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  1. bros402

    Miracle Workers

    So I binge watched the first half of this like two weeks ago, then watched the last few episodes tonight. This show seems like it is built to bingewatch. It's not the Good Place (But I did not expect anything near that when I watched it), but it is fun - I hope they do not have a second season or anything, keep it as an oddball miniseries and it'll be a fun afternoon of bingeing for future audiences.
  2. bros402

    S03.E20: ON THE R-O-- ROAD A-G-- AGAIN

    They find fun they shouldn't be having? Is it going to be the kind of fun they shouldn't be having because Maya wouldn't approve of it? Maybe something that she thinks of being too dangerous for JJ?
  3. bros402

    S01.E16: King of Swords

    Waaait yeah that reminds me, he was looking at the app ON HIS PHONE
  4. bros402

    S03.E19: P-R-O-M-P-- PROMPOSAL

    That was a good episode - I liked how the writer's took pretty much every bad thing you can imagine a movie that has a person with a disability anywhere near the foreground in it and put all of those tropes in the fictional film. I'm surprised she didn't try to hire JJ as a consultant to the film. I liked Jimmy taking the stand - though I am confused again as to why Kenneth wasn't with JJ - maybe JJ wanted Dylan to be his voice and Ray to help him with the physical stuff, so it'd be less obtrusive.
  5. bros402

    S03.E16: Don't Take My Sunshine Away

    THAT'S where I recognized her from. I recognized the voice, I could not place her, it was such a quick thing. I guess she's a fan of the show 😛
  6. bros402

    S02.E18: Trampoline

    Yup! Have Andrews handle a lot of the medical of PR stuff, Glassy can help with the administrative.
  7. bros402

    S05. E16. The New Normal

    I believe that is American Samoa
  8. bros402

    S04.E15: O Brother, Where Art Thou?

    Jon Cryer is a fun Lex. I loved how comic book-y the flashback was, making the sun red. That is just so campy. Also, how did he make the sun red?
  9. bros402

    S02.E18: Trampoline

    I doubt he'll lose his job, but I would not be surprised if the board created a new position to offload some stuff off of Andrews given his bad choice of hiring Han and inability to pick a head Surgeon before that.
  10. bros402

    S03.E16: Don't Take My Sunshine Away

    Hm Yes. I was born at 25 weeks, I was 1 lb 8 oz, that was in 1990. I had either a 3% or a 15% chance to survive - I forget which - one was the chance the survive, the other was to not have a brain bleed. Baby Jack is 28 weeks and 2 lb 8 oz - with a preemie, you want them to be above 2 lbs (or older than 26 weeks), so they aren't a micro preemie - survival stats for micro preemies like I was... are less good. With me, my parents said that almost every time they took blood, they had to do a transfusion because of how small I was - I was 12 inches long at birth. Kevin getting denied for once would be so satisfying though Also, as an aside, I *totally* thought this was the season finale - dunno why, but it seemed like it.
  11. bros402

    S03.E16: Don't Take My Sunshine Away

    That was a horrible voicemail by Randall. You think he would've at least called right afterwards going "oh my god i am such a horrible person Beth" but nooope he didn't even try to apologize until that mumblepology after they walked out Second, so obviously, Zoe and Kevin are going to break up next season. I'm guessing Zoe will learn she is pregnant, Kevin will see it as a "see, now she'll want kids!" moment, then Zoe gets an abortion and Kevin gets angry that he didn't get his way for once. The Toby-Kate plot was good. So i'm trying to figure out this timeline. Jack was like 4 or 5 when Nicky was born in 1948, right? 30 years before this episode would've been 1962. Let's be generous say Jack was born in 1945 - Jack was 17 in 1962 - so I guess that would've been when he could've gone to a homecoming dance. And I guess the Big 3 are supposed to be in 6th grade in this episode? Since the balloons said Class of 1992 - I guess they "graduated" 5th grade? Since they graduated HS in what, 1998? So this would be the 1991-1992 school year. The Big Three were born 1980, so they should be in 8th grade, not 6th. Hmmm let me check my math 12th grade: 97-98 11th: 96-97 10th: 95-96 9th: 94-95 8th: 93-94 7th: 92-93 6th: 91-92 Or did I read the balloons wrong and they said Class of 1990?
  12. bros402

    S03.E18: S-E-- SEOUL B-R-- BROTHERS

    I think they stopped giving out paper checks in like 2015? That's when they sent me a letter going "MAKE SURE YOU GIVE YOUR BANK ACCOUNT INFORMATION TO THE SSA, WE ARE STOPPING PAPER CHECKS!" With me, I got my award letter and backpay check at the same exact time. I got my first regular SSI check in the mail the day afterwards. JJ wasn't bad with the money, it's more that he wanted to give back. One thing I forgot to include - IRWEs - Impairment Related Work Expenses - any costs related to JJ's disability that happen because of him having to go to and from work (Or costs related to things needed for work) - they get deducted from his reported income. For me, if I had gotten a job teaching in a district 30 minutes away from my house, it would have cost approximately $10,000 a year in taxi fares before tips - those are deductible as IRWEs for SSA purposes and for tax purposes.
  13. bros402

    S01.E16: King of Swords

    Was going to say that before I saw this post
  14. bros402

    S03.E18: S-E-- SEOUL B-R-- BROTHERS

    Here is my quick math on JJ's income. Let's say JJ worked 20 hours a check and got minimum wage, which in CA, is $11 an hour. That is $440 a month pre-tax. SGA is something around $1080 a month. However JJ is a student, therefore he gets the Student Earned Income Exclusion - which excludes the first $1820 a month, up to a yearly max of $7350 earned (https://www.ssa.gov/ssi/spotlights/spot-student-earned-income.htm). So let's say JJ worked 20 hours a week, 40 hours per check - that is $880 gross a month, $10560 a year gross. After taxes, he's probably below the $7350 max - if he isn't, he's close enough where he would not owe the entire backpay. Also, SSA backpay goes in chunks - let's say JJ applied for SSA the second he turned 18, let's say that was March 2018. The first month he would be considered eligible would be April 2018 - and he got his approval March 2019. So in California, SSI payment for being supported by another is $678.24 (https://www.ssa.gov/pubs/EN-05-11125.pdf) - so 11 months of backpay is $7460.64. The highest a backpay check can be is 3x the federal SSI rate - federal max is 771 - so JJ's first check would have been $2313, his second check (received 6 months after his first) would be $2313, then 12 months after his first check he would have gotten a check for $2834.64. And JJ can continue to receive backpay after an overpayment - they take a maximum of 10% out of your check while you repay an overpayment - and you can request a one time waiver for an overpayment (and I bet JJ would get one because the bureaucrat would take pity on him, or someone would attribute it to him being a dumb kid) I liked the plots in thsi episode - I hope Taylor and Ray get back together, Maya and her mom are working together, it's just perfect
  15. bros402

    S03.E15: G-A-- GAME N-I-- NIGHT

    JJ constantly switching schools wasn't the best thing for him - he never had consistent schooling when he was at a new school every year - and Maya switched whenever a school didn't work out for some reason. Worst case, JJ seems like an average student, but given the overall family profile, I imagine he is above average in some areas - probably something involving spatial reasoning - so maybe he is good with math.