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  1. Rosebud1970

    S06.E11: Bastien Moreau

    Well... Although, with this show, you can never tell.
  2. Rosebud1970

    S09.E05: The Proof Hurts

    Not if you have cats. And I speak from personal experience.
  3. Rosebud1970

    S09.E04: Bahama Drama

    How about me? I never eat avocado. I can't stand the stuff and will go out of my way not to eat it. Even have it removed from anything I order. At least I won't say I'm allergic to it--I'm not--like some people who claim to have celiac disease and then proceed to devour the bread basket. Ahem.
  4. Rosebud1970

    S09.E04: Bahama Drama

    At least Kyle was legit robbed of all her jewelry and luxury handbags and didn't lose everything to the repo man. I'll show myself out.
  5. Rosebud1970

    S07.E13: Reptilian Brain

    Ariana is such a poser. All this house talk, centering around having/not having kids. She holds herself above all the others--I'm too good for this gig--when, in reality, she's no better than the rest of them. She's no cooler, no smarter not more hip. None of it. Total poser.
  6. Rosebud1970

    S09.E01: Lucy Lucy Apple Juicy

    Epic shade. Epic
  7. Rosebud1970

    S07.E10: So Vain in Solvang

    Oh, that was so not lavender. I have lavender growing at my house...several different varieties because I am in love with Provence. But that there? Was definitely not lavender.
  8. Rosebud1970

    S02.E07: Head of Household #3; Nominations #3

    On what planet, in what universe is Tamar worthy of some Special Power? Of all the CBBers, she is, hands down, the most annoying, obnoxious, get off my damn screen of all of them. Yet, somehow, she gets the Power of the Publicist. And as if we all don't know why. Because she brings the drah-ma, that's why! She's a walking, talking stereotype who needs to go home STAT! At least the power has an expiry date. Thank God!
  9. Rosebud1970

    S02.E04: We're Going to the Catskills!

    This was my childhood. Nothing so fancy as Steiner's but bungalow colonies in the Catskills. Moms and kids up there for the summer, Dads up on the weekends. Ironically, when I was in college, I was a camp counselor/lifeguard at a camp for over-privileged children in the Catskills, not too far from where Grossinger's used to be.
  10. Rosebud1970

    S01.E06: Mrs. X At The Gaslight

    Not just a Chinese place. Ruby Foo's. I used to love that place. It's vastly changed now, but back in the day, it was the hot tip.
  11. We're in at least 1962. They got married in 1958 and the next scene was 4 years later, so 1962. Kennedy had been in office for 2 years at this point.
  12. The UWS, back in the day, was considered to be somewhat déclassé. I know, when I lived there in the '70s and people that we had made plans with found out where we lived, their reaction. Always was, 'can we meet you someplace?' No one wanted to go there--it was perceived as being the Wild West. Not like today.
  13. Rosebud1970

    S07.E03: Either Him or Me

    Yes to this. Raquel was a most unfortunate shade of orange up near her hairline. I thought she worked as a model. Has no one ever taught her the importance of blending? That stripe of white was so wrong.
  14. Rosebud1970

    House Hunters International

    Those two in London who were moving from Toronto had to be the most annoying HH ever. Extremely unlikeable from the get go, really young with a seemingly unlimited budget $3600/month (!) and no apparent means of support. All they did was wander around London taking photos of each other. She saved money from doing real estate development. When? In grade school? Richard shows them a place below budget and the reaction is, oh, more money to spend on stuff. The colors on the walls gave her anxiety. He couldn't handle the big worktable in the center of the place they ultimately chose. Poor Richard! I thought his eyes were going to get stuck, he was rolling them so hard.
  15. Rosebud1970

    House Hunters International

    NY to Amsterdam. Oy. Again with the 'Where will our guests sleep?' routine. so, you're willing to sacrifice your own personal comfort in a new country, someplace, you've never lived, for guests that may or may not visit. Um, OK. Guests come, guests go. But you have to live in that apartment 24/7. I was just in Amsterdam. Trust me, there are hotels. Lots of them. There are AirBnBs available. Your would-be guests could stay in one of those. Plus, I found her to be hugely, incredibly annoying. He was maybe a touch less annoying than she was. A touch.