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  1. lefawn

    Except Chelsea (and Cole)

    Or she could have got them from T.J. Maxx for 17 bucks. https://tjmaxx.tjx.com/store/jump/product/Hi-Rise-Shine-Texture-Print-Ankle-Leggings/1000469986?colorId=NS1003537&pos=1:64&Ntt=leggins
  2. lefawn

    Teen Mom 2: Small Talk

    If a woman in 2019 wants to break free of her trifiling boyfriend, she can. And should! If you’ve spent multiple years with a dude that doesn’t want to marry you, and you’ve had evidence of that (and they ALL have evidence), then Goooo! People tell you who they they are! Also I proposed to my husband. It was great. He was over-thinking it, because he thought it should be “romantic.” But I’m a practical girl and finally just said “Baby, I love you and we are totally joining our fources (ie, money, buying a house). It’s easier to just get married and save about $1000 in legal fees.” The most imortant words in a marriage are not “I love you” but “I choose us.” Or your own equivelent. Marriage doesn't solve problems. Just like babies don’t solve problems. You’re a team and figure it out.
  3. lefawn

    Except Chelsea (and Cole)

    My husband signs all his cards to me: "You are perfect. For me. You'd be a nightmare for anyone else." Or some variant on the last sentence. A florist once spent ten minutes trying to talk him out of including that on my birthday bouquet. I've told him I keep all these cards and if he ever tries to file for divorce against me, I'm using these as evidence that he actually likes the crazy things I do. Marriage is weird.
  4. “Nailed It” is less about baking and more about decorating. They even use pre-made rice crispies for some challenges. The task is just to cut out fondant and add icing. I have a friend who went to culinary school for baking and admits she couldn’t do most of these tasks. Still really fun to watch!
  5. lefawn

    S09.E09: UFO No You Didn't

    Hasn’t it also been established that Bob sometimes gets drunk in the evening and orders things online? Bob probably ordered those mini coatracks (which, I agree are jewelry stands) two bottles of wine into a Sunday night. I know from personal experience that drunken online shopping involves less reading and paying attention to fine print and much more getting distracted by pretty colors and putting multiples of things into your basket. *cough*$300 worth of gloves off Etsy/I live in New Orleans*cough*
  6. lefawn

    Fact vs. Fiction: The Podcast and the Real People

    There's a lot of talk in the episode thread about how unlikable and spoiled the daughters are. Here's my thing. If the choice is being 1) Granny who defends her daughter's murderer to the point where he basically gets a slap on the wrist for the premeditated murder of your child; 2) Mom who is so desperate for a man that she'll ignore a million red flags and throw away her relationship with her kids for a man she's known eight and a half weeks just so she can have her husband number 5; or 3) a spoiled brat that speaks with a So-Cal vocal fry, hates her mom's new boyfriend/husband (again, husband number *5* and boyfriend, probably, 30?), and breaks a dish when she upset about said dude sleeping over? Then I'd rather be a number 3 any day. Also, if John had attacked Debra in that parking lot, do you thing she'd have had the wherewithal to fight back? To stab him 13 times? Including once in the eye? I don't.
  7. lefawn

    Good Eats Reloaded

    Even during the course of the original run, Alton changed his edict about how much water one needs to use in order to properly boil pasta. "Stuffing is evil" turned in to "don't stuff a turkey, but there are other foods you can stuff!" He only had one episode that used a crock pot and maybe only two with pressure cookers. Cooking and food are constantly evolving. I can see how he could use old episodes as jumping off points for either mostly new episodes, or just a segment or two updated, or both.
  8. Oh. My. God. That last clip of David barging into Dylan's room and kicking him awake. So stupid! And why is David wearing off brand fatigues? Are we supposed to think David's hard? He's over easy at best.
  9. lefawn

    Forever (2018)

    Yeah, I liked the episode about Andre and Sarah more than I liked any episode about June and Oscar.
  10. lefawn

    Britain's Best Home Cook

    This is now on Hulu for US audiences. I just finished episode one but, so far, I really like it. Mary Berry is wonderful as always. I don’t know the other judges or the host but they seem to have the same light touch Mary does. The contestants also seem really nice and get along well. The cuts to commercials on Hulu are really abrupt.
  11. lefawn

    Group rewatch?

    No, because I think that was the point. They didn’t give us clues because Eleanor has no idea until the very end that they are not in the Good Place. Unless you know FroYo is inherently mediocre.
  12. Artemis has always been presented as a character that was, from moment one, insulated from The Gang. I dont know if “insulated” is the word I want. But she’s always been a separate type of crazy. Much like the McPoyles. She’s bleaching her asshole and selling crystals and just dropping in with The Gang now and then.
  13. lefawn

    The Good Podcast

    The part near the end when Marc and Mike keep swearing and it's just Kristen going forking and ashehole and shirt cracked me up! I was walking back from lunch and seriously had to stop and move out of the flow of other walkers because I was laughing so hard. I got so many odd looks.
  14. Dear, the Laura Ashley florals are back? I went to my homecoming dance my sophmore year in one of her dresses. It was satin and cream colored but had the big pink, blue and green flowers all over it. It also had this totally awkward neck/shoulder line that was a really heavy lace. I, of course, wore my hair up with a few trendills of hair on either side of my face and a sparkly faux-jeweled butterfly shaped hair clip. I look at that picture now and cringe. I was such a victim of 90s fashion and this show.
  15. I actually think Luke Perry looks pretty good here. There is no way he is believable as a 24 year old though. Of course, no on on this show is acting like a 24yo so, whatever...