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  1. toodywoody

    Kailyn: Kail Smash!

    What I want her to do is quit wearing shit so tight and quit wearing shit that she has no business wearing. GD she is how old? Quit wearing shit for an 18 year old and for cripes sake Kail, you have young sons, stop dressing like this and taking naked pictures and putting them on the internet. She needs to stop thinking only of herself and how she thinks she looks so good. I can only imagine what those boys are going to go through since she can't keep her clothes on and can't dress herself correctly.
  2. toodywoody

    Kailyn: Kail Smash!

    This is why I love each of you and can't quit these forums. The snark is 100 times better than any show I could ever watch. I don't understand why she buys clothes so damn tight. Then is getting surgery for a reduction. Like hello getting surgery ins't the fix. She got surgery the first time and has to photoshop her pictures because she looks like a sloppy mess.
  3. toodywoody

    Kailyn: Kail Smash!

    The Twitter comments had me laughing so hard. Where is she going in that outfit and why would you go out dressed that way. Gd girl put your vagina up. People on Instagram calling it a mouse knuckle have my coworkers wondering what I'm laughing at.
  4. toodywoody

    S09.E10: This Can Go One of Two Ways

    This times 100. Oh she wants that shit now when she was all too happy to sleep around while her husband was deployed and sleep with a fucking bum. Instead of working on her marriage she was too busy sniffing after someone who had a girl. She is fucking pathetic.
  5. toodywoody

    S09.E10: This Can Go One of Two Ways

    Well he was at least once, lol. I crack myself up...... and gross myself out at the same time.
  6. toodywoody

    Kailyn: Kail Smash!

    Dear Twit, Yes maybe you are a tall girl, but in the picture where you were pregnant with Lincoln you weren't even that big then and you were pregnant. You looked nice then. Here came Chris and you got everything inflated. You could use an overall reduction because your attitude, condescending attitude and overall disposition needs a reduction. Not only do you need to reduce your breasts but your ass also because now you are going to look really big with your big ass that you created, by surgery and eating like shit.
  7. toodywoody

    Kailyn: Kail Smash!

    Reduction of her ego? Her ass, her tits, her big head or her sausage fingers? She is so fucked in the head. Goes and gets her ass, lips and tits inflated and now is getting a reduction. When she needs to be reducing the baby daddies and the drama she creates.
  8. toodywoody

    S09.E10: This Can Go One of Two Ways

    Hey Sausage Fingers, he doesn't want to commit because he is that type of guy and someone that you slept with while still married and your spouse was deployed. I know people cheat but come on Kail, he never wanted to commit and you had the unvaccinated one to trap him. Grow up mf, you made this situation yourself by fucking with a young pothead cheater unemployed user. Duh dumbass. What a fucking twit she is.
  9. toodywoody

    Kailyn: Kail Smash!

    Yes I am going to say it.... She looks as big as the dude she is dancing with.
  10. toodywoody

    Say Yes To The Dress: Atlanta

    I am new to watching both shows, but the episode with Kiss where she could be pregnant and the other chick with an over dramatic mom's reaction to the low cut dress and then the nonexistent reaction to the one that her daughter liked, what a bitch. It really struck me when he daughter said she would be stuck in a dress she didn't like.
  11. toodywoody

    Amber: A Rill Woman Goes to Gel

    In the one with Cate, she looks like she smelled a fart.
  12. toodywoody

    Love It Or List It

    Season 7 episode 24, Jill drove me insane being pissed about the fucking garage that was a junk pit and kept saying Hilary wasn't giving them any more room. Uh, she was converting your fucking garage into a living room. And then her being obsessed with the damn play room for the kids. I loved Hilary's response that their kids would have their own rooms, why would they need a play room. And then one of the first houses that David showed them, the bedroom her mom would be in wasn't going to be big enough. Like GD. If I was both Hilary and David I would be pissed off every day with these people, it is like none of these people do their research on how much shit costs. Hell, I had my sewer back up and when the clean up crew came they discovered asbestos under the floors and I still did my research even though some was covered by insurance. Now I'm onto another one and the guy says, this isn't enough light for my office. What! Just turn the damn light on.
  13. toodywoody

    Jenelle: Birther Of 3, Mother To None

    Well I keep looking at her teeth and mouth too. But it is because I am going to hell. She always looks sick to me, full of snot, running a fever and dirty.
  14. toodywoody

    Kailyn: Kail Smash!

    Omg she is so thin here. Originally face and teeth. She looked great here and she is smiling. I will just leave this here. Duh mf you were fucking a fuck boy. You chased after this fucker, broke up your marriage and treated everyone like shit over a fuck boy.
  15. toodywoody

    Temptation Island (2019)

    Evan isn't worth it and is no price himself. Dude has serious dark circles under his eyes like he is in drugs and I can't get past that he reminds me of Andrew (Jace's dad) from Teen Mom. It cracked me up how John was saying how him and big mouth chick had connected. Uh, John, no. She is into fame not you and as soon as the show is over so will she.