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  1. Apparently. From: https://en.oxforddictionaries.com/definition/flapjack NOUN 1.British A sweet dense cake made from oats, golden syrup, and melted butter, served in rectangles. Example sentences 2.North American A pancake. Example sentences Origin Early 17th century (in flapjack (sense 2 of the noun)): from flap (in the dialect sense ‘toss a pancake’) + jack; sense 1 dates from the 1930s and is probably a regional coinage.
  2. bybrandy

    When Calls The Heart

    I haven't minded him in the first couple of episodes this season. But he's sort of super annoying. He isn't a particularly gifted actor even among the kid set and for a while immediately after his coming to town he got a HUGE amount of screen time. I don't need Cody to leave the show but I have no desire at all to have this show be the Cody grieves for anything or anybody show. Not here for that. Nope. Not even a little bit.
  3. bybrandy

    The Village

    I'm in for Toussaint and the dog. I mean, I probably would have been in for either of them. Both? It is an embarrassment of riches this show. It also seems INCREDIBLY snark worthy. All I'm saying is if my old person ran off and stole my credit card, I might also be bitchy especially if he didn't invite me to his amusement park adventure! I love rides! The immigration story is topical and everything but the whole law student is doing her more of a favor than a pro bono immigration attorney? Really? Really!?!?!?
  4. I was really expecting a train wreck with both Big Narstie and Johnny Vegas but Johnny Vegas was quiet and Big Narstie left early. So we got the bonus of Sandi. No complaints at all from an episode I was genuinely dreading.
  5. bybrandy

    The Great British Sewing Bee

    I was surprised at how much I liked Ricardo's bloomers. They really worked for me. But Leah's Origami top was brilliant. For some reason I didn't particularly like Jen's top although I thought using the binding was clever. Love the pleated skirt, though. The whole time they were making linen coats I was like, "Why would you want one of those?" And they all even the good one/two looked like a wrinkled mess. Nope. I'm going to keep that out of my wardrobe. I kind of hated the look of Janet's coat when she was explaining it so it worked so much better for me than I anticipated it would. But still, she was the right pick to go home. I'll miss her. I've tried to get people to watch this show and multiple people say, 'that sounds so boring." I'm like, no... they are NICE they aren't boring. This is why we can't have nice things.
  6. bybrandy

    S15.E18: Add It Up

    I liked the story with Richard because my mom is one of those people that has a very difficult time with the plural they. Trans people? She totally gets that and uses their preferred singular pronoun without judgement or confusion. But the they pronoun just breaks her and she has told multiple they people that they should consider using different gender neutral pronouns. /shuddering. The part where Richard recognized that it was on him and he realized how hurtful it was (to a lesser degree) to be called something he didn't feel was him but that he was having trouble keeping up? That felt very real to me based on that situation. The singular they bothered me at first from a grammatical perspective then people pointed out all of the uses of singular they already in use and I told myself to get over it. /shrugs. Tell me your pronouns. I will use them. I shall not judge. I might forget to ask you for your pronouns when we meet though. I am a work in progress. Also I live in a place where such a question in the wrong setting might get me shot.
  7. bybrandy

    S03.E16: Don't Take My Sunshine Away

    As opposed to Randall's desire to become a landlord in a building in a town 2 hours away, and Randall's desire to become a city council person in a town 2 hours away from his home. One of those things was his passion suddenly and they went all in. The other thing became his passion suddenly and they went all in. I feel like Randall's response to Beth's crazy idea in the Beth centric episode indicates that he knew about the dance, but literally if she pulled it out of a hat yesterday it isn't more crazy than any of his out of the blue career decisions which have been supported by the family.
  8. bybrandy

    S15.E18: Add It Up

    If they want me to believe Teddy and Karacik are Well, I find love ridiculous because we've spent about 4 minutes with them together. So, yeah, not invested. But he didn't tell Owen to stay away from Teddy or the baby as a father. He told him that he was genuinely interested in Teddy (I still refuse to buy into LOVE) and Owen only wants Teddy when he can't have somebody else.
  9. bybrandy

    S03.E16: Don't Take My Sunshine Away

    People with kids who also have phones that need to be charged and swipe them from the car? I keep a phone charger in my car but sometimes I find it is not where I left it.
  10. bybrandy

    S03.E16: Don't Take My Sunshine Away

    How do you know My mom traveled for work. Sometimes she traveled a lot. However, when she was home she was super at home. You only bothered my mom at work for a genuine emergency and in turn only genuine emergencies were allowed to bother her at home. Her work afforded me a good education, foreign travel, access to lessons to explore my interests and passions. Was my mom's schedule the same as the moms who worked less? No. Did I see my mom as much? Probably not. But my mom had a big career and was a very, very giving mother. She has raised children who also had big careers and whose children are interesting and intelligent and loving and well adjusted. Just because you are busy a few nights a week with your own career does not in any way mean that your children aren't getting anything from you. And my very, very good friend's husband is just graduating after going to school at night. His kids have all talked about how seeing him work so hard to do well in school. His kids have talked about how they would sit down after dinner with their homework at the same time he did and they studied harder because if Dad was doing his homework after a full day of work and classes surely they could. They are all so incredibly proud of him. And they are 11 and older and very, very, very much doing football and basketball and cheer and chess club during the hours dad is at school anyway. Just because a family's quality time isn't the same as traditional family time doesn't make it more or less valid. I turned it off because it interfered with an always on app that I need. But my phone defaulted to a setting for a bit that if you were going above a certain MPH the phone would't let through calls or voicemails until you were stopped. If a call came in from the same number twice in 2 minutes they let it through immediately. Otherwise when you stopped (IE you hit the traffic jam) all your messages were available. I don't know that is the situation with Beth but that would explain both her phone going directly to voicemail and her picking up the message before she got there. As to why she'd go to the party after hearing the message. I mean she'd already come so far. And it was important to Randall. She didn't cause a scene at dinner because she doesn't think his career is worthless. She waited until they were in a private place to tell him she'd heard the message. And seriously, I have phone chargers literally all over my house. If I was getting up to show my guest to the restroom/make her a plate of food/ showing her a charger? Would literally take me half an extra second. I would not find that request even a little bit rude. I find it a little more rude when house guests unplug my phone to plug theirs in without telling me. But if they ask for a charger? It is no trouble at all.
  11. bybrandy

    S03.E16: Don't Take My Sunshine Away

    I graduated in 96 and our schools were MOSTLY K-5, 6-8, 9-12. Where I lived Middle school was 6-8 vs Jr. High was 7-9. and my community mostly had middle schools but had like one district that had a junior high.. so my elementary school gradualted kids at 6th grade because most students went to the lone Jr. High. But I lived in a weird place and went to middle school so left the elementary school in 5th grade sans graduation (moving up) ceremony. Then 8th grade we had a ceremony that was less formal. Then obviously the formal graduation.
  12. bybrandy

    S03.E16: Don't Take My Sunshine Away

    I don't know, missing the first once sets kind of a bad precident and makes people less likely to invite you in the future. And this was to talk about the future. I can totally see why Beth felt she had to be there, especially given that she somehow hadn't made herself essential to the future of her last company. They have to let you stay 4 days and I've known people to get a grace day if their kid is in NICU so yeah, this is pushing it but if she had a complication maybe... but she should be on her way out. That said the hospital I was at had a room where mom and dad could shower or crash for a bit. They tried to keep that for the parents who had just been discharged or whose babies were having a rough go of it or people who lived particularly far from the hospital. I was born on a Wednesday and was pretty touch and go through that weekend. My parents returned to work the start of the week after that so like 11 days after I was born. My mom had a super demanding job and she would come before and after work every day but my dad had a less demanding job and his office was right across the street from the hospital so he was there every lunch hour as well. Toby is gong to miss so, so, so, so much more work that seems logical but I'll give him this week especially as this is the first they get to hold Jack. That's a big emotional hurdle. She's a person making a huge life change who has gotten validation for it. Is she going to need him to come to every recital? Probably not. But this is the first. It is a big deal to her. And if it was Kate or Kevin having their first recitial as a teacher Randall would have stopped the rotation of the earth to be there. The problem isn't Randall showing up or not to one thing. The problem is Randall expects everybody to show up for his thing but when Beth has her own thing he doesn't show up. By the way these are professionals in busy and important jobs. You can't tell me that councilman never got called away to work at the last minute. Sure it is disappointing that Beth couldn't come and annoying that the cancellation came at the very last minute. However, big however, I thought that man was particularly petty mentioning about the lamb going to waste. I lamb for me for breakfast so BONUS. 2. It's the sort of thing you complain to with your wife after everybody has gone, not something you say in front of the dinner guests.
  13. Seeing Acaster in this reminded me that he had 4 netflix comedy specials I hadn't seen. So I got to spend some time catching up with those after this episode. That was a bonus! I've done some googling and still I have no idea. I understand that flapjack is made with golden syrup oats and butter. The bit I still haven't gotten after LOADS of googling is what is flapjack like? Like a granola bar?
  14. bybrandy

    S03.E15: The Waiting Room

    I doubt it. I have a friend who was baby girl and she had to declare a name when her father died when she was a teenager so she could get his social security.
  15. bybrandy

    S03.E15: The Waiting Room

    The other kids not but Randall was quite close with Rebecca.