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  1. Lovecat

    What Are We Currently Reading?

    Finally getting around to reading Stephen King's 11/22/63. I have a hardback copy and teeny-tiny hands, and that book is a MONSTAH, but I'm really enjoying it and moving through at quite a brisk clip. I haven't read much of Uncle Stevie's more recent stuff, but the callbacks in this one to his familiar previous works have given me quite the case of the fuzzies. Ironically, I'm re-reading Tabitha King's One on One in tandem (I absently picked it off the shelf to take on a recent business trip, and on return it found itself as my current, urm, bathroom book). It's one of my favorites, literary comfort food if you will, and is set in Nodd's Ridge, just a few towns over from Castle Rock 🙂
  2. Lovecat

    I Need a Recipe!

    @emma675, I can't help you with a recipe, but you let me know if you have any trouble eating up all of your "experiments"--I've never met a cake I didn't like, and I am HERE TO HELP!! 🙂
  3. Lovecat

    S17.E01: Premiere

    I am rooting for Renée from Philly because I am also a Renée from Philly 🙂 and also because she is classy AF and looks to be capable of putting out some beautiful work. Hester Sunshine (if that is indeed her real name) can go any second now; her outfits make my eyes hurt and she is far too twee for words. But for me, the best part was the scene where Christian and Karlie visited the workroom together--her head and shoulders sailed ethereally above the crowd, and his wee little self just...blended in. Bless his tiny soul 🙂 At least Tim always had his Silver Fox hair and dapper suit (along with about a foot more height) to help him stand out! I also missed Heidi's blunt Germanness ("This to me looks cheap! And what is happening with her boobies??")...as well as her chipper "Auf Wiedersehens". Karlie just sounds so...American!
  4. Lovecat

    S03.E15: The Waiting Room

    Ya think?? 😉
  5. Lovecat

    S03.E15: The Waiting Room

    Picabo Street's parents did exactly that--called her "Baby Girl" for the first 2 years of her life. Urban lore is that she was named Picabo after her favorite game, but more reliable sources say it was for a nearby town.
  6. People don't believe me when I tell them that the Diet Coke tastes better in Latin America! There's *something* about that regional recipe that's different...my money is on cinnamon.
  7. Lovecat

    S03.E15: The Waiting Room

    May I also submit...
  8. Lovecat

    S10:07 Divided We Move

    My husband wore a kilt at our wedding, and you know what he wore underneath? SHOES. And he was dead sexy 🙂 Mitch, Kody, here's what it is: If your kilt is a proper length, and you're wearing a nice substantial sporran (which not only holds your stuff, it keeps the front of the kilt from flapping up), then no one gets a peek at your junk, no matter how spastic your dancing. And if they do, who cares??
  9. Lovecat

    Authors You Used to Love, But No Longer Read

    I like to say she took a left turn into Crazytown! Someday I’m going to go back and read her early ones, which were so good.
  10. Lovecat

    Penny/Kaley Cuoco: What IS Her Last Name?

    We have confirmation that Penny did indeed take Leonard’s name when they got mat tied—her name badge at the sales conference said Penny Hofsteader. Her maiden name is still one of life’s mysteries, though.
  11. Lovecat

    S08.E10: D Day Comes Early

    CONGRATULATIONS!!! I'm 8 months post surgery for melanoma and received 10 immunotherapy infusions as adjuvant ("just in case," to go after anything that might be hiding) before I had to be discontinued due to side effects I'm still trying to recover from. Sounds like I haven't had it near as rough as you have, but I breathe a sigh of relief every time a CT or ultrasound come back clean, and am very much looking forward to celebrating a little bit at my 1-year cancer free mark in July. Then a little more at 2 years...a little more at 3 years...you get the picture 🙂 ALL of my best wishes to you for continued good health and getting your life back!!
  12. The only good thing about this show being All About the Castillos is getting to hear Amira’s Vann’s delicious pronunciation: Cas-tee-zhos. I do love a good zhuzh on a double L!
  13. Lovecat

    The Curse Of Oak Island

    Well they finally did it. The damn island is sinking.
  14. As the queen of hurting oneself in embarrassing ways, I couldn't help but laugh when Tal fell off the stripper.
  15. Lovecat

    The Annual Academy Awards Topic

    Trevor Noah, have my babies.