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  1. CoyoteBlue

    S05.E10: Roadkill

    Yeah, I cringe-fast-forwarded through most of the cat plot and whatever Alexis and Ted got up to. I loved David's final "murderer" whisper-hissed at Alexis as he and Stevie departed.
  2. CoyoteBlue


    Or neighbors who would let her throw whatever she wants over and then smuggle it out to the dump out the other gate before she comes back for it.
  3. CoyoteBlue

    Criminal Minds Unpopular Opinions

    Eh, she's actually kinda the opposite in that she finds out stuff that really should not be possible. I highly doubt there is some master data repository that contains left-handed dog owners who had some kind of menial job 20 years ago, and yet Garcia will just type those things into a quasi-DB-query and BAM! Names spit out. But hey, it's TV; there are lots of shortcuts like that to keep things moving (e.g. all of CSI :)). I have a weakness for the techie support staff who pull together info, but I prefer grownups like Mouse from Chicago PD. I don't get the fetishistic child-like girls thing with Abby from NCIS and Garcia - somehow I think the rationale goes "We need something light and pure and good to offset the demons of their job! Let's give the whole team a Manic Pixie Dream Girl!" Just... no. Ugh! It's the MPDG thing - Garcia just gets more and more childish when faced with "bad stuff" to the point where she practically devolves into baby talk. Like that time when she had to "dig up dirt" on an entire small town and she practically had a breakdown over finding out people's dirty laundry. Not the serial killer stuff, just that the mayor had an affair or Bob the accountant had been embezzling for years! Ooooh! She can't stand it! It's soooo horrible! Bitch, those aren't your friends and family who betrayed you personally; they're total strangers with mildly assholish histories. Relax.
  4. CoyoteBlue

    S7 E16: Fault in Him

    I was so glad that they had Hermann take the LT exam and become more of a leader. He was pretty good at being the Wise Elder at the house - when he wasn't being an idiot chasing stupid get-rich-quick schemes. It was like character whiplash.
  5. CoyoteBlue

    S06.E15: Good Men

    I liked that Upton was just friends with Halstead and tried to kinda keep an eye on him early on. Of course they couldn't let that stand.
  6. CoyoteBlue

    S04.E16: Old Flames, New Sparks

    They can't force him, but it's really hard to resist the World's Worst Guilt Trip from your parents. Even when the mere idea sends him into a panic attack, they still coerce him into it and the hospital has to take his word for it (although you'd think the testimony of the docs re: the panic attack would be enough to at least get a hold and a psych eval). His reaction to an anesthesia is an issue, but one a hospital should be able to manage if surgery is necessary by using a different one.
  7. CoyoteBlue

    S04.E16: Old Flames, New Sparks

    Not that 11-year-old apparently. Those parents sucked. They really were using that second kid as a spare parts generator - I hope they still know what to do with him after #1 Son dies. Maybe they can use the rest of his spare parts as theirs wear out with age. Thank god everyone is moving on from their terrible personal life drama. Let's just hope it sticks. Natalie still has a child of her own, right? Must be nice to just leave him(?) wherever to go mack on a new guy under the guise of "helping out the new dad". So professional!
  8. CoyoteBlue

    S06.E14: Ties That Bind

    I don't think it is; they just pass info on the sly that way. In fact, her gym not being "Easton" clues them in to what she's trying to feed them. They caught at least the one guy that they threatened.
  9. CoyoteBlue

    S06.E14: Ties That Bind

    Is it just me or did Voight's voice sound a lot less gravelly during his "everyone makes it home" speech?
  10. CoyoteBlue

    S7 E13: It Wasn't About Hockey

    The bus storyline kinda creeped me out since it was only two years ago that my Hoosier hometown's basketball team's bus flipped so it was a very eerie deja vu. This was very much a non-entity of an episode. Did they need that much prep time for next week's Fire-PD-apalooza?
  11. CoyoteBlue

    S02.E05: All the World Is Birthday Cake

    It's a blatantly obvious parallel to "Those violent rapist Mexicans need to be rounded up, put in camps and have their children taken away for the safety of all the rest of us!" And also obviously, it reflects back on the the US's Japanese internment camps and Germany's concentration camps of WWII. Pick a group of people, blame them for all the woes of the country/world rather than address the actual complex issues and then, if they're lucky, just lock them up indefinitely. If they aren't lucky, kill them. We could just ship the Mexicans/Kelly&Bortus back to Mexico/the Orville, but how can we show what tough enforcers we are that way?
  12. CoyoteBlue

    Temptation Island (2019)

    Seriously, what was the deal with Javen acting like he made out with most of the house when all we (OR SHARI) saw was a girl trying to take his arm and him shooting her down? Shari just bawling and "never forgiving" him, etc. WTF?
  13. CoyoteBlue

    Temptation Island (2019)

    Shari, way to show how desperately insecure you are! John and Kady have pretty much stated that they've given up on their relationship by both using their blockers. Right out of the gate, they're already saying "Well, that'll happen unless I stop it...." I think Kaci's given up on the relationship moving forward and is willing to walk if this doesn't tip Even over into a proposal.
  14. CoyoteBlue

    S18.E12: Break On Through

    Bret has a damn Olive Garden mural tattooed on his arm.
  15. CoyoteBlue

    Marriage Boot Camp

    oh, jeez, Dr V. Stop trying to look "hip hop" or whatever; it's just such a sad middle-aged white woman effort there, Karen. If V shows up with cornrows or dreads, I will scream.