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  1. daxx

    S04.E17: Best Laid Plans

    Like every child everywhere. Stupidest plot ever. “Charming we’ve made a terrible mistake” I love how Snow always starts this nonsense and always shares the blame with David. the more I watch this show the more I dislike Snow, if she calls herself a hero one more time...
  2. daxx

    S04.E16: Poor Unfortunate Soul

    Finally catching up. I enjoed this episode. It’s always nice to see Ariel slapping Hook again. I enjoyed seeing emilie almost blowing the scene where will comments on the size of Hook’s ship. The part about happy endings was sweet at the end.
  3. It would have been more interesting if Blue was the Black fairy in disguise and had taken her place centuries prior and was pulling the strings behind the scenes. She gave the first bean to Baelfire after all. She could have even given a bean to the spinsters for Rumple all those years before. Perhaps she saw Rumple interfering with her plans. The real Blue fairy could have shown up after escaping in the nick of time and given Emma some advice that helps her defeat the Black fairy. Perhaps she was in the land of untold stories or in the wish realm.
  4. daxx

    S04.E15: Enter The Dragon

    Boring episode. I see no reason to ever rewatch it again.
  5. daxx

    S04.E14: Unforgiven

    The only part of this episode I like is the c plot of Emma seeking out Hook’s history with Ursula and the speech about seeing the good in each other.
  6. Where rewatching seasons 1-3 reminds me what I loved about this show, the current rewatch,the later seasons, kind of bum me out as we get closer to the season that nearly broke the show for me. 6. It’s taking me longer each weekend to get to the rewatch. Season 3 I could hardly wait for the next week.
  7. daxx

    S04.E13: Darkness On The Edge Of Town

    I love the scene with Hook and Belle at the beginning. Too bad the show didn’t do more of that. The drive thru was fantastic. Still hate that Emma gives Regina all the credit when Belle and Hook did all the work. Sigh. Rest of the episode was kinda meh.
  8. daxx

    S04.E12: Heroes And Villains

    I hate everything about this episode. That is all I have to say about that.
  9. To be honest they very nearly did that but with the way Emma was treating Hook in season 6. If I think too hard on the way she treated him I get quite soured but I have to remember this wasn't in character and was purely to serve the plot so I can dismiss it as not being a character flaw in Emma and blsme bad writing.
  10. Well, that sucks, but Happy Birthday @Souris.
  11. daxx

    S04.E06: Family Business

    Adam: “I’m glad you love the show and noticed that we have been subverting expectations this season. Just wait, we are really just hitting our stride with these two episodes.”
  12. daxx

    S04.E06: Family Business

    It’s weird.
  13. daxx

    S04.E05: Breaking Glass

    I had this same thought. As to the rest of the episode. That part at the beginning where Hook brings the box is cute and that next scene where they go through Emma’s memories is sweet. What? There was more? Shortest episode ever.
  14. daxx

    OUAT Series Rewatch!

    I have red wine and dark chocolate. Although perhaps rum would have been the better choice for this duo.