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  1. laprin

    S06.E17: Reunion

    I like Kate, but she is far from perfect. Listening to Captain Lee twist everything in Kate’s favor was annoying. It’s almost like he is afraid that she will get pissed at him and leave the show. Otherwise, the reunion was pretty boring.
  2. laprin

    S06.E16: Au Revoir!

    According to this post, Ross’ ex did not want to get back with him, which is telling.
  3. laprin

    S06.E15: Shame Cocoon

    Rhylee is out here spilling tea and I’m here for it. Also, forgot this little gem from the episode: Kate: If you brush all the way to back of your tongue you’ll have better breath and get better at blow jobs. Josiah: (deadpan) Practice makes perfect. Me: Dead
  4. laprin

    S06.E15: Shame Cocoon

    I would not hire him as a chef in one of my restaurants. He is a lawsuit waiting to happen. Adrian is not only a creep but a prima donna. If you are a great chef, which he is, you can probably get away with one of those characteristics, but not both.
  5. laprin

    S06.E14: All That Glitters Isn't Gold

    Yes, she did. This combined with Adrian's inappropriate comments, Ashton's inappropriate quid pro quo to Laura and Josiah's sexual harrassment would be an HR person's worse nightmare in any other workplace setting. I think even for a reality show, this crossed the line last night .
  6. laprin

    S06.E13: I Said I Got It!

    Agreed. I am learning that blind hatred is a real thing. Also, my definition of underdog is apparently off. I always think of the underdog as someone that is victimized and unable to defend him or herself. Laura is perfectly able to defend herself with the best of them and came on board looking for a fight. After their exchange, it was Kate that I felt a bit sorry for because the crew comforted Laura although it was Kate that was verbally abused. My sense is that although they understood Laura was in the wrong, Kate's strong personality made them believe that she is immune to such abuse, whereas the emotional Laura needed a hug.
  7. laprin

    S06.E13: I Said I Got It!

    Ashton, Laura is not worth the grief. Rhylee giving Laura advice was a WTF moment. For a minute, I felt like I was watching something on Cinemax - over the sex scenes with Tyler and Rhylee. They like sleeping together. We get it.
  8. laprin

    S06.E12: Check Yourself!

    And, yet, Caroline still found reason to criticize Ross on Twitter. Why? Because she is a professional victim. I agree that Caroline has mental issues, but I think some of us are far too willing to give her a pass on her behavior. You can have mental issues and still be an asshole.
  9. Interestingly enough, I like both Madonna and Lady Gaga as entertainers. I was a huge Madonna fan growing up and Lady Gaga is one of the best vocalists working today. However, I was not blown away by either Madonna's acting in Evita (stilted and not much dialogue to work with) nor Lady Gaga (lacked the charm/charisma that Judy brought to the role).
  10. Yes! I also think critics judged Gaga’s performance on a curve because she’s a singer. I felt the same way about La La Land over the effusive praise for Ryan and Emma because they were singing and dancing. I was also relieved A Star is Born did not win Best Picture. I was bored silly and I enjoyed the version with Judy Garland.
  11. I truly hope Kate sues Caroline for every dime that Bravo paid her for the show. The burden of proof is on Caroline. She absolutely had no business repeating what is essentially a rumor in any forum much less one as public as Twitter. Caroline mentioned her mother's illness of her own volition. If she valued her privacy she would not be discussing it in a talking head. There is no comparing Bravo airing information Caroline volunteered with Caroline claiming that Kate does cocaine. I also reject the notion that a yacht person can be assumed to do coke. I went to the University of Florida, at the time dubbed one of the "biggest party colleges" in the country. I managed four years to make friends, enjoy all kinds of entertainment and still not ever touch alcohol.
  12. laprin

    S16.E05: Restaurant Wars Part 2

    Yeah, the only way I would get sucked into it is if the team decided at the start that whoever lost whatever bet we had going would do it. They could also decide that whoever had won at least one challenge would be excluded and the rest could battle it out over a card game. In any event, you should never volunteer for FOH unless you have a ton of experience at it. I don't know the stats, but it would seem that about 75% of the time the person doing FOH is booted.
  13. laprin

    S11.E08: Final Destin-ation

    Thank you. Minnie Riperton, Teena Marie, Regina Belle are a few examples of artist that had little crossover appeal, but are legends to the AA community. I would put New Edition in that category. I take it I’m one of very few people that actually owned a Blaque album. The group had potential, but were squeezed out by similar, more popular groups, like 702 and 3LW. This was the first episode of RHOA that I have watched this season so I don’t have much to say about Shamari or Tanya. I can say, I see that Nene is still an asshole.
  14. laprin

    Married To Medicine

    Nothing about Simone says “southern belle” except her address. She goes from 0-100 at the drop of a hat, a trait I associate with a “round-the-way girl.” I used to like Simone, but these last two seasons have not been good for her image. She strikes me as an angry person. I realize parenting and being a wife can be a chore, but she seems to take so little joy in it that I wonder what her sons think everytime she talks about prefering to live on her own. Her beef with Contessa during the reunion was completely unwarranted and over the top. She needs someone to truly check her because Contessa is apparently too classy to do it.
  15. laprin

    S06.E12: Check Yourself!

    Well, the camera adds 10 lbs and black is slimming. Maybe she’s just weight conscious.