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  1. This answer was meant for a different comment. I don’t know how it got here. It was in answer to something about Dorinda.
  2. My two cents, lol. I say, who gives a shit who has what done .. it’s their business, but why lie about it. I don’t watch Jersey anymore since Tre went to jail, but, I saw the reunion. They looked horrible. Theresa was a beautiful girl .. now she looks terrible. Just because they have the money, they have to have work done? Can’t they see how awful they Look? Who the hell would want to go under anesthesia for that crap? And that Margaret .. yuk. The only person that look great from plastic surgery is Jennifer Lopez, IMO.
  3. My mistake. Where did she live with Richard?
  4. Talk about shoes, you have a cool name, Rubyslippahz. From Whizzard of Oz perhaps?
  5. I think poor John is being used. She wasn’t married to Richard very long. His status and influence is what she is missing. Living in London, hobnobbing with the rich and famous, traveling, etc. Big difference from then to now. That is what she is missing, and John is just filling the void. IMO. She orders John around like he’s her lap dog. mous
  6. That is the problem with heirloom family jewelry. Who to give what to who.
  7. The really nice thing would be for her to sell it and give the $$ to disaster relief victims, unless she wants it to remember him by. It’s not like he was her husband. Then again, it’s her business.
  8. Absolutely, I agree, but sometimes these people begin to think they own you.
  9. OMG .. So funny. Yeah, I guess that too. Lol. Maybe Sonja did, as I saw her eating corn on the cob back at Ramona’s house, along with the lobster.
  10. Now I’m really pissed. Here they all are taking care of Luann .. even fighting with each other over keeping her healthy. Meanwhile, the “canary” is going to sing (talk) up at Foxwoods, to a big audience, probably with her daughter and who knows who else. How brilliant. Maybe the Count will be there too. Who knows who’s next. Maybe Lady GaGa. The list could be endless. Soon, she will buy her yacht to go up the river Hudson and laugh all the way to the bank, and nobody will be talking to each other because of her.
  11. I never saw Bethenny use a tissue or blow her nose. She snorts it back up.
  12. Thank you. No, I’m from Long Island where the laws are strict. My sister is in Florida where the laws are more lax. I’ve never even smoked pot, so I’m skeptical. I’m blabbing, but I know I will chicken out, lol. Thanks.
  13. Don’t tell me that Countless Luann is going in front of thousands of people at Foxwoods Casino April 27th in a pretty large venue and do her whatever without alcohol or something for the nerves. Impossible.
  14. If anyone tries it, please let me know. How bad could it be if CVS carries it?
  15. I don’t think people are in such a rush to marry again, especially Bethenny who’s been married a few times according to her book. Dennis wasn’t even divorced yet anyhow. Dennis and Jill weren’t rushing to divorce for some reason. Marriage isn’t forever when it comes to some people, and it’s a bitch to get out with the financials and all. Beth and Dennis had a relationship and he gave her a ring. So what .. doesn’t mean a thing. She misses him because he was her confidant which she always seems to need. Engagement ring bullshit. I never got one as it wasn’t important to me and I am married about 100 years, lol. Engagement means nothing. I do have a beautiful diamond wedding band tho.