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  1. To be honest they very nearly did that but with the way Emma was treating Hook in season 6. If I think too hard on the way she treated him I get quite soured but I have to remember this wasn't in character and was purely to serve the plot so I can dismiss it as not being a character flaw in Emma and blsme bad writing.
  2. Well, that sucks, but Happy Birthday @Souris.
  3. daxx

    S04.E06: Family Business

    Adam: “I’m glad you love the show and noticed that we have been subverting expectations this season. Just wait, we are really just hitting our stride with these two episodes.”
  4. daxx

    S04.E06: Family Business

    It’s weird.
  5. daxx

    S04.E05: Breaking Glass

    I had this same thought. As to the rest of the episode. That part at the beginning where Hook brings the box is cute and that next scene where they go through Emma’s memories is sweet. What? There was more? Shortest episode ever.
  6. daxx

    OUAT Series Rewatch!

    I have red wine and dark chocolate. Although perhaps rum would have been the better choice for this duo.
  7. daxx

    S04.E04: The Apprentice

    Once again plot needs trump all character progression and consistency.
  8. It would have been interesting if Emma knew who she was in the wish realm and if they’d have done proper world building and it truly was a version where Snowing won and raised Emma properly, had additional children as royals do, Emma not having a child or marrying Neal since he wouldn’t have been there and yes have an older Hook but not ancient and fat. There would be the drama of her experiencing the life her parents wanted to give her. Then no reason for Regina to kill Snowing, perhaps the adventure would have been Emma, Regina and Hook rescuing wish Emma, if the writing had been in character there’s no way Hook would sit back and let Regina save Emma.
  9. This is about it for me too. I was so disappointed in the 4a finale. Sigh.
  10. daxx

    S04.E03: Rocky Road

    It was Marian’s hair that had been affected by the ice magic, not Ingrid’s hair.
  11. daxx

    S04.E04: The Apprentice

    It always bothered me how Hook was written this episode. The only time he ever dismissed Emma’s concerns about anything was the date. She’s talking about the puddle at her car and he is totally dismissive of her literally saying “what does that prove?” With a tone he’s never really used with Emma. I can only assume it was meant to show the hand was affecting him, that and him hitting Will with his left hand. Except they never addressed that, in fact they contradicted that when Rumple said there was nothing wrong with the hand. Though perhaps Rumple’s an unreliable narrator, they never followed up on that at all.
  12. daxx

    S04.E01: A Tale Of Two Sisters

    Exactly! It’s quite ridiculous the way they manage the storylines on this show.
  13. daxx

    S04.E01: A Tale Of Two Sisters

    I really don’t understand the mindset of the rabid Regina stans. I agree with all that’s been said about how wonderful the Frozen crew was and how terrible Regina’s “redemption” arc is this episode. I was struck by the fact they open this season with Rumple promising Neal that he’ll be better. I do like that Hook calls Emma out for avoiding him and not being straight about why. hate this “frozen” callback with Emma talking to Regina through the door.
  14. If her mom had died she’d cease to exist like what was happening with Marty McFly in back to the future when he interrupted his parents meeting.
  15. My guess is her realm hopping silver slippers played a part in her getting that information.