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  1. bybrandy

    S10.E15: SuperShowerBabyBowl

    I'm not a football fan but I've lived with football fans and I've never known one who was thinking about the superbowl enough to block out the date a month in advance. I'm absolutely postiive there are those people but I fully believe that neither Alex nor Jay would have been thinking about the super bowl a month in advance.
  2. bybrandy

    S01.E14 Happy Cecil

    I'll be at a table for one here I thought it was the funniest episode. I've liked them in general but I was laughing out loud a few times here. That's really all I ask for in a comedy.
  3. bybrandy

    S01.E16: The Rosary

    I'm hella white but I've never just invited some random person into my home for a pen so they could leave a note for somebody. Somebody needs to talk to that girl. Also that's what cell phones are for! Whatever. I know it was all about Sophie recognizing her. But seriously Gary could have recognized her. Seriously the show could remove Eddie and I'd hardly notice. The scenes with Gary and Maggie's mom were nice, though.
  4. bybrandy

    The Jeopardy! All-Star Games

    I was in for this tournament because even with the few contestants that I don't like I like watching smart people compete against other smart people. So I was in for this. But this first two episodes and the first two episodes next week? Um, I am here to watch people who are good at jeopardy play other people who are good at jeopardy. I need more than partial rounds.
  5. bybrandy

    S03.E13: Our Little Island Girl

    "Do you ever wonder why my brother and sisters never come around?" Because we don't want to pay more actors for this episode? Because that was my thought.
  6. bybrandy

    S08.E06: Episode 6

    Yeah, I don't think this girl made a terriblly intelligent decision but it was one born out of grief. The only way she knew to stop the grief was to have another baby. She wasn't thinking of what happens next she was thinking of easing the pain.
  7. bybrandy

    S15.E13: I Walk the Line

    Owen was way over the top especially with Amelia at the end but he can't just hand that baby over to anybody. He has no idea what their situation is. In the foster care system there is always a desire to keep kids with the bio family (sometimes to the detriment of the kid) so these people probably will and maybe should get Leo but Owen has custody of that child he can't just hand him over to just anybody. The case worker needs to be notified. I honestly kept fastforwarding. I just didn't care about any of it. Jackson mentioning that Harriet was at April's the night before is legit the best thing that happened in this episode. Teddy getting over Own would have been if I wasn't absolutely convinced that is just so that when Owen loses Leo and Amelia and he comes running back to her there is conflict.
  8. bybrandy

    One Day At A Time (2017)

    I was very much, "It is way too soon for Avery to be back" but I think they wanted everything in a place in case this was the series finale and so for that I thought it was fine. It isn't like they walk it back and have the relationship with an addict just in recovery being an issue in future episodes. They have a nice moment but that doesn't mean everything is fixed. Like Penelope and Max's dance didn't mean anything was fixed. The had a nice moment but nothing had changed and they went off in their own directions.
  9. bybrandy

    S08.E05: Episode 5

    This! He didn't freak out even a little bit? He didn't need time to come around to the idea? Just bing, bang, boom... yeah, I love you it is fine? And it isn't like they've been married 25 years. The thing is even back then people coped so that there is a guy out there who would stay? Sure. But who is ready to go all in 12 seconds after finding out the woman he's with is genetically male? She will be unable to have children? And phsyical intamacy for them while doable might take more work and creativity? Yeah, that's not a 12 second conversation. Yo, I was so waiting for her to go to town on that car and I was all in for it. Instead no just a fear of speaking in public which she gets over relatively easily. The whole picturing people naked thing is always the advice people give. And I've never had that great of an imagination. I mean picturing one person naked, sure. Maybe. But a whole room? And I think that would make me more uncomfortable to suddenly be in a room full of nudists in my clothes. Awkward. Just me. Fortunately, I'm not terribly nervous about speaking in front of people so I've never had to put this to a test. Hey, here is a black guy in poplar with a vaguely carrebean accent. He should totally date the vaguely carrabian black nurse. Bing, bang, boom, settled! When Monica Joan was telling her he was a lay preacher I was like uh, hu, and what does he preach? Because as a woman of faith Lucille doesn't necessarily need to be dating somebody that wouldn't fit in with her congregation... but it will probably turn out okay... because you know all black preaching is the same?
  10. bybrandy

    S08.E05: Episode 5

    That scene was so chilling! That poor girl. Stuff like that has gotten way, way, way better but can still happen a bit. My mom can't speak because of recurrent oral cancer/treatment/side effects. So when she's at the doctor's office I translate for her. No problem. But people very easily just start talking to me. I'm like, she's the patient! She can understand you even if you can't understand her. This gave me very much those vibes but worse. Yeah, I genuinely liked the guy and any lightness in this show is a good thing (it can get so dark) but I also felt uncomfortable with people pushing her especially when she specifically said no. That said I'm no more comfortable than Sgt Walrus who keeps persuing Nurse Crane who keeps just looking bewildered at him. I think I'm supposed to be rooting for that and they clearly want me to know he's a good guy, but I'm just not feeling it. I did like that when Lucille told Phylis that Cyril had asked her out, Lucille said, "good for him" because he was the one who noticed an extraordinary woman and plucked up the courage to ask and well done him.... but so many times they response would be "good for you" as if you are so incredibly lucky some man deigned to notice you.
  11. This!!!! I mean that may well be the case. But she might have named the kid William to shame him. She might have named the kid William because her father/brother/favorite uncle was also called William. The relationship could have been literally anything and I am willing to allow for the possibility that she might have really loved him and vice versa but that isn't the only way that kid gets named William.
  12. bybrandy

    S01.E11: A Seat at the Table

    No, she had her max the first time. The thing is. If your caner recurs even though they tell you and tell you your mouth can't be radiated twice. If they decide to radiate your mouth twice they totally do it. They don't even really blink about it. I mean they do send you to like one of two radiologists but that is pretty much what those two doctors do, reradiation.
  13. bybrandy

    Death In Paradise

    I kind of like the goofy niece. She's grown on me through each of the episodes I've seen so far (although she is a lot and she's very present right out of the gate so I see how she could rub people the wrong way) but I haven't yet seen 8x05 and as it is a two parter I might wait until the following week because cliffhanger.
  14. bybrandy

    One Day At A Time (2017)

    Me too! Although, I'm surprised that the tag of this episode wasn't Penelope proving that they hadn't really taken anything from the mini-bar and getting her 7 dollars back.
  15. bybrandy

    Death In Paradise

    LEGIT!!! I had this same thought but also an American. Dwayne seemed to make a lot of progress growing up in his relationship last season so