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  1. pezgirl7

    S09.E13 Chokepoint

    I liked that Daryl has never had a love interest, because I hate when shows feel the need to pair people up. I never saw romantic chemistry between him and Carol. I liked that they could have such a close platonic relationship, with out it having to turn into something else. But saying that... at this point in the show, I wouldn't mind if Daryl and Connie become a thing. I don't get the conversations about their ages. The actress is going to be 41 next month. She's hardly a young millenial. She's smart and brave and strong-willed. Hopefully she teaches Daryl some ASL. The note writing does slow things down a bit.
  2. pezgirl7

    S17.E03: Auditions (3)

    I loved Jeremiah's song. Made me tear up a little. I'm not a big fan of country, but I thought the ginger guy (Clay?) was really good. I was really happy to see Laine again. I still think he sounds and looks like Ryan Bingham (who I'm seeing next month, yay). I wonder if he'll actually go to Hollywood though. He didn't seem too thrilled. I liked the Lemongello guy. I was bummed that Lionel gave him a No. Maybe he isn't Idol material, but at least he was unique. And he didn't have a sob story. Hah
  3. pezgirl7

    The Curse Of Oak Island

    It was a Digging Deeper episode, so not a normal episode. The Laginas didn't do the ghost hunting, and when Matt brought them his "evidence" at the end, they basically poo-pooed it.
  4. pezgirl7

    The Curse Of Oak Island

    It's his whole left side. It's been like that for a while. I wonder if he maybe had a stroke a few years ago. I feel like there's probably a natural explanation for the paranormal stuff. The black cloud could be swamp gas or even a swarm of insects and the fireball over the water could have just been a mirage, assuming it was sunny out.
  5. pezgirl7

    S01.E08: Semi Finals: Double Unmasking

    I don't know if Wiz Khalifa is that good of a singer. In 'See You Again' from Furious 7, it was Charlie Puth (the white guy) that sang, and Wiz did the rap parts. Also, Wiz is 6' 4" and I don't think Monster is that tall.
  6. pezgirl7

    I Am the Night

    I hate that they're showing the real photos. They're so gruesome and I feel so bad for that woman, even though she's dead and isn't around to care. To be murdered and butchered so horrificly, and then to have photos of your naked, mutilated body shown for entertainment in a TV show... it just doesn't seem right. As far as the TV show, I still have no idea what's going on. And no one seems to be acting realisticaly. When the dysfunctional alcoholic is the most normal personal, then you know something's wrong.
  7. pezgirl7

    I Am the Night

    They said Hodel's ex wife caught him tailing her. Although I'm guessing it wasn't her who made the claim. Apparently there's some police cover up happening, and Jay is getting too close so they're trying to silence him. That's all speculation on my part, since this show is stingy with facts. I have no idea who that guy is that was following Fauna, and what his creepy art is about. I think it's kinda gross that they showed the actual Black Dahlia crime scene photos. I didn't need to see that...
  8. pezgirl7

    The Curse Of Oak Island

    I thought the scan was a total waste of money. It hardly showed any detail. You could see way more detail in the photos. I'm glad the expert set them straight and told them it was decorative. Marty didn't seem very happy about that. I have to confess that I'm starting to get a crush on Alex. Doh. I Googled him and he has a degree in mechanical engineering. Strange that they've never mentioned that.
  9. pezgirl7

    AGT The Champions: All Episode Discussion

    I do think it would be easier for Colin to use slight of hand to make the piece of paper with the X in it disappear, so that the bowl had no Xs in it, and therefore the audience member was a plant. But he still got Howie to pick the correct seat number. So I do think there was some kind of mentalist thing happening, which is pretty cool!
  10. pezgirl7

    AGT The Champions: All Episode Discussion

    So am I only the person who also thought of David Hasselhoff when Colin said to think of a celebrity? I purposefully tried to think of someone not super famous right now. I was flabbergasted when the girl from the audience picked the same name. I was certain that Colin either said or did something beforehand to make people think of the Hoff, but I rewound it, and didn't see anything. Maybe I'm the one with the special powers! ;)
  11. pezgirl7

    The Curse Of Oak Island

    In a recent episode they ran a test to see how far off the bore holes missed their mark, because as the drill goes down, it inevitably pitches off to the side when it hits friction. Some were off by quite a few feet.
  12. pezgirl7

    I Am the Night

    They've only showed the first episode so far. They showed a sneak peek after the SAG awards, and then they showed it twice on Monday night. I don't think it's a slow burn. I thought the episode moved quickly and I was bummed when it ended. I think we need to get to know the characters first before we delve into the mystery. I thought the acting was really great and they did a good job with the period.
  13. pezgirl7

    The Masked Singer

    I consider myself to be pretty up on pop culture and celebrities, but so far I have been stumped by all the singers. I just don't know enough about the lives of the B and C list celebrities to get the clues. I don't think the average person watching the show knows either. But I'm still enjoying it, and I liked the addition of Joel. Wish he could replace Jenny.
  14. pezgirl7

    The Last Kingdom

    The passage of time is weird on this show, mainly because most of the characters don't look to be any older. Uhtred knew Aethelflaed when she was a little girl, and now there appears to be a budding romance between them, but he looks the same age as he did when she was a child. I guess it'd be too much work to give the characters old age makeup, and that rarely looks believable anyway. They did a good job with Alfred's greying hair and bags under his eyes though. It's also funny how it seems to take them no time at all to traverse the country. But it keeps the story moving, so I'm ok with it. I'm bummed this is one of the shows that had its main forum taken away. Maybe it'll be put back once season 4 starts.
  15. pezgirl7

    The Last Kingdom

    The show was renewed for season 4! Some of the actors put together a short home video to announce it.