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  1. ClareWalks

    S03.E16: Don't Take My Sunshine Away

    I'm thinking this entire Beth/dance job is just Beth trying to give Randall a taste of his own medicine. "Oh, you have all these supposed lifelong dreams (never stated before) that require the family's unconditional, unflinching support and you have a dogged refusal to compromise? Two can play that game." Although with the long commute, Randall is still The Worst.
  2. ClareWalks

    S06.E11: The Therapist

    Jocelyn had so much charisma in one little scene, I hope we see more of her!
  3. ClareWalks

    S03.E16: Don't Take My Sunshine Away

    The charger took about ten seconds of airtime. Ten seconds. I'm astonished that it has caused this much angst on the forum.
  4. ClareWalks

    S03.E16: Don't Take My Sunshine Away

    There was some discussion in the thread earlier about whether Kate was still admitted to the hospital several days after her C-section. I just wanted to add the possibility that even if she is no longer a patient, there are often rooms for the parents of NICU patients to stay with them at the hospital, so that could have been their situation at this point (with Kate returning to that room to take her shower). It's also likely that they are keeping her around for a while to monitor her after her emergency C-section, especially at her weight and being so early in the pregnancy.
  5. ClareWalks

    S06.E12: Whitney and Buddy Get Serious

    Sorry, I'm tired LOL
  6. ClareWalks

    S06.E12: Whitney and Buddy Get Serious

    In an early season we saw Buddy do stand-up on some sort of amateur open-mike night. He SUCKED at it.
  7. ClareWalks

    S11.E03: Diva Worship

    The Mariah skit was sloppier than Shakesqueer. There, I said it. Lord, these folks said TIMMY Mottola when it's supposed to be TOMMY. They also got the twins' names wrong. Since they only had a couple of specifics they needed to be right. And the singing part at the end where they sang totally different lyrics and Rajah was like "she's bending the pitch," girl that is the least of your worries.
  8. ClareWalks

    S11.E03: Diva Worship

    That would have been much better! Also Dolly just LOOKS LIKE those ladies on the evangelical shows. It would be easy to look like a Dolly Clone Cult of some sort 😛
  9. ClareWalks

    Whitney Thore: So She Thinks She Can Dance

    Just putting my prediction here that if TLC stages some sort of Whitney/Buddy wedding, they will call the wedding special My Big Fat Fabulous Wife.
  10. ClareWalks

    S05.E11 Reevaluation Realness

    There have been a lot of posts lately saying Jazz needs a nose job. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion but as someone who was bullied for having a big nose I don't think hammering that idea is necessary. Look up Kathy Griffin's horror story from her nose job and it doesn't sound worth it to potentially butcher yourself just to stop others from thinking you have too big a nose. JMHO.
  11. ClareWalks

    Jeopardy! Season 35 (2018-2019)

    Same!! Thanks, Elaine! 😄
  12. ClareWalks

    Jeopardy! Season 35 (2018-2019)

    Agree about the Evan guy, he seemed totally disinterested throughout the game. Odd. I had zero clue for FJ and still have no idea what the Maginot Line is.
  13. ClareWalks

    S06.E09: The Golden Child

    I know people who don't own a television, but they still WATCH television. They just watch it on a large computer monitor via streaming services. But yeah, those smug folks are annoying. My response would be "good luck if you ever get on Jeopardy, then."
  14. ClareWalks

    Free Solo (2018)

    I also watched this yesterday! It was really, really good. I couldn't believe how much tension they were able to generate on that final climb, considering the audience KNOWS he survived. I was still on the edge of my seat saying "holy shit!" out loud.
  15. I remember how pissed she was (pun intended) when Buddy announced that her house reeked of cat pee a couple seasons ago. I've noticed nobody has mentioned it since. She probably told them not to.