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  1. Collinwood

    Mythbusters Jr.

    Fun show, but I miss Jamie.
  2. Collinwood

    Soap Operas

    Capitol didn't last very long, but they had a great cast. I particularly enjoyed Carolyn Jones. I have never understood why it or Santa Barbara didn't last longer.
  3. Collinwood

    Perry Mason

    . . . and on Monday night, the 27th, Perry starts all over again with a younger, thinner Raymond Burr. He lost 60 lbs. right before filming started on the show and then slowly put it back on over the course of nine seasons. Sad to see William Hopper look so much better at the beginning of the series. He passed away from complications of a stroke in 1972.
  4. Collinwood

    Science shows about prehistory and archeology

    Somebody please tell me that I'm not the only one watching Unearthed on the Science Channel. I appreciate the fact that not all the episodes are about well-known sites. I've actually learned quite a bit about Central and South American civilizations. Anyway, if you're visiting this forum the show is one you might find interesting. Each episode examines a site such as Ankor Wat and examines the underlying structure and what it would have looked like when it was in use. It's definitely worth a look and has some nice graphics.
  5. Collinwood

    S06.E01: An Infinite Capacity for Taking Pains

    After watching this episode I immediately wondered if this season's final episode will end with Sherlock and his new friend Michael having a fight near a waterfall.
  6. Collinwood

    Hunting Hitler

    Yes, but is Bob coming back for another season?!?!? I don't trust The History Channel--after all how long has The Curse of Oak Island been on the air? ASAIK they haven't found anything but a bone shard and a coin.
  7. Collinwood

    Hunting Hitler

    Alarming programming note. The History Channel website lists the Feb. 20 episode as the season finale, not the series finale. The History Channel does call the show Hunting Hitler: The Final Evidence, so I'm pretty sure the show is ending as was stated in the first episode this season, but if someone could assure me that Bob and company are done hunting Hitler I would really appreciate it.
  8. Collinwood

    Hunting Hitler

    Dear Show, How could you. You say the three little words you know I want to hear--wet Tim Kennedy--then you put him in the bulkiest wet suit in existence and have him dive in the icy North Sea. The next time Tim goes swimming I want to see him in a warm South American lake. Oh, and if you are truly interested in Norway's production of heavy water for the Nazis, I would suggest you read The Winter Fortress by Neal Bascomb. Sincerely, Collinwood
  9. Collinwood

    Hunting Hitler

    So on tonight's episode we have extensive discussion about documents hidden in a lake. Normally I would find that interesting but since Tim Kennedy was nowhere to be seen, not so much. Also I noticed on the bottom of the screen showing Klatenbrunner it was noted he was tried at Nuremberg and executed. Why didn't he escape with his friend Hitler I wonder? I'm getting the feeling this "final season" will conclude there is no real evidence that Hitler survived the war and escaped. That being said, it looks like Tim will be doing some repelling next week so I will be tuning in with some popcorn and a glass of merlot. Cheers.
  10. Collinwood

    Hunting Hitler

    I see an episode scheduled for December 26th that previews the new season. As long as Tim Kennedy is back and may go for a swim in some lake, I'm in.
  11. Collinwood

    Perry Mason

    FYI. The series is starting over its run tonight on MeTV. The first two seasons have a very noir feel to them which I love.
  12. Collinwood

    HGTV: Now With a Lot Less "G"

    HGTV used to show Stone House Revival with Jeff Devlin, so I was surprised to see new episodes listed for April 12 on DIY network. Is this the show's new home now? Anyway, for those who are interested, it looks like a new season is starting for the show.
  13. Collinwood

    Hunting Hitler

    Dear Tim Kennedy (retired special forces guy), Please go swimming in every episode at least once. Twice would be better. Thanks. Collinwood
  14. Collinwood

    S03.E06: Mad City: Follow the White Rabbit

    So everyone thinks NotMissKringle is real except for me. My first thought was poor Ed, he's seeing things again (like mirrorNygma). I thought that something would have to derail Oswald and Ed as a power couple and Ed spinning out of control as he did with Gordon would be the thing that did it, but the theory that Butch has created another Mother Falcone is better dramatically.
  15. Collinwood

    BUZZR TV: Classic Game Shows

    Hi Shapeshifter. I checked and Richard Dawson died of complications of esophageal cancer in 2012. Not a surprise really, the man smoked like a fiend.