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  1. Thanks. Just wanted to add that I just accessed the site using a Chromebook and it did the same thing but in this case the browser was originally set at 125% and when I clicked it to 110%, it behaved the same as above. So it appears to just be reducing the zoom that activates the layout shift.
  2. tessaray

    Roswell, New Mexico Scheduling: Earth Time

    I'm not sure why there isn't a new episode on 2/19 since the big 4 networks all have new shows. Even PBS is new but the CW is reruns.
  3. Air date: February 26, 2019
  4. So, I've been defaulting to the Follows a lot of the time because I like being able to see when and who was the last poster but I'm trying to figure out why I can only see it now if I put my browser window at 90%. On Windows 7 it's the same with Chrome (latest), Firefox (kinda old) and Opera (latest). The first graphic is the 90% version. Note: I installed Ghostery (in Chrome/Firefox - Opera has it built in more or less) recently for the anti-tracking, so I see in IE it looks normal at 100%. Does that mean I need to choose?
  5. I'm willing to give Max the benefit of the doubt for a bit longer. We don't know how the aliens process emotions and the events of 10 years ago obviously ended in trauma for a lot of people. If humans can still be dealing with the fallout, why not the aliens too? That said, it can be a bit cringe-y to watch.
  6. tessaray

    The Price Is Right

    My husband likes to explain what everyone is doing wrong (or right, on occasion) whenever I wander into the room when he's watching. It is fascinating, the logic underlying the games. If I ever got on the show, I'd forget all the strategy under the glare of the camera so I don't worry about. 🙂
  7. tessaray

    Antiques Roadshow (US)

    This post is a test. But since you're here, the last thing I saw on my local PBS station was the Miami episode with the Calder mobile. It was pretty cool.
  8. tessaray

    S02.E14: calaMity

    All during the first season I was waiting for Jace to see the light and now I just hate the sight of him. Any episode he is in is sure to be an orgy of over the top violence. On this show, that's saying a lot. Poor Clarice indeed. I'm not sure what that swirl of purple was, though. Was it her body disintegrating? Is Esme protecting Lorna?
  9. tessaray

    Power Rangers

    This is a test. Please ignore.
  10. tessaray

    S02.E14: calaMity

    Crap. Jace is back? I guess The Flash just moved up in the to-watch queue. I'm not ready to deal with Clarice's demise (I like her, dammit!) and Jace both.
  11. tessaray

    S01.E05: Don't Speak

    Air date: February 12, 2019
  12. tessaray

    [FIXED] Tag Issues

    I just noticed this too. In my Roswell, New Mexico forum only one tag shows up, even though if you go into the edit option, the other is there. (Spoilers/Book Talk)
  13. tessaray

    White Collar

    That's happened with several of my other shows in the last few years. I stream them on Netflix, they disappear and then show up in local syndication. I bought the dvds shortly after it went off Netflix. I forget the episode title from last night but it was one of the rare times I didn't like Elizabeth, when she tells Neal to lie to Peter's face (and do anything he had to, to keep Peter safe) when he doesn't want to. I know they always need something to keep the conflict going but it isn't one of my favorite plot points.
  14. tessaray

    Testing in the Zone

    This is my trip to the testing zone. And a random gif. And the reply was merged instantaneously. Hmm...
  15. tessaray

    S12.E15: The Donation Oscillation

    I thought they chickened out before making any donations? I just saw the first episode not too long ago but my knowledge of the first five years is pretty spotty, so maybe they did after that?