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  1. krankydoodle

    S01.E14: Upgrade

    That's fair. I wonder how much the order of an additional 3 episodes in October shook up the storylines.
  2. krankydoodle

    S01.E14: Upgrade

    I guess the writers have abandoned the possibility of a relationship between Ben and Saanvi (if that was ever even the plan) because a scene with the two of them after the hostage situation would've been a good time to lay the groundwork for that. But even if they're not going in that direction, I thought it was weird how there was no mention of how Ben risked his life to save Saanvi.
  3. krankydoodle


    I've just watched the first 3 episodes of season 9 and hope they keep Paul Kaye as the pathologist, though it would be nice to learn a little bit more about his history with Vera. They seem to have dropped a lot of the non-crime stuff going on with the regular cast. Didn't Vera discover she had a long-last half-sister or something at some point? Nothing came of that if I remember right. They'll throw in a mention of Aiden's new baby now and then, but I enjoyed how they used to talk about personal matters so we could get to know the characters better. I don't know anything about Mark except that he never seems to leave the office, poor guy, and he's been on the show since season 3.
  4. krankydoodle

    S04.E07: Kimmy Fights a Fire Monster!

    I think I've only seen Jon Bernthal in The Punisher and The Accountant and thought he was fantastic in those, but didn't realize how well he could pull off such a seemingly sweet and bashful character. He was so charming! I'd love to see him doing more roles like that. I also enjoyed Tomothy and his not-so-concealed contempt. I'd forgotten how much I loved this show. There were so many great bits in this episode: Titus doing air guitar over the saxophone solo during Magic Boy, everything in the car wash (especially Titus trying but failing to bend over suggestively), and Kimmy's inability to resist dancing even when angry. But my favorite scene was when Jon Bernthal finally drops his act in the restaurant and lays into Titus.
  5. krankydoodle

    S02.E02: Nominations #1

    I think Mooch should aim for the opposite and try to get out as soon as possible so he can stay on brand.
  6. krankydoodle

    Law & Order: SVU in the Media

    The AV Club ranks SVU's various detective pairings: https://tv.avclub.com/the-dedicated-detectives-of-law-order-special-victim-1831955390 I miss Munch.
  7. krankydoodle

    S01.E11: Contrails

    It's weird that Ben doesn't mention Olive at all when he's making plans to spend time with Cal or stopping by to say good night. Too bad Fiona and the captain are out of the picture (for now at least). They're among the more compelling characters and actors on the show.
  8. krankydoodle

    The Predator (2018)

    Maybe it's because I was expecting it to be abysmal based on reviews and box office performance, but I thought this was ok. It definitely has a lot of problems, though. Apart from what others have already mentioned, there's the fact that Jacob Tremblay accidentally destroying someone's house and likely killing the occupant is never discussed, that Olivia Munn's discovery and use of a microscope while on the run allows her to figure out the aliens' true objective, etc. I got a solid laugh out of the scene where the predator kills all the soldiers in the back of a truck, making enough noise for the oblivious driver to ask if everyone's ok. In response, the predator grabs a soldier's severed arm and sticks it through the partition with its thumb up, then sits down to enjoy the rest of the ride. I wasn't clear about what happened with the brain-damaged predator dog at the end. When Boyd Holbrook is gathering together the items from his dead friends, Olivia Munn tosses in a dog-shaped figure made from aluminum foil, which I thought meant the dog had died. But I watched this scene again and it looked to me like the dog was in the background, moving around a little.
  9. krankydoodle

    Jeopardy! Season 35 (2018-2019)

    I felt for Charbel, especially after learning he donated a percentage of his winnings to charity, but I couldn't help but root for Richard when he danced around a little when giving the answer 'jig'.
  10. krankydoodle

    S04.E03: Semi-Final and Final

    Sherry's styling through most of the series was unfortunate. I liked her well enough, but the unflattering clothes and makeup were sometimes distracting. I didn't mind Spice and thought it was refreshing to see a host unabashedly eating contestants' bakes. And Emma Bunton has a lovely voice, so I enjoyed her narration. Still, they seem like odd choices for hosts. Tina was my favorite, but I didn't like the decoration on her final showstopper. I'm glad it tasted good enough to put her over the top, and I loved her gingerbread house in the previous episode. That was a genuine showstopper. And her daughter was so sweet, saying that Tina would still be a winner to her even if she didn't win the competition.
  11. krankydoodle

    Which Podcasts Fuel Your Listening Pleasure?

    I'm a little surprised there isn't more discussion here about fiction podcasts given how those have exploded in the past few years. I mostly listen to horror podcasts. My favorite is The Magnus Archives, which I think is leagues better than Tanis or The Black Tapes (which looks to be following in Homecoming's footsteps by getting a TV adaptation) and still don't understand why it's not better known. I also really enjoy Ghosts in the Burbs, even though it's not like a traditional audio drama in that there's only one actor (who doesn't really do voices) and no sound effects. Despite that, the stories are compelling and often genuinely unsettling. I do listen to some non-fiction podcasts, mostly pop culture-related. The ones I don't think I've seen mentioned here already are The Rewatchables, Who Shot Ya?, and F This Movie. They all do a good job of mixing interesting discussion with humor. And while I really like We Hate Movies and How Did This Get Made, it's also fun to listen to hosts who love celebrating good movies. My current favorite non-fiction podcasts, though, are Keep It! from the Crooked Media network and Teen Creeps, where the hosts discuss YA novels including most of Christopher Pike's oeuvre.
  12. krankydoodle

    Jeopardy! Season 35 (2018-2019)

    Jackie gave more details about what happened during the Thursday show on Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/Jeopardy/comments/a7v6y7/jeopardy_recap_for_thur_dec_20/ec62xzf/ I liked the other contestants and Andrew played a great game, but I was sorry to see Jackie go, especially given the circumstances.
  13. krankydoodle

    Inside No.9

    I wish I had rewatched that one before I let my BritBox description lapse. I'm not a fan of bedroom farce, so I wasn't paying close attention and don't think I gave the episode its due.
  14. krankydoodle

    Jeopardy! Season 35 (2018-2019)

    There has been an episode where 2 contestants are in the red at the end of DJ and the remaining person has FJ all to herself: