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  1. The show basically died when Manila was robbed. But I will say that Monique Heart has been severely underrated this season, she should’ve been Top 3. I’d pay to see her live, she’s inventive and funny. I get the feeling Ru wasn’t feeling her, and that’s a damn shame.
  2. Not4Me

    S04.E09: Sex and the Kitty Girl

    I thought it was “gooped”?
  3. Not4Me

    S04.E09: Sex and the Kitty Girl

    Man, all I could think was how Manilla would’ve nailed the perky nuances of SJP if she had stayed on. She actually could’ve acted all the characters since her talent is on another level...which highlights why Naomi stunk in both her performance and awful runway. I’m happy for Trinity and Monique. But I kind of don’t care anymore. Ru RUined All Stars!
  4. Whenever a Rose story was on, I would mostly skip it—she works better as a B plot or when she inserted side puns. I generally avoid the boring Rose and Miles storylines. The worst of Rose’s storylines was when she was dating Mr. Terrific. It was a bad episode and we’re subjected to this out of shape paunchy old guy wearing a spandex superhero suit. He looked mental running around in that.
  5. Not4Me

    S11.E13: Happy New Year

    Finally saw the finale, it was cute and a nice way to end it. Of all the revivals, this has been the only one that has been satisfying to watch. I do hope MB gets a renewal. A lot happened in the 20 years during the time they were off the air and I wonder if they’ll ever touch upon what happened with the other characters during that time. I would like to think in my fantasy that Corky had a child, or Frank got married/divorced at some point, but they never had a chance to dive into their personal lives yet. Miles, I would imagine was just too neurotic for anyone to handle, and remained alone.
  6. Not4Me

    S04.E07: Queens of Clubs

    Not to mention the potential blowback a queen could get from pissing off Mama Ru for throwing a competition, as evidenced by Ru blackballing a few of them over the years (though for unrelated reasons). While I definitely think the elimination tactic for All Stars sucks, it is part of the game, and the queens should remember it’s a competition. And since people will always troll social media no matter what, they might as well earn some extra $10K for following the rules. Anyhow I think Trinity really thought she had the lip sync in the bag with her old man costume and going the humorous route but it was memorable for all the wrong reasons. It was like Latrice vs. Kenya all over again, but this time with a better overall competitor. I think Black Hole was my favorite of all the club ideas...it was just so stupid fabulous. The Bee Hive was also very good, and the ladies had the best runway look of the night. <whisper>Club 96</whisper> Seemed promising and had some moments but it was definitely the weakest of the 3.
  7. Not4Me

    S04.E07: Queens of Clubs

    Even though it came out in 1997, I wouldn’t have minded if Naomi and Valentina kinda turned their Club 96 theme upside it’s head midway and turned their glamour schtick into referencing Romy and Michelle’s High School Reunion (where the delusion was clearly thick). That would’ve made me gag!
  8. Valentina makes her debut as Angel in the ‘live’ version of RENT. Scroll down to the last part of the article on D-Listed. Guess she should’ve lip synced for her life!
  9. Not4Me

    S01.E11: We Continue to Truck

    In a nutshell that’s been the problem with this reboot for the last 2 seasons. It’s like the writers never watched the original series (seasons 1-6, the best years) when the subtly and nuances in the writing and directing really made a difference in how wonderfully the ensemble cast could portray a scene. I used to think the Roseanne reboot’s bad writing last year was due to Roseanne Barr’s influence, but I can’t make that same argument anymore on The Connors. I agree the dialogue between Peter and Jackie stinks because of the bad writing, but Matthew Broderick sounds like he’s phoning it in that it’s distractingly bad.
  10. Not4Me

    S01.E11: We Continue to Truck

    Why is Matthew Broderick such a terrible actor on TV, but not on stage? He’s so wooden here.
  11. Not4Me

    S04.E06: LaLaPaRUza

    Haha, I thought the poster was being facetious about Ru’s monster “hits” inside of a SF leather bar or a Fire Island circuit party. ;-) By the way, as annoyed as I was seeing the Asian Pit Crew Guy getting his box picked last, at least we got to see him more than the other Pit Crew members. More of him plz!
  12. Not4Me

    S04.E03: Snatch Game of Love

    I’ll give Gia this, her shade-throwing was entertaining.
  13. Not4Me

    S04.E05: Roast in Peace

    She’s really on (and has always been on) the Drag Race Icon-level at this point, like Raja, Katya, and Bianca del Rio. The younger queens should take note this is how a STAH kills it consistently!
  14. Not4Me

    S04.E04: Jersey Justice

    I wasn’t a fan of the Jersey sketch at all, as I knew the material would end up being very messy, but Manila and Naomi at least kept the histrionics down a few notches and were at least funny. I knew the others would be a hot mess with the obvious cue to strangle or pie (or cake) someone in the face. Funny enough I took Valentina’s camera hog with her fake offense to the judges as her way of brightening up a very depressing mood in the lounge. It failed of course, but I think she was trying to somehow cheer the girls up. A lot of this unnecessary drama could’ve been easily avoided if the bottom two were allowed to lip sync. Then by far, Latrice probably would’ve been safe. I really hate how they eliminate here.
  15. Not4Me

    S04.E01: All Star Variety Show

    Why was Jasmine Masters dressed as Oprah Winfrey throughout the episode with those pant suits? Gurl...this is All Stars 4, not a morning interview on The Today Show!