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  1. MDL

    S16. E13. She

    I'm confused: did those notebooks contain Ziva's notes about her first case, this case, or every case she worked on throughout her time at NCIS, or even before? Also-she obviously returned to the "secret office" during the time frame of this case, but how did she know about the discovery of her secret office? ( I'd guess the lady who owned it called her) ???
  2. MDL

    S09.E09: Adaptation

    I missed the very end of the previous episode, where Jesus was killed, and the beginning of this episode, where they began transporting his body "back home". My question: What was done, if anything, to keep him from turning into a walker?
  3. MDL

    MacGyver (2016)

    IIRC, when Jack told Mac that he was going on this assignment, didn't he mention his replacement, referring to the replacement as a "she"???
  4. MDL

    S09.E12: Milestones

    I also like Baker. As far as the detective/receptionist balance, a cop friend who watches the show told me that it is smart to have an armed, trained detective in that role because "she is the last line of defense for the PC, if things go horribly wrong." While I think that hie words were a bit over dramatic, in this day and age, maybe not.
  5. MDL

    S16. E09. Tailing Angie

    This seems like a major change in both cut and color. I've missed the last 3 weeks due to work. Is this the first appearance of the new "do" and color?
  6. MDL

    S09.E7 By Hook or By Crook

    Thanks to all for the info. I gotta get home from work more quickly!
  7. MDL

    S09.E7 By Hook or By Crook

    I'm confused! (not unusual) :) Wasn't the Lou Diamond Phillips (Delgado?)character killed in an earlier episode? I confess that missed the first 8-10 minutes, so they may contain the "cure" to my confusion.
  8. MDL

    S09.E4: Blackout

    I think that Erin's boss is a first class dick. She may have disobeyed an order, but her reasoning was consistent with the philosophy shown on the show. His "I collect with interest" comment came across (to me) as a thinly veiled threat. Also, if he follows through, how long will he last with Frank, Danny, etc. watching over their daughter/sister??
  9. MDL

    S16. E01. Destiny's Child

    I thought I heard the fake CIA guy say, as he covered Vance, "this one has a firing pin". (Somehow I messed up with the quote button)
  10. MDL

    S03. E12. Bonzo 2018.07.18

    Questions: when Kynes viewed the video(?) of the pod soldiers getting killed by the invisible opponents, it looked like there was a figure looking at the 2 dead bodies. 1) Was there, or did I "miss see"?? 2) Did that individual bear a resemblance to "Her?"- the person Kynes went to see, (needing a face mask/respirator, by the way) and came out burned/branded and puking? 3) What are those thongs supposed to be? I know that I missed a few episodes, but damn this is fragmented storytelling.
  11. MDL

    S03.E07 A Clean, Well-Lighted Place 2018.06.13

    I agree about feeling that I missed something plot wise. While work schedules made me miss 2 eps, I did check recaps, but... That said, I felt like the plot had cycled back to square one-Will doing detective work, Bram running under the radar, and Katie, well just being Katie. There is a lot more, but it felt a bit like a "retred".
  12. MDL

    S15.E24: Date with Destiny

    I don't think that Gibbs and Vance were looking for something that would hold up in any court except their own- the court of "vengence for killed family members".
  13. MDL

    S03.E04: Hospitium

    Wow, 12 hrs later and nothing....anyhow,my question: Was the camp that Amy and Broussard entered at the end of the episode the same camp that "Sawyer and family" were being held at,? It looked similar, but it was all shot up. I might have missed a few minutes of the episode (damn work calls), but I thought that I was following the story line, so: did I miss a battle, was it offscreen, or was there a time jump?
  14. MDL

    Season 9 Talk

    Gee a cliffhanger....who dies,who survives....how creative....NOT. Also, not that I'm an expert, IMO based on the size/violence of the explosion, the fire, the rollovers, etc. Nobody could survive that IRL.
  15. As soon as Pride said that he was going upstairs to change, I waited for the shots to ring out.(no kidding :) ) I was surprised when they showed the shooter, but had we seen her before (can't always watch due to work schedule), and did it look like she was injured/beaten???