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  1. crookedjackson44

    S33.E02: Hellraiser

    Don't kid yourselves about Jenna - she has a great ass, which the program has consistently highlighted. Hell, it even had a beauty contest a few seasons back where she twirled to the amusement of Banana's cousin/whatever. That is all she has even been to this production.
  2. crookedjackson44

    S33.E02: Hellraiser

    That elimination was far from being great, but I join in the general acclaim and joy that Ashley is gone.
  3. After his short discussion with Eric Idle, Maher just ignored him for the rest of the show. He could have exited stage right and we would have little known of it.
  4. crookedjackson44

    S33.E01: Apocalypse Now

    Let's have some real fun and bring back Abram as a mercenary or heavy hitter or whatever!
  5. Maher must have creamed his jeans when the end of the shutdown was announced; it made the show more relevant. Coulter mentioned that she had no slime in her pool - so her cleaner must be really good, since I can only imagine the amount of slime that clings to her body daily. Anyone notice the toothpick legs she has? I never noticed that before. I was delighted by Bill's Sam Drucker reference to Trump's comments. Sam was the first character I thought of, too! Sorry folks, but I have to agree with Bill on comic books. I read my share as a kid, but I would never read them as an adult. They don't have the depth or length to really explore their characters and stories. And comic book movies are mostly just awful - insipid CGI garbage. They are pure money grabbers and bad cinema. Robert Downey Jr. was once a respectable actor, once. Not now.
  6. crookedjackson44

    S03.E03: The Big Never

    The scene in Walmart was terrific. The tension and panic rose so very fast, and when Hays found his daughter, he responded with anger and his daughter cried, just as she should have. Simple but authentic.
  7. Of all the big-mouth right-wing phonies, Ann Coulter is the phoniest. I have heard her speak too many times, and I cannot recall ever feeling even once that she actually believed what she said. Her only goal is to sell more terrible books and gathering fees for appearances. She is a grifter in a time of grifters. Maher should be ashamed to have her on his show and give her a forum for her horrid opinions.
  8. I am most impressed with the character's makeup. He looks absolutely authentic at each age. I don't know much about Ali, so I assume the 1990 character is his real face, but the 2015 character looks real, too.
  9. crookedjackson44

    S06.E12: The Dead

    Also, I don't recall anyone telling Ray that his daughter had just married Smitty Donovan. Or did I miss it?
  10. crookedjackson44

    S06.E12: The Dead

    Well, I studied James Joyce in college, so any mention of his work gets a shoutout from me. Plus, the ending of The Dead fits well with the montage of the living and the dead, though that stuff hanging on Ray's face sure wasn't snow. Like everyone else, I am mystified that folks in Queens are upset about their neighbor running a chainsaw all night, and floodlights in the backyard, too. I hope this show returns to LA next season. NYC is just not the place for it. I was constantly amazed how these family members knew spots all over the five boroughs (meet me on Constance St.), having not lived there previously. Anyone I've met from the City knows their neighborhood, maybe their borough, but are lost like any other person elsewhere.
  11. crookedjackson44

    S06.E11: Never Gonna Give You Up

    Two consecutive weeks of touchbacks to the late 1980's. Dirty Dancing and Rick Ashley were nearly simultaneous in time and alike in pop culture. Sandy gets the best lines! Smitty Donovan! The car scene was pretty good.
  12. crookedjackson44

    S06.E10: Baby

    At this rate, we need a Ray Donovan/Homeland mashup, in order to reach peak preposterousness. Ray starts fixing problems for the President of the United States, while having a bondage themed affair with Carrie, while they join forces to put away a case of Jameson a day. Bridget and her coke dealing BF become Carrie's live in nannies. Bunchy becomes Secret Service Agent with a permanent Bring Your Daughter to Work day. Terry stages bare knuckle fights in the Rose Garden. Mick becomes White House Press Secretary, and regularly pulls hold ups on network new personalities. This is a great idea! Showtime, make it happen! Happy New Year everybody!
  13. crookedjackson44

    S06.E10: Baby

    This may have been the best episode on this show in a long time. There was a great bit of tension and drama and action. Bridget gagged is the best treat we've had in quite a while. Still, it is preposterous. Ray jumps through a second-story window onto a concrete street and picks himself up and runs away, avoiding cops shooting at him. The boys beat the hell out of one cop and Mickey kills another one, with impunity. And we have to suffer through snippets of Dirty Dancing.
  14. crookedjackson44

    S06.E09: Dream On

    Can someone actually have the Parkinson's beaten back into him?
  15. crookedjackson44

    S06.E06: A Girl Named Maria

    So this show posits that the NYPD are entirely corrupt and used as tools for politicians, but they are also so incompetent that they can't find two bank robbers who identified themselves to numerous witnesses and drove a canary yellow crossover. Stupid, stupid, stupid. Ray should take the cop's advice and get out; then Lena can go to work for Sam, and we have a new show! (the Donovans all disappear, though Ray can come back for cameos).