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  1. Babalu

    Empire in the Media: Read It In Billboard

    I agree that this will result in making racists/homophobes discredit or downplay other incidents of hate speech and action, and that’s probably the worst thing about it. I just think - or, at least, fervently hope - that there’s more to the story than just a hoax (blackmail? Who knows? - it’s irresponsible of me to even speculate).
  2. Babalu

    Empire in the Media: Read It In Billboard

    I hate this, too. I’m still on Jussie’s side in terms of believing there are possible extenuating circumstances that led to it and sympathizing with whatever he’s been going through. Until a day or two ago, I still believed he could have been the victim of an unprovoked attack even after the two witnesses-now-attackers said he instigated it - because why would they be more credible than he is? But when I read his lawyers were defense attorneys, I had to admit it looks terrible. I truly hope charges aren’t filed against him, but even if there are no legal repercussions, he may very well have compromised his reputation and his career. I hope he can recover from this.
  3. Babalu

    S04.E13: I Have to Get Out

    Yes, he has. I follow him on Twitter and he’s posted a number of times about his workout routine, personal trainer, and other changes - I think he stopped drinking and may have made dietary changes, but I can’t remember for sure.
  4. Babalu

    S04.E13: I Have to Get Out

    The three musketeers are Athos, Porthos, and Aramis, Nathaniel. D’Artagnan is probably the most important character in the books, but he joins the original three later. Sorry, just had to be pedantic for a moment. I love Nathaniel and hope Rebecca ends up with him.
  5. Babalu

    S06.E05: A Tale of Two Bandits

    Before I watched the episode, I saw screenshots on Twitter of Jake standing in front of a giant photo of Doug Judy and thought, “Naw, they did NOT kill off Doug Judy!” I thought it was a misdirect and am so glad I was right. I’ve been lukewarm about Craig Robinson in other things (mostly The Office), but I love him in this role and am always excited about the episode that features him - and agree with others that once a season is perfect.
  6. Babalu

    Homepage Missing Shows

    Just to clarify because I want to make sure I understand my home page. If we follow a Forum in Beyond TV Shows, that will show up on our home page. However, if we want to follow only a few Topics within that Forum, it won’t be on the home page so we should go to the Followed Content page to see those topics. Is that right? Second, a possible tip for other users: I found a few shows I thought I’d followed but were not on my home page. When I clicked on them, I found I’d mistakenly checked the box marked “Follow + Immediate Notification,” rather than “Follow without notification.” Once I changed this, the show was on my home page (need to refresh or leave page/come back before it shows up). Finally, will it be possible in the future to unfollow Forums in Beyond TV Shows? For example, I’d rather not have Comic Books under Pop Culture appear on my home page, but there’s no unfollow button now. Thanks! I think everyone has done a terrific job and been very patient and helpful.
  7. Babalu

    S06.E02: Hitchcock & Scully

    He was also on Season 22 of Survivor (Redemption Island a.k.a. the one that Boston Rob won) using his real name of Matthew Wyatt Elrod. I had to look him to remember this, but he was the Christian guy who had a mild flirtation with Andrea Boehlke.
  8. Babalu

    S07.E01: All Stars Goes Global

    Did I see Christian Borle? Now I can’t wait - though he appears to be in his Willy Wonka costume & I hate Willy Wonka. (Disclaimer: didn’t see the Broadway show, only the Gene Wilder and Johnny Depp movies.)
  9. Babalu

    God Friended Me

    He had kept a small share in the construction project, which he was presumably counting on to increase in value so he could start paying off loans and use it as a seed for future projects. He sold it (to the bank?), so now I guess he has less than nothing but at least won’t go to jail.
  10. Babalu

    God Friended Me

    Oh my, thanks. Those are the only two new shows I’m watching this year, and I did confuse them. They are mixed up in my brain because of all the NYC locales and because of the mystery at the heart of both.
  11. Babalu

    God Friended Me

    I’m not ready to give up on the show because it does have a sweetness about it, which we (at least I) need in these disturbing times, but I wish it wouldn’t be so predictable. Last week, I knew they were going to the Bethesda Fountain because of the statue and it’s association with Angels in America and because Ben and little Olive had gone there earlier in the episode. This week, before the reveals, I knew about (1) the Fibonacci sequence (thanks, Touch); (2) that Beaker was Jim Smith; (3) that Jim Smith was gay. Stop foreshadowing plot points, please, show.
  12. Babalu

    The Affair in the Media

    I’m reading it as saying that only Jenelle and Sierra will be back for Season 5. The article states that Vik was added as a series regular and Ben as a recurring star in Season 4, but it doesn’t indicate whether they’ll be in Season 5. Vik probably dies between seasons. I don’t see any reason for Ben to be back since Sarah Treem said none of the characters will ever know that Alison was murdered, so what purpose would he have? (Just my guesses.)
  13. Babalu

    Crazy Quotes: Body Rolls Are Hard

    I especially love this quote because Gabrielle Ruiz was in In the Heights - I think she joined the Broadway later in its run (not OBC), but I also think she was the first Crazy Ex-Girlfriend person who knew Lin-Manuel Miranda.
  14. Babalu

    S10.E01: I Love a Parade

    Oh, you’re right! Sorry!