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  1. theschnauzers

    Ask the Outlanders: Questions for the Bookreaders

    The only other option is to read the book summaries Diana prepared for the currently two volume Outlandish Companion. Volume 1 basically covers the first four books, and volume 2 the latter for books. There’s plenty of other useful content as well.
  2. theschnauzers

    S10.E01: Battle of the Decades

    I have the impression Carter knew well in advance what that first episode was going to involve and that he’d be doing a 70s house and decided to do the Burt Reynolds mustache look. I also bet he’ll be clean shaven by the time he’s next seen.
  3. theschnauzers

    Nate And Jeremiah By Design

    The time slot is 9/8 central, so I assume it is following TS once this show begins its season.
  4. theschnauzers

    While You Were Out

    The other thing is that Heidi totally shut off Ty, who is supposed to be the equal co-designer, and they had a carpenter on top of that. (Don’t forget the mother-daughter team from one of the HGTV shows were the o-designers of the other house. Ty ended up with only a day to get the second room done from scratch and barely pulled it off. His design was so much better than what Heidi had in mind. The crazy part is that Ty is a big Bulldogs fan being from that area originally. It’s too bad they weren’t able to get UGA’s paw print as originally planned. And as Ty pointed out, Heidi doesn’t know what compromise is, I bet the on-site producers had to step in and insist Heidi back down.
  5. theschnauzers

    TAR in the Media

    Source? Otherwise that’s speculation. Fit people have been known to die suddenly at that age. For all we know, it could have been a massive fatal stroke, more severe than Luke Perry’s.
  6. theschnauzers

    Roswell, New Mexico Spoilers and Speculation

    If you didn’t know, Claudia was on The Originals with Nathan Parsons. Will be interesting to see what Mama Evans knows but hasn’t said!
  7. theschnauzers

    Spoiler Discussion Thread: The Sequel

    My thought is that with the rumored cast departures on The Flash, Ben Lewis could be put in that cast as William and how he develops his high tech expertise as implied in the flash forwards, as he lives in a Central City. I have really enjoyed Ben as adult William this season, and it would be a shame not to take advantage of the character’spresence in Central City.
  8. theschnauzers

    S01.E06: Smells Like Teen Spirit

    That very storyline happened a few months ago in the German telenova “Sturm der Liebe,” and the two characters (Boris and Tobias) just got engaged on this past week’s episodes, and will be married soon. It’s that show’s first ever same sex love story, so in the telenova style they’re getting a happy ending. i’m not comparing this series to the original, any more than I compared RDM’s reimagined Battlestar Galactica to its original. And I’ve not read the novels. As this show’s creator is maintaining a stance of not following source material beyond the premise, that’s OK by me. I suspect the show is not blindly proceeding without a roadmap, and I suspect the whole season is a pilot/setup for future seasons. In any event I just want my Max fix (Nathan Dean Parsons is dreamy in his own right) and I want to see how Michael/Alex and Alex/Kyle develop.
  9. theschnauzers

    S02.E07: Light and Shadows

    Ethan Peck has his grandfather’s voice. No mistake about it.
  10. theschnauzers

    TAR in the Media

    If TPTB haven’t cancelled a show around the halfway point of a one-off run, they’re gonna let it run the course. Don’t forget many of these shows were developed under Moonves and the new regime is gonna burn off these shows now., while they can blame him for any bombs. CBS and the folks from WRP have been clear that May 22 is the date for TAR 31. Maybe by then with the fall upfronts that month, we’ll get some clarity about season 32. I don’t think it was any accident Probst asked online about having some two hour episodes. If both shows had some two hour episodes, then it solves a problem that will allow trading off that time slot over the course of a year, and both shows can have two cycles per calendar year.
  11. theschnauzers

    Nate And Jeremiah By Design

    The third season premiere date was announced by TLC as April 13 at 9/8 Central. Bit of news. The Scott Brothers are serving as the production team for season 3.
  12. theschnauzers

    The Expanse in the Media

    Filming on season 4 may have wrapped, but Deadline reports today on three season 4 cast additions: https://deadline.com/2019/02/the-expanse-rosa-gilmore-keon-alexander-jess-salgueiro-recur-season-4-amazon-1202563247/
  13. theschnauzers

    The Man In The High Castle

    Amazon Prime has just dropped a trailer with a press release stating that season 4 will be the final season. The season is expected to be released in the fall. i’m not surprised as I figured that creatively I couldn’t see how the story could be stretched out much beyond a fourth season.
  14. theschnauzers

    Roswell, New Mexico Spoilers and Speculation

    This episode brought a realization to me that Max, Michael, and Isabel are going to end up with a human support team by the end of this season who will know their truth, or at least that they are aliens and will make the fight against the military and the inevitable others more even. My guess is this will be Liz, Kyle and Alex at a minimum, at least for Max and Michael. Not sure where Isabel human connections other than possibly Noah even can fit in, if she has any. The Kyle Alex dynamic in this episode was quite interesting to say the least. So we now have all the characters in their late 20s (I assume) having gone to high school or even earlier together and a shared history of sorts. I suppose this next flashback episode is going to be very interesting to see how all of them fit into that dynamic.
  15. theschnauzers

    Roswell, New Mexico Scheduling: Earth Time

    I think the CW generally runs reruns the week of a federal holiday. In this instance, Presidents Day is observed on Monday May 18th.