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  1. justine

    The Man In The High Castle

    I've been pleasantly surprised every season that this show has been renewed, so I'm just happy it has made it to four seasons. The writing and storylines have had their ups and downs over the years, and I'm hoping it goes out on a high note.
  2. justine


    I've watched the first episode and found it so painfully accurate that I had to stop after one and will pick up with episode 2 at a later date. I was starting 7th grade in 2000 as well and some of this stuff hit home so hard (music and clothing, mainly) that it was like I was back in middle school. I was confused by the actresses ages at first. For the first couple minutes of the show I thought I was going crazy and asked myself if these two were my ago or are they really mature looking teens. Once they got to school and were around age-appropriate actors I realized it was a deliberate choice to have the 30ish-year-old actresses play 13-year-olds, and that one or both of the two probably created the show based on their real life experiences. Totally agree with all of this. I too was worried that Maya was going to ditch Anna (even if she returned by the end of the episode), so it was a happy surprise that she didn't. I also loved that Maya calls Anna "Na". For some reason that really rang true for their ages. You really can't shorten Anna into anything other than Ann, but of course Maya calls her Na. I feel like in real life, 10 years after this period, one would randomly remember when Maya called Anna "Na" and they'd laugh about what a strange nickname choice it was. I had some weird nicknames for my friends too.
  3. justine

    S02.E08: In from the Cold

    Do you really need to generalize an entire generation of people? This comment adds nothing to the discourse or analysis of this show. That being said, this millennial thought this was a great episode. I suspect Alpha Emily remembers more than she is letting on.