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  1. SweetieDarling

    S09.E02: Eat Your Heart Out

    I wish I could "Love" and "Laugh" at this! These are people that eat bunless hotdogs with forks and knives, because they know how to enjoy a barbecue. WTH are they going to do at a pastry party? Look at everything and say "Mmmmm that looks/smells delicious" while inhaling deeply, but never touching? They might as well be those molded, scented candles from Wicks N Sticks. Now, pasty party makes complete sense. Ericka will open a briefcase full of her collection, Rinna will be an expert on getting the tassles to spin in opposite directions, Kyle will do the splits, LVP will make some wry joke about 4 times a year, only on anniversaries ending in 0, or Mardi Gras, Teddi will act like she has no idea what these women are talking about, and Dorit will mention how she's planning to incorporate them as part of her ill-fitting swimsuit collection,...
  2. SweetieDarling

    Amber: A Rill Woman Goes to Gel

    Thanks, I can't keep all her nicknames straight.
  3. SweetieDarling

    S09.E01: Lucy Lucy Apple Juicy

    Right? I think I'd rather eat off of a smaller spread that is tended to and replenished as necessary, than to search for cheese without dry, cracking edges and meat that is still the correct color, which is what I feel like I'd be doing at that table, unless it's at a wedding or convention; In that case, get some while you still can.
  4. SweetieDarling

    Amber: A Rill Woman Goes to Gel

    She abandoned him already?
  5. SweetieDarling

    Bethenny Frankel: Skinny Girl

    Nothing says "I love you" quite like giving a funeral arrangement to your girlfriend whose most recent boyfriend and soulmate died the month before you hooked up. Is he in psychology? Maybe he wants her to break down so he can comfort her? Is this new guy married too? I thought I read that somewhere.
  6. SweetieDarling

    S09.E15: Hotheads and Hookahs

    I loved her reaction to her makeover; "Maybe they'll put me on the cover of AARP"
  7. SweetieDarling

    S09.E01: Lucy Lucy Apple Juicy

    Kyle did this to Lisa in season 1 with Taylor Armstrong. They had some awkward lunch meeting with Kyle and Taylor giggling uncontrollably as if they had just smoked some weed behind the dumpster before entering. Even Kim, in her drunken haze, saw through Taylor.
  8. SweetieDarling

    S09.E01: Lucy Lucy Apple Juicy

    Right? When Lisa said she wished Kyle had been at the restaurant event, she should have just said "sorry I couldn't make it, I'd have loved to be there," but instead she blows up and yells "I'm not doing this!" She really needs a lesson in tact.
  9. SweetieDarling

    S09.E01: Lucy Lucy Apple Juicy

    PK is such a dirtbag. Who goes to a nice restaurant (one with cloth napkins and tablecloths) wearing ripped jeans and a T-shirt? Well, at least he shaved his arms: WTF?
  10. SweetieDarling

    S09.E01: Lucy Lucy Apple Juicy

    Goat yoga? I don't do yoga, but aren't you supposed to focus? I guess it takes some awesome kind of focus to be able to do yoga effectively while a goat jumps on your back, but, seriously?
  11. SweetieDarling

    S09.E14: Heroines in Heels

    Bill seemed very relieved at the charity event that the other husbands welcomed him and were joking around with him, rather than holding Jennifer's behavior in Cabo (and in general) against him. He seemed a little apprehensive at first, as if he thought they would hold him accountable for what she said and did.
  12. SweetieDarling

    S09.E05: Shutting Down

    It seemed to me that Kaiser had sweeter moments with the security guy and talking about missing Nathan ("Tomorrow, can we go to Daddy's? and "I might start crying for Daddy") than he did with Jenelle. Any affection he showed toward Jenelle was initiated by her; He WANTED to give the security guy and Nathan's mom a hug.
  13. SweetieDarling

    S09.E14: Heroines in Heels

    I laughed when Jennifer said, "I'm scared that my behavior in Cabo is really going to affect my relationship with these girls"...How can in not? But then, when she apologizes, they all acted like it was no big deal, just lay off the tequila and don't shove a jagged champagne flute stem in my face, and we're all good, my jaw dropped. There is no way in hell I'd have found that behavior excusable.
  14. SweetieDarling

    S09.E13: Camels, Cabo & Catfights

    I think she signed up for the perceived stardom and fame.
  15. SweetieDarling

    S09.E13: Camels, Cabo & Catfights

    I got a mental image of the staff of Dr Aydin's office holding weekly viewing parties for the show, laughing their asses off at Jennifer behaving like a spoiled 6 year old. They probably have their own inside joke drinking games based on what they see during her regular visits to check up on her husband the office. I wonder how hard it is for them to keep a straight face the next morning at work, or during her visits, now that the show has aired.