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  1. Churchhoney

    Gimme That Old Time Religion

    Amen. Unfortunately, though, I expect that losing the accreditation would only improve the value of the degree in the eyes of some! (notably those who are most devoted to this kind of "thinking.") .....
  2. Churchhoney

    Gimme That Old Time Religion

    Thank goodness for people like you and Mr. lookeyloo. Very sad the way we continue to treat people. It'd be good if by some kind of process we were all forced to walk some miles in various other people's moccasins. It might change a few things.
  3. Churchhoney

    Gimme That Old Time Religion

    And here's MacArthur on what you do when your adult child comes out. .... He says it with a smile, in a smooth and polished voice, in a professionally produced slick video, in a room full of dark wood and polished brass, and while wearing a very well kept (and expensive) suit. (see below) So it's probably all okay. http://thewartburgwatch.com/2014/06/23/john-macarthur-gay-children-two-rivers-gone-fbc-norfolk-gender-issues-james-macdonald-mars-hill-fight-church-sex-abuse/ 1. John MacArthur: Bad advice on how to treat your adult child who tells you he/she is gay. Basically, if he is a Christian, get the church to throw him out. If he is a non-Christian, show compassion but hit him over the head with the gospel.™ Where would we be without the ever present Matthew 18 which is adapted for each and every situation? “If that adult child professes Christ, claims to be a Christian, then that becomes an issue for confrontation of the sternest and strongest kind because that falls under Matthew 18. He says the church must confront them using Matthew 18. If they do not repent, the church must throw them out. Later, he goes on to say the following, again about a child who professes to be a Christian. If they profess to be a Christian, you have to alienate them, you have to separate them. You can’t condone that; it’s inconsistent with the profession of Christ. So, you isolate them; you don’t have a meal with them; you separate yourself from them. You turn them over to Satan, as it were as scripture says.” So, what happens when you shun them and something awful happens. Here is one woman's agonizing story. Please read the whole account if you have time. (Mom to son) We love you. We are so glad you are our son. But you are young, and your sexual orientation is still developing. The feelings you've had for other guys don't make you gay. So please don't tell anyone that you are gay. You don't know who you are yet. Your identity is not that you are gay; it is that you are a child of God. We thought we understood the magnitude of the sacrifice that we — and God — were asking for. And this sacrifice, we knew, would lead to an abundant life, perfect peace and eternal rewards. Ryan had always felt intensely drawn to spiritual things; He desired to please God above all else. So, for the first six years, he tried to choose Jesus. Like so many others before him, he pleaded with God to help him be attracted to girls. And so, just before his 18th birthday, Ryan, depressed, suicidal, disillusioned and convinced that he would never be able to be loved by God, made a new choice. He decided to throw out his Bible and his faith at the same time and try searching for what he desperately wanted — peace — another way. And the way he chose to try first was drugs. Eventually they reconciled. And a new journey was begun, one of healing, restoration, open communication and grace.Lots of grace. And God was present every step of the way, leading and guiding us, gently reminding us simply to love our son and leave the rest up to Him. But, due to the years of drug abuse, Ryan slipped and died. And I grieve, not only for my oldest son, whom I will miss every day for the rest of my life, but for the mistakes I made. I grieve for what could have been, had we been walking by faith instead of by fear. What do we do with our love, John? Trash it and be good, little Matthew 18 robots, always applying it without fail or deviation in each and every situation?
  4. In a photography course I took back in the 70s, way before there was an issue of posting photos on the internet, the author of our excellent textbook wrote something like -- "Children deeply resent your photographing their tears." I thought that was pretty on the money. And though he didn't mention bathroom productions, I expect it's true there as well. I know it's all commonly done. But it just seems very disrespectful for no reason at all to me. Just shows you're completely discounting the dignity of the person in the picture, in my opinion. Of course this mob discounts the dignity of all children, just as a matter of "Christian" principle, in their upside-down world. (Which is one of several reasons why I really shouldn't hang out on this site at all.....Pushes way too many of my buttons...) But there's also that Golden Rule thing in there, even though their theology ignores it pretty much completely....But if they think about it at all, I think I might ask Jessa: 10 or 15 years from now when your incontinence issues start, would you like Bin or Jilly Muffin to photograph your wet skirt and post it online?
  5. Churchhoney

    Gimme That Old Time Religion

    One of the few black grads of The Master's Seminary finally got fed up and described the garden-variety racism that permeates the work of Jer's hero John MacArthur, his education system and his whole current anti-social-justice crusade that Jer somehow managed to be a prominent and enthusiastic "first signer" of (and this doesn't even go near the massive misogyny that, unlike the racism -- which tends to be denied and shoved under the rug -- is not only openly and aggressively embraced by MacArthur and company but advertised as a chief virtue of the institution -- That it follows God's commands in educating only men for any jobs of actual significance. Men men men men men. Well, white men, really, since they're the top....they're the Coliseum): "For 11 years (4 as a student/staff at TMUS & 7 as an alumnus/church planter) I have kept my concerns mainly to myself, daring to share them with only a small group of people who’ve encouraged me to keep moving forward or who I felt could actually bring about change. For many years I have “bitten my bottom lip” publicly, so to speak. In an attempt to honor those who have impacted my life, I have applied such force and pressure to that lip as to cause the shedding of blood. Yet quietly over the last few years, it has become increasingly difficult to keep biting that lip and wiping away the blood, and tears. "Since leaving seminary and planting a multicultural church in the inner-city of Montgomery, AL, my appreciation for the gospel and how it impacts racism and justice has only grown. As I watch the perseverance of my neighbors, live among them, and see the tangible struggles of their lives, Christ in me rises up and issues a call to action. As I see believers from various cultures and economic backgrounds forge real gospel community, deferring to one another and believing the best of one another, my appreciation for the gospel in action strengthens. To hear Dr. MacArthur and Grace To You say/write narrow-minded, inconsiderate, and frankly unbiblical things about the intersection of the gospel and racism has had a profound effect on me. It has impacted me to the point of saying, “Enough is enough.” I no longer care that I’m a low level nobody challenging a giant. I no longer care if, like others before me, I’m labeled a “black sheep” by TMUS for lovingly articulating concerns. As a matter of fact, the cavalier attitude of Phil Johnson (executive director of Grace to You), and Dr. MacArthur make it perfectly clear that even if I remain silent, I’m already a “black sheep.” Their comments/writings do nothing to consider the circumstances of anyone other than upper middle class, Republican-leaning white men (I’m neither republican nor democrat), and minorities who are accustomed to that culture. So in reality, my comments today cannot make me what I already feel like, “a black sheep”. I’m just graduating from a “black sheep” to a “blacker sheep.” It’s a promotion that I’m finally willing to accept. "Therefore, no matter what Dr. MacArthur says about the gospel and social justice in his current series hosted by Grace to You, certain truths will not change. No matter how few people hear or agree with what I have to say, the reality of the difficulties many have experienced at TMUS will remain. No matter how they try to change the subject from the real elephant in the room (probation and the potential loss of accreditation by WASC for a lack of integrity mixed with a culture of fear and intimidation) to the issue of social justice, the truth doesn’t change. It is worth noting that the vast majority of the data of the WASC report was given by my white brothers and sisters who are also hurting. I’m speaking up to encourage them, and to let them know they are not alone. I leave my thoughts with you not to change your mind, but to ensure that before God I can sleep at night knowing that I didn’t shrink back from saying hard things about beloved institutions and individuals. I write and make my thoughts public to fight for many others, who have not yet been heard or who, for a host of reasons, do not believe that they can speak up. The truth is Dr. MacArthur’s own leadership and institutions show little concern for the African American community and other minority students who grew up in a African American minority context. Every time Dr. MacArthur tells his 50 year old civil rights story about “his good friend” John Perkins and visiting the murder scene of MLK, I often wonder why those experiences have translated into very little consideration towards marginalized people. Please consider the following realities. "In the entire TMS curriculum, which is 98 credit hours and approximately between 100 – 150 required books to read, not one book is written by a person of African heritage. Additionally, very few people of African descent are even explored within the historical theology classes. We traced the history of Christianity from 100 A.D. to our present day. Of all the historical figures we studied, I only remember Athanasius being identified as someone from African origins. What majority culture Christians don’t realize is that their world is dominated by Christians of European heritage. Minorities are often looking for faces and contributions of people who share their ethnic identity. Not for the sake of being superior. We simply long to understand how people of a similar ethnicity have contributed to redemptive history. You would think that since Dr. MacArthur is such “good friends” with John Perkins we would have read at least one of Dr. Perkins books or even learned about his legacy. However, even our classes that covered the history of Christianity in the United States were void of African American contributions. "Why does this matter? It sends a not so subtle message that the only great thinkers are European thinkers. The only great thoughts are European thoughts. Thus, Christianity is inadvertently portrayed as the white man’s religion. It’s heartbreaking and hurtful. When African Americans or people of color are in fact mentioned, it’s usually in a derogatory way for having bad theology, etc. "The truth is that Christianity would have struggled to survive tremendously without Northern Africans and even African Americans. I just had to learn of them on my own time. My seminary didn’t think those contributions were worth mentioning. I was furious when I was made to write a review of my almost 700 page American Church History book. I read the book intently looking for black or brown people and their contributions. I did not find them. But I did find that Bob Jones was included in the book as a hero of the faith. Bob Jones University refused desegregation until the early 1970’s, and then only conceded at the threat of losing their tax exempt status, which occurred in 1983. They did not overturn their rule banning interracial dating until the year 2000. This was also selfishly motivated to help the then candidate (George W. Bush) win the presidency, who took heat for giving a speech at a university that had a ban on interracial dating. (I reluctantly visited Bob Jones University in April, 2018 and I was pleasantly surprised by their repentance in living out the gospel among all people). "Again, I was furious. I noted my frustration in a blistering review of the book that could devote pages to Bob Jones’ positive contributions to Christianity and could not so much as include a couple of paragraphs on any black person with significant Christian contributions even if they were not perfect. Clearly, Bob Jones wasn’t perfect. I’m sure the professor remembers the book review because I doubt he has received many like it. You can also ask Dr. Paul Felix (the only full-time African American Professor who is now retired). I ranted in his office behind closed doors many a days with many tears. If not for him and his care for me as an African American student with a heart to one day impact the African American community, I would have surely quit. I specifically remember him telling me after ranting, “Calm down before you get kicked out of school.” "Imagine that…being in such a state of anger over how whitewashed your seminary education is that you say things that flirt with the possibility of getting you kicked out of school. I know if myself and many of my African American brothers felt this way, some of my brothers of Asian and Latino descent felt the same way or worse. I pray they will tell their stories too. Their perspectives are often left out of these conversations, but their voices are much needed. "It is hypocritical for Dr. MacArthur or anyone to say “just preach the gospel” thinking that will solve all issues. It doesn’t even work in his own church and the institutions he leads. It certainly will not work in your communities and churches. Hear me well. The true gospel is sufficient. The true gospel makes peace and destroys dividing walls of hostility. The true gospel looks racism and partiality in the face and condemns it to the pit of hell from which it came. It does not build barriers. We have a gospel that gives dignity and value and worth to all peoples. Shouldn’t our institutions that train us to take the gospel to all nations do the same? I distinctly remember when Peter, a Jew, first preached the gospel to the Gentiles in Cornelius’ home. Peter was awestruck by a divine revelation. “Truly I understand that God shows no partiality” (Acts 10:34). Then why is there so much partiality at TMUS under the leadership of Dr. MacArthur in curriculum decisions? In my next post I will continue making my argument of partiality in their preaching/worship curriculum and much more." https://pastortstrongtowerawp.wordpress.com/2018/08/22/the-truths-that-dr-macarthurs-social-justice-series-wont-change/ Also: Jer couldn't produce a piece of writing this rhetorically and logically sophisticated if his life depended on it. He's trying to rise high -- in a group where there's clearly stiff competition -- by sheer sucking-up power. I'm still of two minds about whether that approach has a shot.
  6. They can call this show: Magnolia Lite, the Low Rent Edition. "If for some reason you hate Joanna Gaines, tune in to watch Jana Duggar do all the same stuff but derivatively and not quite as well! "With special bonus footage of The Howlers doing cut-rate reno work, fighting among themselves and playing mean but not clever Duggar-style jokes on littlest brother -- Jackson "The P-Bomb" Duggar -- while The Lost Girls wander barefoot among electric drills and nail guns and Mom big sister Jana explains how a Duggar Academy education has equipped all 19 KIDS! with construction and homemaking skills to die for! (perhaps literally!)"
  7. I trust that this doesn't happen with Counting On. But this marketing thing makes me suspicious because somebody had to start the thing and get them all on board. And I really don't see who that would have been except Boob. None of the kids seems to have the initiative to do it. Plus it took a bit of upfront cash to hire a social-media consultant, and it's not clear that any of them actually has that cash or would use it for a business investment in any case, especially a business investment that would help out others in the family besides themselves. And none seem to me have any particular influence over the others so they could get them all on board, do they? (Jessa used to be Jingle's leader, it seems, but that appears to be all over now, and Jessa's left with no one to effectively boss except Bin Be-Careful-What-You-Wish-For Seewald.) So if Boob started it .... Well, why does this give me the sinking feeling that he and Meeechelle would be getting at least a small cut? Those two deserve nothing. And an initiative like this should have been started solely for the benefit of the kids they birthed and then left without educations, vocational training, good sense about what's needed to make a living that supports a family, or work ethics. But maybe I'm overestimating their greed. (Because I hate, loathe and despise them.) Hope so. .
  8. Churchhoney

    S09.E06: To Grandmother’s House We Go

    Being around people who are actually warm and friendly instead of phonily warm and friendly can be a hell of a drug when it's new to you. Glad some Duggar is getting that experience. (....not that I know what's being discussed here, since I don't watch....but I gather Jer has numerous relatives who don't act like Meeeechelle, right?)
  9. Churchhoney

    The Duggalos: Jinger and the Holy Goalie

    Yeah, but if he wants to become a Super Preacher he does need to be an engaging, charismatic, emotionally moving, attention-grabbing, rhetoric-laden, voice-projecting preacher in the pulpit. And he's not that either. Not by a country mile. My sense also, though, is that he sees John MacArthur as somebody who's managed both those things, which is pretty much true, given the current crop, I think. And I'm pretty sure, given his comments and his actions, that being the next MacArthur is what he aspires to. .... And in that case he'll have to pull two major sets of talents out of his ass. I'm pretty sure that's what he's trying to do: he does a lot of talk about heavy theological tomes, but he also seems to gravitate toward having photos of himself everywhere, so that's the Super Preacher line. it'd be easier to just go after one, obviously, but he's looking at MacArthur, who seems to have done both. Jer may not have the talents for either, though. He hasn't shown them so far.
  10. I agree. Having your followers engage with you is considered a promising start. But not all audiences who post likes and engage with the poster are also going to engage with somebody's product. A business is obviously going to check you out first and see if that happens. And just because an influencer's audience actually buys one company's product doesn't mean they'll buy from another. As we all know, everything in business today -- and in marketing maybe above all -- is measured and the specific numbers numbers numbers are examined out to the 5th decimal place and those tiny differences mean everything. No company that stays in business is going to continually leak cash to some supposed influencer who actually isn't generating more cash for the company by their activities. And they can follow us everywhere online now, so after a few months they'll know whether that's happening with a specific influencer or not. Ultimately, it'll all depend on how much the Duggarlings' followers actually buy, not just on how much they respond to the Duggarlings. I don't even know who the followers are, so I have no idea whether they'd follow the Duggs and buy a lot of stuff or not. Maybe they're big spenders as they try to be like their heroes, or maybe they're not. But the companies the Duggs are shilling will soon know. And they'll pay accordingly. In many cases, probably most, getting your audience to actually become regular customers of the business involves the would-be influencer posting a lot of engaging content that relates to the products. I don't follow these guys but from what I've seen here they don't have a lot of that going on. The most effort I've seen has been by Joy and Jer, I'd say. They both went to much greater lengths to post effective shilling posts than I've seen from any of the others, I thought, so if they kept doing that, they might have a shot at bigger money. But from what I've seen they maybe started out with a good burst and then didn't do much more? I expect that's another red flag for businesses. Plus, in doing his, Jer broke a major federal regulation -- pretending that he wasn't shilling and that he would be running a contest himself and giving away a company's products out of the goodness of his own heart and wallet. It was creative and probably quite effective but illegal. ; ) I expect he knows that now.
  11. Here's an article on the range of payments, FWIW. It really makes me wonder about the Duggarlings, though, because it seems that effort put into it makes a huge difference, and while I don't follow them on social media my sense is that they aren't actually making all that big an effort. Exclusivity to certain brands is also said to matter. And they're certainly veering from that standard early and often. I'm guessing the key factor for their earnings must be the extent to which their followers actually click on the brands and buy and such (well, I thought that before I read this, too, I guess...), but I really don't know who their non-hate followers are and whether they do this or not.....Plus, it seems that a lot of their brands are also being shilled by other fundie favorites? So that clearly limits each person's take..... Complicated. But honestly I don't see, given all this, that it can be wildly lucrative for them. .... Unless their non-hate followers are all major shopaholics who are madly in love with Duggar women come hell or high water ... https://mic.com/articles/192799/how-much-money-do-influencers-actually-make#.soMbYmR62 The pay range is vast and determined by many factors “The range of payments is so wide these days,” Micheli said. “I’ve personally done deals for hundreds of dollars and hundreds of thousands.” Hajjar noted the rates for a single sponsored post can run from $50 to more than $50,000, “depending on the level of influencer.” Indeed, according to Hopper HQ’s 2018 Instagram Rich List, mega-stars like Selena Gomez and Kylie Jenner pull in $800,000 and $1,000,000 per post, respectively (they both have more than 100 million followers), while those with the smallest following on the list (a mere one million) charge $1,300 to $3,000 per post. In general, experts estimate the average is $1,000 per 100,000 followers, or one cent per follower, according to Later; but the cost an influencer can command depends on a variety of factors. “The variables for rates to consider for an influencer include quality of content from the influencer, an influencer’s following on their blog and social channels, an influencer’s engagement metrics, the number of deliverables, the allotted time frame and the agreed upon usage rights,” Hajjar said. For example, an influencer may be able to negotiate an increased rate if they agree to exclusivity (not working with a brand’s competitors) or a deal that allows the brand to use their images and content in other avenues, like TV commercials or billboards, Hajjar noted. Follower count isn’t everything While standard rates are typically discussed in terms of follower count, a massive following isn’t necessarily the holy grail for brands. Metrics like engagement — getting followers to take actions like commenting and clicking links or making purchases — are also extremely valuable to brands; as is an authentic voice. “An influencer must understand their audience and put out content that is interesting and engaging,” Hajjar said. “[They] must be excited about their content and their posts must be real, authentic and honest. They need to have their own voice [and post] consistently because with such a large number of influencers on social media, they will need to find something that sets them apart.” And they don’t need to wait until they have 50,000 followers to start monetizing. “An influencer can begin monetizing from the moment they have one follower,” Hajjar said, explaining that many advertisers have public affiliate programs that allow anyone to partner with them and drive affiliate sales. And when it comes to brand sponsorships, both Hajjar and Micheli said micro-influencers — who could haveanywhere from 1,000 to 10,000 followers, according to influencer marketing platform IZEA — can also be very attractive to brands. “Internally, we always look at how many people does this person actually influence, not how many followers they have,” Micheli said. “A lot of influencers have tons of followers [but] produce minimum results and low engagement.”
  12. Oh, what a drag for you. Those "You never ...." and "You always ...." statements are just the worst, aren't they? Major downsides to being part of the constant apologizers club. And yet it's so so hard to stop! (well, impossible is more like it, apparently...)
  13. Oh, yeah. I apologize to doors if I bump into them. If it rains when someone I know has planned an outing I'm consumed with guilt and misery. Because unsuitable weather is my fault.
  14. Probably varies from company to company. Some will give them a little percentage. But I don't see how they can make that much either -- even in goods, really, let alone cash. They obviously have some influence but it can't be that much -- for one thing, they all must have at least tens of thousands of followers, if not more, who are hate watchers. They're not going to prompt any sales from that group. And I do wonder whether there isn't a limit to how many things you can successfully shill at once. If you have multiple millions of followers and you actually post a lot of stuff that many of those people find cool -- and related to the products in some way -- then maybe you can make money off a whole range of stuff, I guess. But even there I'd be there's some downside to dilution. And it's not like a lot of people really find the Duggar social-media feeds riveting viewing. With the Duggs, something new is popping up constantly these days. Very few people are going to follow them to all those products, certainly.