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  1. jcin617

    The Other Two

    Totally. Some of my closest friends are exes. You can come to love someone but also realize you aren't in love with each other and never will be. Life's like that.
  2. jcin617

    The Passage

  3. jcin617

    The Passage

    I liked parts of the second book, especially
  4. jcin617

    S09.E14: Found

    Liam is very bright; he should petition for emancipation as soon as he can and take of himself.
  5. jcin617

    The Passage

    Hopefully its renewed since the shenanigans at Project NOAH
  6. jcin617

    The Annual Academy Awards Topic

    Yay Spider Man! (And its surreal to see someone you went to college with (one of the Spider Man producers) getting up to accept an Academy Award!)
  7. jcin617

    NFL Thread

    Methinks Jonathan Kraft will be running the show now.
  8. jcin617

    Big Mouth

    It's a joke; both times I've watched it, it pauses at 69% before playing.
  9. jcin617

    NFL Thread

    I'm sure they understood they weren't really the underdog for the SB; the whole "no one believed we could do it" mantra was more for the season at large when folks weren't really expecting much of them - I know I wasn't. I really didn't think they'd get by that AFC game.
  10. jcin617

    NFL Thread

    That throng was utterly ridiculous. There should be some kind of buffer for the players/coaches to congratulate each other and let the hosting network reporter get their questions in before the mob descends. I was glad to hear Brady repeatedly tell them to back off.
  11. jcin617

    NFL Thread

    Let’s just hope the Pats play more exciting football in SB LIV.
  12. jcin617

    Super Bowl LIII: The Live Chat Topic

    On local CBS Gronk was point blanked asked if he was retiring, and he basically said “I’m celebrating tonight, that’ll be something to talk about in the next few weeks” : that’s retiring.
  13. jcin617

    Super Bowl LIII: The Live Chat Topic

    “Rex why is your shirt still on!?” But congrats Pats, I’m happy!
  14. jcin617

    Super Bowl LIII: The Live Chat Topic

    The Bud Light to GOT commercial was awesome. So far this game is an offense that can’t go anywhere vs. one that can’t get it done.
  15. jcin617

    Russian Doll

    In the first loop, Nadia was in an active position to save Alan if she had helped him when he was drunk; Alan was in a passive position to save her just by being someone to occupy her time and not be out getting hit by the car. (Had he been sober I’m not sure how he would have crossed her path.) But that’s just the physical way; they also both saved each other existentially within the loops. I took the final scene as the two separate timelines merged with the Loop versions meeting up again. The fact it was in the middle of some random midnight parade was a little strange. (Also, the homeless guy’s timeline made no sense to me if I tried to follow it. For a long time I thought there was more to him than met the eye.) Nadia’s four loops that ended with her falling down the stairs trying to leave the party made me laugh; did we ever find out what happened to poor Alan in those loops? He couldn’t have gotten very far. This also reminded me of Happy Death Day, which is a good thing as I really like that movie. Loved the series though; not sure what a season 2 would entail, but I would like to see more.