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  1. Oldcrone

    Mama June: From Not To Hot

    Soooo....Mama June is going to be doing commercials for Meth Life Insurance??? And bless you all for the Lardassians....snort...snort... LOL
  2. Oldcrone


    Be still my heart, HOARDERS IS BACK!!!! One of my very favorite moments is when the Hoarder was screaming " But I had plans for that rock!"
  3. So many wonderful lines.... but one of my favorites is Black Cindy walking away saying "Where my dreidel at?" just cracks me up.
  4. Gotta say it. That woman on today’s show with the multi year pregnancies, multiple uterui and vaginas (?) is as fucked up as a football bat.
  5. Oldcrone

    S02.E12: Tell-All

    Laughing my ass off at BIG Angela throwing a hissy fit at being called an “elder” then stormin’ off shouting “I’m 52 damn years old”. Honey, ya can’t have it both ways. My Cull —you need to run!!
  6. Shouldn't that read "tame the savage breast"? I mean..MAGNAngela's Done Dragged Down (DDD) cups runneth over...over her thighs...or nearest table top to prop them upon.
  7. What the hell is with Rachel’s friends eyeliner???? NOT a good look on her. Alice Cooper wouldn’t even wear makeup like that ?????????
  8. Oldcrone

    S02.E07: Truth or Lie

    I will NEVER be able to hear Deck The Halls without picturing Pole duck walking running about shouting FALA! FALA la la la la la la la .....
  9. Oldcrone

    S02.E04: Family Ties

    I can just hear Darcey and Meester singing "Babe...I've got YOU babe" all the while knowing babe is the new word for asshole.
  10. Tough questions Drogo!!!! I would rather be the taste tester at Krispy Cream after having gastic bypass than to honestly answer question 3!!!
  11. Oldcrone

    S03.E08: Not Off the Hook

    Dying!!! Absolutley dying with laughter....and hell yes, I would watch it. Imagine the epic snark!!!
  12. Oldcrone

    S03.E08: Not Off the Hook

    I cans see her resume now...."I can translate Thai to En'lish while simultainiously shooting ping pong balls out my vajajay. Can type 50 WPM with my labia. Can multitask while working at a Blow Job Bar and make change in creative ways. "
  13. Correct me if I'm wrong but doesn't Mow-lee have a suspended licence? So her driving off in a huff ON CAMERA is a violation of her probation for the DUIs? Also, if Loooooeeeessse had jimmied the locked door, pushed his way in, slapped the phone out of her hand while calling 911 he would have been thrown in jail. But then, it's allllllll about Mow-lee and her need for drama. She is exhausting. I would blast the music also if I had to listen to that nails on the chalkboard voice of hers!! Died laughing when she screeched "and I broke a nail!!" like she had just had a finger amputated. Um, that's kind of what happens when you force your way into a room. And the speaker thing? I would have found the fuse box and shut the power off the to room. But then, I wouldn't have given a second look to Looeeese in the first place, much less bring him home to my DAUGHTERS!! Had a coughing fit when the therapist asked Amfisa what Jorges good qualities were....crickets chiriping...utter silence. Last season I did feel for him cuz she was pretty awful to him, erasing his phone, keying his car, sending him for her red make up bag.. screaming at him. But his true (utter lack of) personality came thru. He lied...and lied....and lied. I mean how stupid do you have to be to lie KNOWING you're being filmed. He just doesn't get it. Baby Baluga and Assan AKA My World? Sad...just sad....
  14. I have a new saying. Harvesting things more stooopider. Thank yew Mama Chantel. (slow hand clap for her to match her s l o w speech pattern.)
  15. I would like to thank each and every one of you for making my Mondays so wonderful!!!! The snark is epic! I now have to wear a Depends and have a towel with me for when I spit take coffee at my computer while simultaneously peeing on my self. And my parrot now has what I call the PTV Snark laugh... Life is good. Well, not for the idiots on the show...but for me!