy Within

    This looks very good to me.
  5. missbonnie

    Small Talk: Tea At Buckingham Palace

    I'm beginning to think that I am going to go gray waiting for this to come back.
  6. missbonnie

    Dynasty (2017)

    YAAAAAS!!!!! Sorry, I'm just a tad thrilled that they renewed this show.
  7. missbonnie

    Catelynn (and Tyler)

    He made an excellent point. He's continually swamped with everyone in his life and their freaking issues. When he asks for a damn break from all of these asshats and their neverending drama he gets bitched at for being selfish. I don't blame him a bit, I would have likely told these ingrates to f-off long before now. Yes I get that he can be ridiculous but, he's put up with MORE than his fair share of shit.
  8. missbonnie

    S05. E10. Family Separation pt. 1

    Yepper, they've been painting the edges of real life more and more this year and with this episode I'm officially out. It's too bad because I have stuck with it since the beginning but I watch this show to be entertained not be force fed someone's political agenda. If I want to watch that I will turn on the major news channels.
  9. missbonnie

    Dynasty (2017)

    I don't know what they are paying Liz Gilles but it's not enough. She's the main reason I watch this campy soap.
  10. missbonnie

    Dynasty (2017)

    And that's precisely what makes it so much fun!! Take it from a gal who watched the original in real time when it was on back in the 80's, the campiness and crazy are perfect.
  11. missbonnie

    S05.E07: Treasons, Stratagems & Spoils

    Right?? They did that reveal and I was over here going, YAS, I got it! Another good episode and I totally didn't expect it to be Cookie's nephew who was beating the hell out of his mom.
  12. missbonnie

    S05.E06: What Is Done

    I think that I have figured this out. I'm betting that the geek running Empire is the son of Lucious and the blonde in the bed. The person in the casket is the geek. The dude that bought the painting works for Mama Dubois.
  13. missbonnie

    Dynasty (2017)

    Bahaha! I love this show so much! "Get out of my yurt!" I hope that TPTB keep up all the campiness because it makes for a fun hour of TV.
  14. missbonnie

    S01.E01: This is the Part Where You Run

    Watched both The Vampire Diaries and The Originals to their conclusions. I always preferred The Originals because VD just became stupid. I was fully prepared to hate this and I was pleasantly surprised. I'm in.
  15. missbonnie

    S01.E01 Pilot