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  1. Josette

    Buddy vs. Duff

    I feel like there should be some sort of size requirement for the cakes. It just seems weird not to say it needs to feed 50 people or 100. Unless I missed it, it seems like the size of the cake is whatever Buddy or Duff wants to make. The vibe of this show is awkward. It's not the fun time I thought it would be.
  2. Josette

    In Memoriam: Celebrity Deaths

    Thanks for the update, Jaded! I admire Judith for taking on the role, but I'm not surprised it's an awkward fit, given that Judy's 18 years older than Genie is. When Judy won that Miss Pennsylvania title that vaulted her to Hollywood, Genie was three.  Judith Chapman plays Diana, not Judith McConnell. Chapman is eleven years older than Genie Francis.
  3. Josette

    All Episodes Talk: Picture It. PTV. Today.

    I only like the parts with the other ladies wasting the whole day. Regarding the little boy: The character was HIV-positive which was pretty much a death sentence at the time.
  4. Josette

    American Beauty Star

    The Silence of the Lambs?
  5. I knew Monster would win thanks to the executive producer's comment about the judges never guessing the winner. I'm still annoyed by that. All in all, it's been a fun show.
  6. Josette

    S09.E11 Bounty

    I do think it's filth from wearing the mask. Here's a good look at Alpha. I don't think hygiene is important to people who walk among the dead.
  7. Josette

    General True Crime Shows

    If that was the one where she went inside an ATM kiosk while the abductor waited in the car, then I thought she had a great chance to escape. All she needed to do was run in the opposite direction of where the car was facing. It was morning on a somewhat busy street. I really think she could have made it. I think some people just go into shock and they can't think clearly. That's why it's a good idea to think about what you might do in such a situation before it happens. And hopefully it never happens.
  8. He's real. His name is Michael Owen Perry. She actually had two stalkers.
  9. Josette

    General True Crime Shows

    Tim Hennis.
  10. Teddi's husband works in home security. Denise's husband made his first appearance (as a boyfriend) in this episode.
  11. Maybe Conspiracy of Silence, but it's in Canada, not Alaska. It has aired on Lifetime.
  12. Josette

    The Masked Singer

    I think will win because the show's executive producer said I wish he had kept his mouth shut because, if nothing else, I now know who won't win.
  13. Josette

    General True Crime Shows

    She told her story on I Survived... calmly. Not sure why she was more emotional this time. Maybe it's because Urdiales recently committed suicide. That might have allowed her to release some emotions she was holding back. Maybe it's just relief.
  14. But since that was part of Blanche's dream, it doesn't count. There's also an episode where we learn Stan and Dorothy went to the Senior Prom together. Pale yellow.
  15. Josette

    S06.E04: Four Movements

    Actually, it wasn't totally her own choice to leave. And she will be making at least one more appearance on the show.