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  1. And the saddest part is no amount of LVP's "manipulation" can do anything to de-stink Kyle and Rinna's shows. I mean, as far as I know no one has accused her of manipulating them into making crap shows, but give it time I guess? 😉 I think they must be seething with jealousy. She keeps winning and they don't.
  2. Lisa will not be fired if she doesn't attend the reunion -- she's far too valuable to the show. Andy has already laid the groundwork for excusing her by saying he thinks should should have taken the season off given everything she had going on in her life.
  3. I just looked at Teddi's twitter, and she posted texts where (presumably, because I can't see the name. Let's be honest, it's probably from Rinna's phone 😉 ) Blizzard says: "I'm just getting mixed messages Hahaha Like Lisa: Tell her Ken: Don't say anything!!!" And like Teddi, Blizzard is incapable of lying, right? The only person on this show who could ever possibly lie is LVP 😉 Blizzard's words and motives should never be questioned. At this point, I kinda hope Lisa did scheme to have Dorit outed. All the dumb dumbs and their - the truth! It's important! Tell the truth! So why the contradiction when it comes to telling the truth about Dorit? There's your truth, ladies, Dorit dumped a dog. (And her husband posted a picture of himself looking all sad and victimized -- by a 10 week old puppy. Beyond cringey.)
  4. I picture her, phone tucked between shoulder an ear, negotiating how much money she'll get for the scoop, while stuffing her HVC garments in padded envelopes to fulfill orders -- she's a hustler!
  5. And she keeps peppering that with "I don't lie; I never lie; never will you hear me tell a lie!" Well we're hearing you tell one now, bish. How about that?
  6. There's just something ott about the other ladies' reactions to all of this. Something is funky, but I don't think it's coming from Lisa. The sudden championing of Dorit -- our kids taught us how to get along, dontcha know. Mmmhmm. Rinna seemingly knowing what Lisa said and how she said it even though Rinna wasn't there. The second rate acting skills in the Vanderpump Dogs scene. It bears repeating that "ZOMG What Lisa DID!", if she did it, was to have someone else be publicly pissed at/shame Dorit, because Lisa didn't want to do it herself. That's such a nothingburger. The Todds and Kelmsleys have lots of old friends in common, and they don't want to rock the boat. Welcome to the world of interpersonal politics. A lot of this comes down to cultural differences I think. Frankly, between a bunch of English relatives and growing up a girl, that's basically my entire childhood -- never any direct confrontation, but sending and receiving messages nonetheless. And as an adult I find I much prefer that to having Erika growl in my face or Kyle and her hysterical yelling, but to each their own. Let's see those texts, but I don't see how that will change anything. If she finagled it so Dorit was exposed as a dog dumper, that's still fine with me. You don't want to get any heat for dumping a dog? Then don't dump a dog. Actions have consequences, even for Real Housewives. Oh well.
  8. This is such an excellent point, Langford Peel. If Lisa really is such a sneaky exposer of dirty laundry, why hasn't she brought (arranged to have brought up!) any of these stories. But not a single "Such an unfortunate thing about Mauricio being sued" or "Oh dear, well I know Erika and Tom will be alright in spite of this lawsuit" Or even. "Ken, can we lend our beloved PK and Dorit some money to help pay off their creditors? Such an unfortunate situation it is for the poor dears" But nothing. No wonder she's so choked about the whole thing, given what she actually knows and could be talking about.
  9. Hmm, IIRC Kyle's main concern about doggiegate was that the people in Beverly Hills are animal supporters and if they found out that Dorit abandoned a dog, her reputation would suffer. So, Kyle didn't want any of Lisa's backroom double dealing to cause the story to get outed because that would hurt Dorit. Meanwhile, Teddi agreed to out Dorit (which she claimed Lisa wanted her to do), then said she couldn't go through with it in the end, even though we saw her actually go through with it. But somehow Teddi is Lisa's victim. Rocket scientists these ladies are not. I'm now wondering if perhaps the Kyle and co did not expect Lisa to talk about doggiegate on camera. I mean they'd have a much stronger case for the conspiracy (to have someone else do the outing) had Lisa herself not brought it up. Drats, foiled again.
  10. The alleged set up was having the Dorit dog dumping story told on tv? Lisa wanted the story out there and didn't want to dirty her hands, so she wangled it so John would tell John who would tell Teddi and then Teddi (the setup-ee) would expose Dorit for abandoning her dog. Is that the gist of it? So, how do we reconcile this with the fact that Lisa and Ken discussed the dog situation with Dorit and PK with cameras rolling if LIsa didn't want the story known or if Lisa didn't want to be seen talking about Dorit giving the dog away? Lisa did talk about it. She did mention it. Lisa exposed it. Once it's been discussed on tv, it's officially no longer a secret, so there's genuinely no need for any backroom shenanigans designed to have it exposed. At the dinner with PK and Dorit (yes, I went to the tapes!), Lisa introduces the subject by saying: "Hey listen, I just want to clear this dog thing and then I want it to go away." The HWs conspiracy theory makes no sense because if your goal is to get a secret out because you don't want to be seen as the person who tells it (aka "doing the dirty work", and your methods are to manipulate someone else to expose it, you can't expose the secret yourself. That's got to be shenanigans rule number one. I do think there's a conspiracy here, but it's one that's come from a different source than Lisa. I sensed some bad acting as Kyle and Teddi were acting "surprised". At another time I noticed Rinna was imitating Lisa (voice and gestures) and somehow doing and saying exactly what Lisa did and said, even though Rinna wasn't there to see it.
  11. Exactly, express your judgmentless observation that more people are visibly representing their religious beliefs by wearing ashes on tv = fine. Giggle and eyeroll about it = not fine.
  12. "Zero and Never" - love! And the whole, dumb thing about all of it is if it even turns out to be true, Lisa's serious offense is getting Dorit's dog abandonment told as a story. Which she told the viewers at dinner with Dorit and PK on the very same episode. At some point reason and logic must start to factor in. It must, right? Sometime?
  13. Like she's master manipulated Radar online to say that she has never been a source for them. Obvi Radar Online must be lying about that because how would it fit the other HWs narrative that LVP manipulates and schemes and outs people if Radar online is telling the truth? (Sarcastifont!)
  14. Yes, she did, but what caused my excessive eye rolling was that did it like she was making some sort of stand for doing it. When really, as forty plus year old woman, there's no posturing required. It came across to me like she was wearing it less because she wanted to and more because she was making a statement about how Lisa will not decide what color Kyle wears. When that's really very -- duh.
  15. Kyle showing up there in a pink suit, wearing it like it was a brave act of defiance. (I noticed she was about to start in with the "You're not going to tell me what color I can wear", but was either interrupted, edited or thought better of it) What is wrong with this woman? Does she understand that she's not eight and Lisa is not her mom? That is correct Kyle, as a US citizen, you are free to wear whatever color you like. So bold that Kyle, such a hero standing up to the man like that.