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  1. krankydoodle

    S04.E12 Blizzard

    I think the customers really cleaned the place out in anticipation of the snow-paca-blizz. There was a brief scene showing a lot of the shelves and freezer cases empty. Another funny moment: Garrett admitting that he didn't want to do a seance in case they were able to contact Sal.
  2. krankydoodle

    S04.E12 Blizzard

    This episode had a lot of good moments. I especially liked how the chirpy corporate rep weaseled out of an outright 'no' when Glen asked if the employees could leave early. And it was nice to see Jonah and Amy sticking up for one another, and enjoying one another's company.
  3. krankydoodle

    S15.E18: Add It Up

    It's still weird to me to see Alex in a position of authority over Deluca. I know a lot of inappropriate stuff goes on at that hospital, but giving someone power over the person they seriously assaulted is uncomfortable. I'm looking forward to seeing Michelle Forbes next week even though I don't really care about Jo or her storyline at all.
  4. krankydoodle

    Paid Streaming Services

    From Deadline: Netflix reaches tipping point as originals now outpace acquired titles On another subject, I've only seen a few examples of this, but it's so frustrating when seasons of a tv show are split among different streaming services. BritBox and Acorn TV have divided the seasons of Vera and Poirot between themselves, for example. I guess they're gambling that fans will just give in and subscribe to both services.
  5. krankydoodle

    Agatha Raisin

    I'm looking forward to more episodes, but I hope we don't get any more storylines where some eligible bachelor moves into town and every woman in the area tries to beat the others to his door.
  6. krankydoodle

    Agatha Raisin

    I wish I had paced myself instead of watching them more or less in one go. I rewatched some of the new season and the movie-length episodes have grown on me.
  7. krankydoodle


    I finished watching the latest season and it was as enjoyable as ever. I'm glad they brought back PC George, the basement-dwelling missing persons officer. I just found out that Sonya Cassidy, who played Joe's wife Celine in the early seasons, is now on Lodge 49 as Wyatt Russell's sister. I watched the pilot a few months ago and never recognized her. She does an impressive American accent.
  8. krankydoodle

    The Umbrella Academy

    It seemed like they went on missions for at least a few years and Luther's and especially Ben's powers would be hard to hide. I don't know, but if a few people with powers of any sort are born into a world without them, I'd think it would be hard for everyone else to ever let that go. Even if they didn't have powers, I'd expect them to be followed if only for the way they came into the world. There'd be people who'd see them as a sign of the end times, or messiahs, or whatever. To be fair, we aren't shown that much about the rest of the world. IIRC, we don't know the circumstances of the flashback to Reginald's origins, so maybe weird things happen sometimes and this is just one among many.
  9. krankydoodle

    The Umbrella Academy

    Unless I missed something, it seemed like the Umbrella Academy kids are the only ones in the world to have superpowers so I would've thought that people would be all over them for the rest of their lives. But it looks like no one recognizes them when they're out and about. Even when Allison wins over the cop for the ride-along, he's impressed by her celebrity as an actor and not because of her power. I would expect people to be afraid of her and seek out Klaus in hopes of contacting dead loved ones. Diego is still wearing a domino mask like they had when they were kids and apparently works as a vigilante regularly, but the home invaders still don't seem to know who he is. And Luther lived on the moon! Does no one else in the world know about that? I thought it would turn out that he had been lied to again and was just living in a simulation created by his father. As awful as I felt for the kids, I felt even worse for Pogo. I'm not sure if they explicitly said so, but it seemed like Reginald enhanced him so we was more human-like. Being the only one of his kind, presumably not being able to go out much (if at all), and being stuck with just Reginald and a robot for years must have been rough to put it mildly. I really wanted to like this, but thought it had a lot of issues and found it disappointing overall. Aidan Gallagher as Number Five was great casting, though, and one of the best things about the show.
  10. krankydoodle

    Agatha Raisin

    I hope your spoiler is true! It seemed to me that they let the relationship between Agatha and Charles develop nicely over the 2nd season, then hastily remembered how hard they pushed her with James in the 1st season, so forced him and Agatha together in the last episode. I wonder if they ran into budget or scheduling issues in the 2nd season since characters dropped in and out. I was finding Gemma a bit tiring since she's around all the time, so was glad we got a break from her in the last episode. I'm glad Matthew Horne's Roy looks to be back next season. And I like Sarah, but she doesn't get much to do; she's just kind of there.
  11. krankydoodle

    Agatha Raisin

    This is a British comedy-drama series based on the books by MC Beaton and starring Ashley Jensen. I just watched the 2nd season on Acorn and have read that it's been renewed for a 3rd season with movie-length episodes again rather than the 45-minute episodes of the 1st season, which I thought worked better. It's not a great show, but it can be fun and the setting is lovely. I sometimes find Agatha irritating, but Ashley Jensen's charm makes up for a lot. I haven't read the books, but I got the impression that Agatha and James are meant to be the end goal in terms of a romantic pairing so I thought it was interesting that he's hardly in the second season. Instead, Agatha spends a lot of time with Charles and I preferred watching the two of them together.
  12. krankydoodle

    Miscellaneous Celebrity News

    Oh, no! I hope he recovers quickly. I grew up with him on 90210 and the Buffy the Vampire Slayer movie, and was happy to see him regularly on tv again in Riverdale. It's a sad coincidence that they just announced a reboot of 90210 with most of the original cast just the other day.
  13. krankydoodle

    The OA

    That's not the direction I was expecting they'd go in for season 2, but I'm looking forward to seeing where they take things. Considering the gap between seasons, I'm happy to see that they were able to get a lot of the cast back.
  14. krankydoodle

    The Enemy Within

    I liked it well enough to give it at least a few more episodes, but there were way too many closeups of darting eyeballs. Psych had its share of that, too, but at least they did it from a tolerable distance.
  15. krankydoodle

    Penny Dreadful: City of Angels

    It's just been announced that Natalie Dormer's been cast as a shapeshifting demon. I wish I could be excited about this show because I loved Penny Dreadful, but I don't trust the folks behind it after that mess of an ending.