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  1. SnoGirl

    S4.E10 All That Hard Glossy Armor

    I guess it depends on what the monster knows-doesn’t it have access to Eliot’s memories? So really, do we know if Eliot knew everything about Julia? I guess too that I’m just trying to follow all the threads. They did such a great job last season, I have faith everything is going to come back together.
  2. SnoGirl

    S4.E10 All That Hard Glossy Armor

    Because we’re in a season where body-snatching monsters is a thing, I’m now concerned
  3. SnoGirl

    S01.E16: Greenlight

    I am really disappointed they killed off the Captain. Like, I don’t know if I want to keep watching. And I double hated the whole undercover IA thing, because the entire time I thought it was a set-up, that she was going to be fine. They went too big telling us at the beginning of all the things IA did to set-up gotchas. I kept thinking “okay, IA is going to jump out...now!” I also thought the Captain and Nolan were going to be an endgame couple so that’s disappointing too. I hope her replacement is another woman. I did like the Lawyer and Lopez storyline. I thought their story was nicely done-although I’m surprised at how long after the Captain was killed that he found out/called her. He’d have connections, he would have found out quickly. I think they missed an opportunity to have the training officers at Nolan’s place. I liked that the Rookies showed up, but I’m suprised we didn’t get the Training Officers there too. It would have been nice to see a concerned conversation between Lopez, Bradford and Bishop about what they would do or how they would keep their Rookies safe. I like when we see them discuss their teaching techniques. Bummer episode though. It’ll be hard to come back from this one.
  4. So I finished watching it. I do think the Russos made some interesting color choices-all repeats of the Stone Colors everywhere, and I thought a very saturated blatant use of them too. Thor always had a lot of blues no matter where he was. Not to mention how sad he was all movie-feeling “blue” about the destruction of what was left of his family. There was always lots of yellow around Vision especially during the first ambush in Scotland-even the alien who attacked Vision had yellow in his outfit. The brain scan thing of Vision’s brain Shuri was using on her computer was yellow too. Gamora always had oranges and reds, and Thanos always had purple. However, the color theory doesn’t really fit with Strange. Other than the green at the beginning of the movie, green was absent in the movie. Especially when I noticed the lack of green after the first fight in New York, it stuck out more than Blue with Thor. Once Strange went to space, the only time you saw green was with him was when he was checking all the timelines and when he plucked the stone from where he hid it. Everything else was so orange. There was green on earth, but no green lights in Space. Green in Wakanda, but with the fighting and blue Wakandan Shields, the green didn’t stand out as much as the other Infinity Stones colors throughout the rest of the movie. It makes you wonder about how green is such an Earth color and that it has to do with the Time Stone...and no Green Hulk-just makes me wonder if we’ll get a lot of green in End Game.
  5. SnoGirl

    Captain Marvel (2019)

    I was the poster who called Carol joyful. I was referring to her excitement and her reactions to her powers-although looking back at my post I could have been more clear about that. She was whooping and celebrating as she was flying about-and I really liked that. How many of our heroes look at their powers with regret or don’t want them anymore? I liked that Carol wanted to use them and not even knowing what she was really capable of, trusted them to get the job done. Mile may vary though-I went in with low expectations and loved the movie. Definitely top five Marvel Movies for me. I was coming here to post I went and saw the movie again-loved it just as much as the first time I saw it. Knowing the ending this time around, the gaslighting by Jude Law was super noticable this time. “Trust me,” “tell me if your dream changed,” “abuse your powers and off to the Supreme Intelligence,” and so on and so forth. Even in the phone once, Carol looked so shamed at what he was saying to her-just really felt like classic emotional abuse tactics. Also, that the Skrull were never really trying to kill Carol in that first fight on their ship, they all had the taser sticks but never guns. I hope Captain Marvel gets some sequels. They definitely set-up at least one more movie. And I hope Maria and Monica would be back. I wonder if Monica went the scientist or engineer route. Can anyone who read the comics spoil me? I really hope we see pair again in future movies. Maybe Monica is a spy like Fury. That would be cool too.
  6. I havent watched Infinity Stones in awhile, but now I wonder if color is treated the same through the rest of the movie. Gamora had orange like the stone, I wonder if other characters were bathed in the light of the stone they were connected to throughout the story. Might have to rewatch to see if they go that far. Edit: so I started rewatching Infinity Wars, and the coloring has to be deliberate. The opening with Thor, Loki, and the Space Stone is so blue you can’t miss it. Where the ship is in space-blue. Lights in the ship-blue. Blue reflected in Loki’s face, Thor’s face and then arms when Loki is killed. Even as the ship explodes in purple lights from Thanos, dead Loki and Thor are still bathed in blue light. I’m at the first battle in NY, where Strange has the Time Stone and everything is green. Strange’s house-green, the roof was green on the house, the inside was lots of emeralds. Lingering shots on trees-super green. Banner, who ironically can’t turn green gets dropped into a green park where Tony shortly follows. I’m going to keep watching, I’m sure we’ll see more blues, reds, greens and yellows as Thanos gets more stones.
  7. SnoGirl

    Captain Marvel (2019)

    That article perfectly sums up my feels. It even talks about my favorite Avenger, Peggy Carter and I absolutely loved it. Now I wish we would have seen 90s Peggy Carter’s reaction to Carol. I think she would have been more than pleased-she could have been in Fury’s office at the end. It would have been another fun cameo.
  8. SnoGirl

    Captain Marvel (2019)

    Okay-I’ll give you Maria Hill. But on Shield, they have made it pretty clear May has been around as long as Coulson. It could have been a line-less role-she could have been running around. I’ll take quality and quantity for women in movies. Surfers-two male and a female. Parking lot security guard-male. Shield boss-male. Shield agents-mostly male, counted two females. Carol did fight the old lady, who then turned into a male. Were the Skrull all male in the first part of the movie? I think they were. Medical examiner-male. Bartender-male. Voice at Pegasus base-male. Guard at Pegasus-male (was there a female? I can’t remember). Neighbor at Maria’s-male with his unseen male sons. I dont think we ever saw Carol’s Mom-just her Dad yelling at her. Go-carting with boys. Baseball with boys. Ronan and his first mate. I love this movie. And I think a point could have still been made about how Carol had been held back her whole life with more females in the movie. Once you start watching action movies realizing there’s always more males than females, you can’t stop seeing it. The same goes for how many white actors there are versus people of color actors there are. I once counted first and second tier characters in Marvel and color coded it-it was overwhelmingly white and male. Black Panther and Captain Marvel are a start, but Marvel can still do better. And I’m kinda frustrated you brought up the Bechdel Test. I don’t think passing the Bechdel Test has anything to do with my point of more women in the movie, and it also shouldn’t have been a surprise that the movie did pass it. There were no love relationships in this movie. It would have been easier for more women to talk to each other if there were, you know, more women in the movie. “And they pulled off the tricky challenge of determinedly passing the Bechdel Test without drawing attention to the fact that they were attempting to do so.” Attempting to pass it without drawing attention they were trying? Um, what? Women do talk about more things then men. And obviously Maria and Carol had more important things to talk about their love life.
  9. SnoGirl

    Captain Marvel (2019)

    I loved it. Joyful, sarcastic bad ass who did what was right even if its the hard, impossible choice. I cannot get over how joyful Carol was. She loved her powers. I also loved that Carol never apologized-for anything. She never said “sorry” and I loved it. Gah. The smile line killed me. As did “I dont have to prove myself to you.” I cant wait for the giphys for this movie. Higher Further Faster baby! I loved all the relationships. I loved all the secondary characters. I loved that the movie let us decide about Carol’s flashbacks, we never saw a whole one other than the plane crash, and I really liked that. It was enough to see how much of a fighter Carol had always been. I cried seeing her standing up over and over again, along with making the choice to not give up over and over again. I have two minor complaints. The movie was so dang dark. Space does not mean darkness. Lighten up those fight scenes. Secondly-would it have killed Marvel to have more women in this movie? I had the same complaint of Wonder Woman. Both were part of teams made of mostly men. Secondary characters were mostly men. Tell me why Melinda May or Maria Hill couldnt have been some of the Shield Agents running around? It would be nice if someday the number of men/women in action movies would ever have more women than men. That said-I can NOT wait for Carol to destroy Thanos. The “Where’s Fury” line had quite the punch to it. Thanos is so screwed I can’t wait. They better not dampen Carol’s powers in End Game. Edit to say I LOVE that Fury named the Avengers after Carol. I better see Carol say something to Fury in End Game about that. Really, I loved all the prequel Easter Eggs, but that one the most!
  10. SnoGirl

    In Memoriam: Celebrity Deaths

    Ditto to both. My Mom works at a hospital, and talks about that golden hour with strokes. With every passing day and no update about tPa (a stroke procedure), I took massive stroke to be just catastrophic. Just like Carrie Fisher, I knew it wasnt going to be good. I feel awful for Luke’s family-he was so young. I also feel terrible for Riverdale. Luke and KJ had such a believable relationship as father and son. The cast and crew must be devastated. This is going to be a massive blow to the show.
  11. SnoGirl

    The Umbrella Academy

    I went back and forth with Luther from liking him to wanting to reach through my tv and shake him. Like, I loved that once he had proof of Ben, he included Ben in their final decision to time travel. Or his physical comedy whenever he really didnt fit in a space. But hated his choices as a leader, and as a brother. Man, locking up Vanya was just a brutal decision. The fight at the StarLight was my favorite. Klaus chucking the cake was fantastic, and the group run down the lanes was something I want a giphy of. I also loved that Ben let all his siblings pass him before bringing up the rear when they were behind the pins. Although I am real curious to how Luther fit through the pins. Also-I dont want to repeat the discussion on Reginald, but why didnt he use Allison to dampen Vanya’s powers or even say somethings like “I heard a rumor you never want to kill someone OR you want to learn how to use your power OR you are a happy person.” Hell, Reginald could have mind whammied all of them with Allison. He could have made Klaus not fear his powers, make Ben more reluctant to use his, gotten rid of Diego’s stutter, or made Luther the leader he always wanted. I wonder if Togo cautioned Reginald from doing that after Vanya. I’m dying to know how next season is going to go. Are we going to see the kids making better choices and then seeing different adults? Is there going to be a paradox if they go back and time where they should be or body jump back with the knowledge they know-I realized watching on repeat that Five always landed where he hadnt been the first time around so no paradoxes, just lost time for his siblings. Will they know what happened in the past and make different choices? Will they remember how Ben died to try and stop it? Are we going to get this year repeated-lead up to Vanya and her concert? Will they be chased down by the Commission if they succeed going back in time? I hope Allison is the key to saving Vanya. I just have so many questions....
  12. SnoGirl

    Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. in the Media

    I used to work at a movie theater for years-our summer season always started May 1st. Those May movies would be considered the first wave of the craziness for the summer. Our boss would be all over us in my college years to let her know when we were done with finals so she would know how much summer help she should hire. Plus, it was how the newbies knew if they could cut it for the summer-survive May and you’re good for summer. I’m excited for May. Plus the Melinda May jokes for their Twitter writes themselves. Month of May if you will 😂
  13. SnoGirl

    The Umbrella Academy

    I noticed that last night as I was rewatching the show already. They definitely time-traveled. The same blue appeared around them as Klaus’ time-traveling. Also, in the last episode it really assumed me that Klaus, Allison, and Five all kept their bowling shoes on for the rest of the episode. I kept trying to see if Luther or Diego had them on too (I dont think Diego did, but I never clearly saw their feet). I wish Ben would have had them on. Speaking of Ben, I thought it was interesting in some of the earlier episodes, he was reading a book. So, he could hold that and Klaus never noticed. It was right there. Also, a huge spoiler in episode three for the end of the show:
  14. SnoGirl

    The Umbrella Academy

    I wasn’t too sure about this show at first-especially Luther. He just looked so ridiculous. I’m glad I stuck it out-I loved it. It was like Sense8 and League of Extraordinary Gentlemen and Watchman had a wild night out together and produced this. I liked the aesthetic of the show too. Man, the siblings are all messed up. The entire time I was like “you need therapy, and you need therapy and you need therapy and you need....” Loved everyone’s growth. I can’t wait until more of you have finished your binge to talk more about them. I liked not being spoiled for this-Even looking online, I couldnt find a whole lot to get spoiled on (I’m weak). I hope Netflix renews for a second season. I really want to see where the siblings end up. None of the episodes felt like fillers and the story kept moving from beginning to end. Spoilers for those done:
  15. SnoGirl

    Toy Story 4 (2019)

    I think its the same Bo too. And I’m interested how they explain her change bc she was a porcelain doll wasn’t she? I know they’ll probably handwave it but it would be a nice callback if they at least joke about her change of appearance.