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  1. TimetoShine

    White and Black Hats: Punisher In The Media

    Canceled guys. No 3rd season. Link
  2. TimetoShine

    Falling Water

    I didn’t know it was cancelled and it doesn’t look like it was posted in this thread so (for those who also didn’t know): cancelled.
  3. TimetoShine

    S01.E11: A Seat at the Table

    I love the lead but the show is starting to lose me. Bloom is too much.
  4. TimetoShine

    Surviving R. Kelly

    Apparently, streaming of his music went up after the first night.
  5. TimetoShine

    Surviving R. Kelly

    This is stunning. I’m thinking the people ego have enabled him should be punished right along with him but to bad family member of a victim and still work with him?!👎
  6. TimetoShine

    Surviving R. Kelly

    I’m stunned because I had no idea he was on trial and that these things were happening. Although I wasn’t a huge fan, as a kid (a little black girl) I sang along to “Step in the Name of Love” and etc. I’m horrified and disgusted that so many people were around and helping him abuse girls that were my age.
  7. TimetoShine

    Citizen Z's Updates: Z Nation In The Media

    SYFY shows don’t go beyond 5 seasons so no surprise. My best to the cast and crew. Hopefully they knew for a while and didn’t find out during this holiday season.
  8. TimetoShine

    Season Five Episode Talk

    This. Same here. When the camera pans to her plate of barely eaten food, I wonder how she can provide any opinions on any of it. Maybe she doesn’t want people to see her eat but it is very weird.
  9. TimetoShine


    @McMarty Since the Director doesn’t send 001 back, 001 can’t do the experiments or whatever that injured Marcy. Marcy was a nurse before 001 screwed her up and over.
  10. TimetoShine


    Exactly what I was thinking. I got to that episode and turned the show off CH usually plays the same character and one that I never like.
  11. TimetoShine

    S04.E01: Cake and Pastry Week

    I feel bad because I couldn’t stop staring at Sherry’s teeth.
  12. TimetoShine

    Christmas Cookie Challenge

    This one was pretty lame. Of the final 3, only Aaron’s seemed like a mostly complete piece. I did think the judge in the middle was extra nasty. She just had a negative attitude throughout most of it.
  13. TimetoShine

    Holiday Gingerbread Showdown

    Latest episode: lady who wanted to make it seem like she would compete in 6” heels had me rolling my eyes. Thay said, I think she should have won. Yes, Beatriz’s design was technically beautiful but I don’t think she nailed the theme.
  14. TimetoShine

    Van Helsing

    I did see this part and it was nice but I'm just over Vanessa and it' a shame because she's the lead.
  15. TimetoShine

    Van Helsing

    I got through the latest episode in 5 min. Ask me how.