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  1. Andyourlittledog2

    S09.E05: Shutting Down

    Brianna: Renting a house with electricity and satellite TV is not 'camping'. These girls, I swear. Kaiser was the saddest thing I've ever seen on this show. Poor little thing.
  2. Andyourlittledog2

    S09.E04: Don't Wanna Go Home

    I totally believe the original 911 call was legit and the new story is an obvious coverup to protect David and her current living situation. I just don't think Jenelle can ever admit that David was a big mistake and that she needs to leave him. I think she is so invested and would feel humiliated if she were shown to be wrong about him. She seems completely emotionally dependent on him also. He is such a textbook controlling abuser. He has manipulated her right where he wants her. She is a terrible person but I wouldn't wish that on anyone.
  3. That's because they have to fact-check everything he says against the studio cctv footage. Yep, we're doomed.
  4. Andyourlittledog2

    Morning Joe: All Episodes Talk

    Mika accused Mary Kissel of having a secret undisclosed 'Never Trump' agenda coming on the show this morning and it was the weirdest thing I have EVER seen Mika do. She was amazingly rude and confrontational about it. It was like she thought Mary was trying to undermine Trump and Mika was. not. having. it. You'd think Mary had attacked one of Mika's kids. I never saw anything like it. I don't even like Mary and I was shocked and totally with her on this one. Mika was insane. I keep trying to figure out why I loathe Mika so much underneath the obvious reasons and I think it's because she is not very smart but puts on that she is. She never has her own opinions and analysis she simply listens to others and then mimics what they say. Because she does that she can never go any deeper or really answer questions or ask intelligent questions because she has no idea why she holds these opinions - they aren't hers in the first place. This is very obvious when you watch her over time. This may be why this morning was so bizarre. I think we just saw Mika have her own opinion and it wasn't pretty. It was straight up middle school level attitude. No wonder she likes Trump. And in other news, I have a note for Joe and Mika: Not everything is about YOU. Not everything is about how you FEEL or what you SAID or who comes up to you and WHISPERS in your ear on the street. I do not tune in to be lectured for hours about how RIGHT you always are about EVERYTHING. We have Glenn Beck for that. You, sir and madam, are rank amateurs in comparison. Yesterday we actually got the 'we didn't go to Trump's hotel suite to watch the results that one time like it was reported, how dare they say that!' lecture again, out of absolutely no where. Joe just brought it up apropos of nothing and Mika sat up straighter and they went off on this weird tangent as though anyone cared yesterday what they did that one night weeks (months?) ago. And then lectured us about how right they are about Trump but aren't 'for Trump', they just feel that it is important to report back to us how amazing he is and how he will win no matter what. All the time, every day, they must remind us of this. But that doesn't mean they support him or like him. They just needed us to know that. Again. They are really pushing this theory that if a billionaire who usually acts like a spoiled toddler can suddenly stop farting and whining and shouting for five minutes then that is an amazing achievement and we should all be suitably impressed. If Trump were actually two years old I would be. I think he's sixty-nine, so, not so much, no.
  5. I've always loved Kornacki but he needs to calm the eff down. He is starting to sound like a little yapping dog, talking a mile a minute nonstop about the delegate counts and poll numbers without taking a breath. "That gives us 56 but if you then add 25 and take away 13 you get 74 but add in 120 and move over here to 96 and take away 22 and 88 and suddenly you have Texas!" as he madly circles numbers on a big board and looks wild-eyed at the camera. "Which is why Clinton is down 17 in the polls but up 12 in this other poll but Trump gains ground in this third poll and Sanders drew a big crowd on Friday but his number is down 9 here but up 18 there which gives us a net gain of Indiana!" Steve catches his breath because he is at the center of effing history and math is hard, yo! It's all so exhausting and pointless. Calm down, Steve. The numbers will change in three days time and you'll just start this all over again and every thing you said today won't be worth anything at all. Don't get so worked up over it. Meanwhile, the panels are now almost completely devoid of any progressive voices. The old usual panelists have been almost entirely replace with new pundits I've either never heard of because they are the second generation of politicians and pundits spawn (famous folks kids getting a golden hand into the big leagues) and just out of school it looks like, or old GOP regulars taking a break from their usual Fox news gigs. If there are five people on a panel you can almost guarantee that four of them will be GOP. It'd be really refreshing if any of these people would talk about something that isn't completely poll-based for a change. I love a good poll as much as the next person but it's completely out of hand. It's at CNN levels at this point. I'm waiting for the MSNBC election night hologram reporter to be unveiled before November. And then their conversion into a CNN/Fox hybrid will be complete. .
  6. MSNBC seems hellbent on showing big protests in Miami to the Cuba visit . They have a chyron ready for it that they display and keep sending this poor man (Gabe Gutierrez?) around to find these massive protests to report on. They've been doing it all day. So far: a couple dozen people protested for a short time this morning then went home. Almost no one else Gabe interviews has a problem with the Cuba visit. It totally throws whichever anchor is talking to Gabe at the moment and the chyron still shows 'Protests' as though protests were happening. Sorry MSNBC. The people aren't doing what you thought they would and your news agenda is a little out of date. It's 1:45 pm on the West Coast now. I wonder if they'll go back to Gabe AGAIN and ask about all the protesters. I wouldn't put it past them. This channel really made a sea change to the right, didn't it? I mean more than I realized it had. Most of the interviewees are republican operatives and pundits, most of the subject matter is republican talking points without much push back -- and now they are hoping and pushing for anti-Obama protests that barely exist. I mean, they really really want these protests. Gah.
  7. I turned my TV on yesterday and they were talking to Omarosa again. Seriously!!! WTF? These people. Anyway, I immediately changed to CNN. Oy. That was so much worse I couldn't keep watching it. Or I should say I had to change channels before I slipped into a coma. MSNBC is annoying as hell right now but they are colorful and excited. The hosts and the guests tend to be passionate and interested and even when I want to smack them I can say they were not boring to watch, usually. Then I turn to CNN and it's like I tuned in to a sleep disorder channel. Boring monochrome droning along in a droning monotone. Five people on screen in five separate boxes and every one of them talking...like....this...in...a....grey...low....mono.....zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz CNN is no alternative. Fox is out of the question. I guess I'm stuck with MSNBC even though they are driving me nuts. As for BW, his hosting is so shallow and lightweight and pointless 90 percent of the time I hear him now. He is the king of the meaningless banal commentary. Gawd, make him stop. /end whiny rant
  8. Yeah, Craig and Joy are pretty good interviewers when they get the chance. Kate Snow, Chuck Todd, et al just let things go by without comment or followup most of the time. And don't even get me started on Katy Tur and Hallie Jackson. When those two are asked what's happening on the campaign trail they respond almost uncritically, like they we're just checking in with the true believers but calling them 'journalists'. I can't with them. Morning Joe for five hours today (until 2pm PT) should be illegal. I cannot believe that happened. Sigh. I guess today is the day we will find out who we are fighting in the fall: the Goa'uld or the Ori. (Stargate geek reference, alarmingly on point.)
  9. I think the problem with the Democratic polling numbers is that Sanders' supporters skew so young and millenials tend not to get polled due to their use of cell phones instead of land lines, more than other age groups. I remember this was a problem last cycle too, but this time it is probably much much worse for polling. So when all these unpolled voters show up and actually vote the results startle everyone. And since the news refuses to talk about anything except Trump rallies and who's polling at what numbers the coverage is pretty dismally unhelpful in understanding anything going on in the real world. I've noticed that almost no one asks follow up questions. They ask something or bring up a subject, the candidate spews forth some blather or other that raises all kinds of questions,but the interviewer simply drops it entirely and goes on to the next talking point. No second question, no follow up clarifications. Rarely anyway. I realize the standard Republican response to follow ups is either stonewalling by repeating the same vague talking point or aggression toward the interviewer, but they've just given up entirely on pinning anyone down on facts any more. We live in a fact-free society now. Thank you Fox News and talk radio. The only thing these folks now believe absolutely is conspiracy theories and everything is Obama's fault. All other information is flexible depending upon whether it supports their already written in stone world view. Facts and the real world have no place in their politics any longer. But the news folks should still TRY. They abdicated. And I for one am sick of MSNBC broadcasting live every time Trump farts someplace. But he's news! they insist. I say they are feeding the beast and creating the news and they should be ashamed. There aren't many real journalists left in television any more. It's all about entertainment now. And MSNBC has totally embraced this philosophy. I am pissed beyond belief that I have to spend this political season with no channel to watch for anything close to reasonable political news. MSNBC has betrayed the left-to-moderate viewer. They may as well call themselves Fox Lite.
  10. Andyourlittledog2

    Morning Joe: All Episodes Talk

    They'll have to fight Omarosa to the death for any position in the Trump administration until she finally gets one. God, I simply cannot believe how much air time MSNBC is giving that vile creature. She is a stone cold narcissistic sociopath, much like Trump himself. I imagine Trump's top positions will go to his awful family members and former Apprentice famewhores. That's probably why he refuses to assemble any teams yet. He knows we'd all lose our minds when he announces who he picks to advise him on important subjects. MJ works fine when they critically analyze the Republican political situation and it reminds me why I bother to DVR this thing and catch up with it. They were good a couple mornings ago. But when it just becomes Repub talking points and bullshit of the day, with Mika clutching pearls and preening and Joe beating his chest and pontificating, then they lose me completely. Then they are a waste of air.
  11. Andyourlittledog2

    S01.E01: Pilot

    When you're at a party, and everyone is getting drunk and loaded they are having a fine ol time. You know who isn't? The one who is sober. That's how I felt the entire two hours I wasted on watching this pilot. I felt like the only sober person at a party watching everyone else get wasted and laugh hilariously at themselves over stupid shit that isn't funny when the high wears off. And I didn't find a single person in the entire thing that I remotely liked and could 'root' for. Disappointed. Also, the building collapse scene was ridiculous. I thought it was a metaphor for his internal meltdown but no, it was literal. Six stories fell on him, he dusts himself off and walks down the street, just fine. Sigh. I'm out.
  12. I remember Tyler was working for Santorum in 2012 so he's been around a while. I think he's a true believer and honestly I don't mind him much. I think he's honest and not just talking points guy. It's just that his point of view is a Santorum/Cruz worldview. I've heard him give his honest opinions whether they conform to the repub/tea party talking points plenty of times. That is much better than most of these people on the repub side who seem to have a memorized list of points to get across no matter what the subject or question is. I also doubt he was the actual dirty tricks guy on Cruz' campaign, he just took the fall for it like a good soldier. The last thing, the thing he got sacked for, he wasn't the one who made the mistake on the captioning and when it was pointed out he apologized and took it down immediately. That's very different from the other two dirty tricks Cruz's campaign staff perpetrated. Tyler's was a real mistake not of his own intentional making, the other two were very purposeful. I can't believe I'm defending a Cruz or Santorum campaign guy but honestly he seems straight to me, always had done. Wrongheaded but comes by it honestly.
  13. Andyourlittledog2

    S32.E03: The Circle Of Life

    I don't know why they bother any more. This has been the entire synopsis of each week's episode in my cable guide for a decade. Just once I'd like to see, 'Giant alligator eats contestant! Find out which one!' Eh, maybe this will be the season...
  14. Andyourlittledog2

    S01.E01: Pilot

    So....we're pretending we can't do a quick DNA analysis and figure this out in the first fifteen minutes of the pilot? I want to want to watch this but the premise, in the current state of science, seems a little silly. Unless it's a throwback to some pre-DNA available era. Anybody know how they resolve this pretty obvious issue up front?
  15. Andyourlittledog2

    Morning Joe: All Episodes Talk

    Aw, thanks Oakville. You're doing God's work. I too got the distinct impression that Joe and Mika's outrage over the KKK situation with Trump was for show. Almost everything Joe said about it he reflected back onto himself as the honest broker and truth teller about Trump and how this proves he is not in the bag for Trump. He is very transparent. Now that Trump said he 'couldn't hear properly due to the ear mic 'they gave me'' I wonder if Joe will consider this an acceptable excuse and go back to being his cheerleader again. Tomorrow morning should be quite interesting. I also loved the way Mika read Joe's piece in the Washington Post with such a sense of righteous indignation, a real 'see?! we're criticizing Trump! We are not compromised!' manner. She always reads with that nineteenth century schoolmarm 'why I never!' tone of voice too. She never stops sucking no matter what she is doing. It's kinda amazing how terrible she is at her one job. Blegh. Mika. I usually don't mind Schmidt but his attitude this morning was ridiculous. I was really startled at how aggressively he was putting forth his nonsensical rewriting of history today. For the first time I really disliked him, and quite a lot too. I don't think I will view his participation on this show or other panels the same way ever again. He was just so....hostilely wrongheaded.