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    S38.E05: It's Like the Worst Cocktail Party Ever

    Er, yes there is. Or no-one would bother to watch movies or go to the theater, etc. We read, interpret, and feel emotions and attitudes from others all the time. I do get that some people are pretty well immune to nuances in facial expression and vocal tonality, and others may not pay particular attention at any given moment, or at all; but one can discern all manner of emotions, attitudes, and general airs by observation. Past experience plays into this, also, I think in quite a big way - so if one was subjected to great levels of contempt growing up, one might be highly attuned to a micro-expression of contempt, for example.
  2. violet and green

    S17.E02: The Future Is Here

    Eh, Nadine is a bitch. She was rude and unkind last week, sitting right behind poor Frankie, and loudly rude and unkind this week when Wacky Hester was crying at the machine in front of hers. They are adult enough to speak up and veto the purchase of too much tulle at Mood, surely? And have a proper discussion regarding the use of remaining cloth, later. Anyway, I am enjoying Hester! In her talking heads, especially when she is worried, she looks just like Tammie Brown, off Drag Race. I quite like her designs, also. Obviously not for every day, just as something whimsical on the runway. Tess's colors were even clearer this week than last. She is not short of a good opinion of herself, or entitlement - but at least she spoke up for Sebastien's input and work on her look. That dear little bag! So pleased to see Sebastien Grey shine, and Kovid stay. Bishnu and the rest of that team were very impressive. Loving Meana and Brandon as judges, again this week. I really like this season.
  3. violet and green

    S38.E05: It's Like the Worst Cocktail Party Ever

    I don't know about this season... My favorite moment of the episode was mid-challenge when David finally snapped, after Lauren angrily shouted at him again, for the nth time - she's shouted his concentration to shreds in every puzzle challenge I can recall - but this was pure rage at him not going as or when or where she wanted through the ropes, and he snapped back, in a slightly squeaky voice, 'Stop shouting at me!' Actually, all the best bits were shouty! Reem going off like a mad dog at Chris for telling her she gave the box thing (I've now forgotten what it was!) away to Keith, when she did give the thing away to Keith. And Wentworth having conniptions on that wooden raft, as everyone else failed to achieve what she'd also failed to achieve - having 'dived in' like a four year old, herself. The only people I like in all three tribes still left are... David. (And Ron? I guess, for old time's sake, back in episode one. Maybe Aurora?) So pretty well everyone I have any desire to see win is on EoE. I like Victoria's hair, but yeesh. Insufferable. And that fecking snood or whatever it is. Julia finally got a confessional, and more than one, and she was...not charismatic. I can see why when short for time they left her on the cutting room floor until necessary-ish. Eric and Gavin seem amiable enough, but we hardly know ye. Joe, god bless him, needs to shave that annoying moustache off before I can take him seriously, and that's not going to happen. The Warthog is lousy in challenges, lazy around camp, apparently, and yet feels entitled to rule uber alles! Wentworth continues to flare her nostrils in barely contained rage and disgust, like a pernickety queen. Just as bizarre! Lauren looks great in her bikini as she is slowly starving... but that's about it, and it's hardly a healthy reminder. Anyway, I am sick of seeing someone who is not eating being listless and then shouting at other people as she does equally poorly in challenges - having actively voted off Chris, the strongest male in their dumb tribe, because Warthog said so. (I wish they'd all voted her off instead of cheerful Big Wendy, as maybe she would have taken the cheeseburger option.) I don't understand, as others have said, why they are not more actively seeking food, and even went so far as to discourage David from his fishing. Almost everyone left, apart from David and Ron, seems insufferably smug, or insufferably dull, or just plain insufferable. Good times! I am holding out hope for Gavin, Aurora, Ron, and maybe even Eric... But how would one know, as we've had nothing but the drama of the stupido tribe cannibalizing itself week after week. Really, I would like the whole of the rest of the season just to be about the EoE people losing their minds and/or cracking dark jokes, with sudden pans to huge closeups of Aubry skulking about looking morose.
  4. violet and green

    S38.E04: I Need a Dance Partner

    Reem was shown weaving palm fronds on her first day there. I don't know what happened with that... Maybe it blew off!
  5. violet and green

    S38 Preview & Speculation Thread

    Hmmm... I am just so excited to have a double episode, at this point! I am hoping something happens that means we don't have yet another old Manu/newLesu tribal council, because boy am I sick of seeing them there. It also means Extinction is (mostly) full of people I like and not everyone can come back, so that will be sad. That said, having Warty blindsided would be thrilling! More footage of Extincto Island would be good, for me, anyway. I want to see a mutiny! Or a full on gridsearch of the Isle. I want to see Chris and Devens go Robinson Crusoe... get inventive, dig in hard. All that.
  6. violet and green

    S17.E01: Premiere

    Phew, what a relief! I totally enjoyed that. I'd have liked longer shots of the actual runway - and I loathed the winning designer's personality, and thought her look was quite the rip-off of Kovid's design in the opening party runway - but aside from that, so good to have decent production values back, a peppy feel to the whole thing, no overt favoritism or cute flirting from the judges towards any individual designers as per All Stars, a two day challenge, an empathetic mentor, an elegant host... Marvellous! I really like some of the designers, and look forward to seeing the season progress. And I'm glad Frankie was allowed to stay, just for the outpouring of emotion and encouragement from the rest of the contestants. (It just all makes a big and welcome change after watching Michelle's bitchy snide talking heads, in PRAS, even as she comments on the designs by 'one of my best friends'...) Meana back, looking fab! I like Brandon, also. I am interested to see more from Kovid, Afa, Hester the Kookie Girl, and Renee, and also especially Sebastian Grey.
  7. violet and green

    S07.E11: Nina Says Don't Cry Over Spilt Silk

    Does being color blind mean you only choose harsh and ugly shades of the colors you can recognize, though? Aside form that, you can do a lot with neutrals, as Christina has shown. Anyway, gone.
  8. violet and green

    S38.E04: I Need a Dance Partner

    Good ole Warty spoils things again... David and Kelley continue to suck at puzzles, not helped by Lauren who always yells bad advice at them. The best parts were Reem's sour voice and "Read the sign, bro," "This ain't no Holiday Inn," etc at the start, and Wendy delighting Aubry by spilling the beans on the old Manu pecking order, and Operation Release the Chooks! And the beautiful squid footage...
  9. violet and green

    S07.E11: Nina Says Don't Cry Over Spilt Silk

    Irina was at another designer's sewing machine again this week, at a crucial point. Poor Dmitri, my beautiful vampire... That was one sad runway. I am glad AR has finally gone; he should have gone home week one, or in any of the intervening challenges when he made fugly blue or fugly yellow or fugly blue and yellow outfits. He was really petulant at being the one voted out! And after he'd stolen Sean's fishing lure/feather look, too! I really enjoyed Iris Apfel. I wish she was a regular judge, to cut through the crap Georgina and Isaac (and even Meana tonight) spin re their favorites.
  10. violet and green

    S38.E03: Betrayals Are Going to Get Exposed

    She said it was throbbing. You can't just 'exaggerate' and thereby cause to form a large swelling. Maybe she's using makeup, do you think?! Edit: I think she also 'noticed the pain' when she said, "Oh, fuck!"
  11. violet and green

    S38.E03: Betrayals Are Going to Get Exposed

    Oh? Why did the show caption her exclamation, "Oh ------!", and I quote, then? She kept going as she was in a challenge and is not a quitter, I guess, and as she said, although she was aware she'd hurt herself the pain got worse as time went on post challenge as the injury bruised and swelled; which inflammation is just the body leaping in to begin the process of healing itself, and the pain suggesting you protect the injured part. This is a pointless argument, as you are just going to refute the facts in order to paint Wendy, who I like and find amusing and endearing, as this as you said 'despicable' person. Clearly we are viewing the same contestant and the same edited footage through a different lens. But... if you go back and rewatch the trial: having completed her part and injuring her ankle in the process, she stands awkwardly, intently watching the next sections of it, and applauds the win, and then she is walking quite tentatively - I would not say limping - but her gait shows she is having some trouble with her left foot after the win, as they leave the area. Then we see her back at camp, seated with her left leg elevated and saying, "This should be happy, it's our first win!"' as we get vision of her tribe leaving the challenge area, and her walking a little tentatively. "But suddenly my ankle started throbbing when I was leaving the challenge and I looked down and I kept thinking it was really tender and it was looking really swollen" and we get vision of her looking concerned as she's walking and fanning her face a little with one hand "and now I can't even move it. God, it just keeps getting worse." Some of this was hard to hear and transcribe precisely. Then we backtrack and we see two of the kinder men, Chris and Rick Devens, assisting her up the little hill to their camp, so she can keep her weight off it. She tells them to just put her down anywhere - hardly the actions of a drama queen, but I digress. She continues with her confessional - interspliced with single shots of David particularly looking concerned, and the whole tribe standing around as she tells them "On the second part of the challenge I had to disassemble this big wheelbarrow and I lifted up the pin and I took out the wheel and it" [the barrow itself, not the pin as I had thought] "just fell on my ankle. I was just so focused on the challenge I was like 'I'll worry about it later'. The wheelbarrow, all of it, fell on me, and it hurt. I just pulled the wheel out and we ran, just to finish, and so I did notice it was hurting but not this bad." At this point she is looking a bit sad and scared. Then we cut back to talking head/confessional: "So as I was walking to camp - I guess because I had calmed down a bit, or something" [from the adrenaline of the challenge] "it just, like it just started throbbing" (huge closeup of the degree of swelling from another angle) "and progressively got worse and worse. And I'm just, like, worried because I've never broken anything" (she starts to cry and pulls her buff down briefly to hide her face and wipe her eyes) "and I just don't want this to be serious." There are also interspersed shots of her face in both physical and emotional pain. She's already bottom of the tribe... All of that reads to me perfectly of a pain story. The initial injury. The shock of the injury at the time, but one is able to carry on. Then you notice the knee isn't bending, or the toe or the entire foot has turned black, the ankle, the foot, the whole lower leg is swelling, etc. Movement becomes more and more difficult as time passes... It's the reverse story to a more minor injury, ie. Anyway, I am not going to type out the entire episode. Wendy's injury story is not a fabrication, it is clear.
  12. violet and green

    S07.E10: Climate Quick Change

    This is a very strange show. I wonder if the producers are just trolling us, the loyal viewers, for the lols. They got rid of most of the international designers/winners of their seasons for any minor infraction that could be invented - keeping in people like Anya who still couldn't actually sew for ages past their first aborted eviction (bizarre); and then there are endless fugly designs week after week, complete with obnoxious talking heads from Anthony Ryan and Michelle, and not only are they not in the bottom three, they win the challenge over and over! Dmitri is not at his best this season. Irina's taste has always been questionable to me. But I would love to have seen more of what people with actual design, construction, and sewing skills - like Christina, Juli, Jasper, Sunny, and Cynthia, or poor early-boot Seth, for god's sake - could have come up with in these later challenges, rather than see the judges' pets AR and Michelle's horrid creations winning rave responses, and one has to assume the final prize. Ugh!
  13. violet and green

    S38.E03: Betrayals Are Going to Get Exposed

    During the challenge when she dropped the heavy bolt I think it was, she said (they captioned it "O ------!"): "Oh, fuck!" when it landed on her ankle. You don't get a bruise that dark and large in a short amount of time without significant damage. It wasn't a case of her noticing the bruise and capitalising on it, as you say. She was in pain on the walk back, as she said in footage we saw. Her campmates dumped her unceremoniously in a spot and then in a bored voice with zero sincerity, Lauren said they would get her stuff, ditto. They dumped her like a piece of rubbish, promptly ignored her. And later they made fun of her. She's been on the bottom since it was decided that the - as you saw it - incredibly weak older woman (who was weak by dint of her oldness and womanness, apparently - or so you told me 45 times) and the friendly young black kid, and the girl with Tourette's in the surf together working on strengthening Keith's swimming prowess were easy targets and/or dispensible. Maybe they were. It seemed a bit unpleasant to me. You sound really shrill.
  14. violet and green

    S38 Wendy Diaz

    Yeah, go Big Wendy!
  15. violet and green

    S38.E03: Betrayals Are Going to Get Exposed

    She walked home from the challenge and as she did so her ankle began hurting and throbbing more and more, she said, until she realised she had injured it quite badly by dropping the heavy part on it, getting her tribe that wheel. Then they carried her up the hill. She sat with it elevated for a while, as we saw. We didn't see when the medic came and assessed and bandaged it, but once an injury of the foot is bandaged it's easier to walk on it. And she had been able to walk on it in some way prior. Maybe the pain of taking off with the flint was worth it. At some point (who cares when) she makeshifted a crutch, to assist with the pain when walking. That may have been a day later for all we know, there is only so much sitting and resting and elevating you can do, and one has calls of nature to answer. We have seen her with it elevated, we have seen the degree of bruising - and from past experience when the bruising is that bad that fast it is a painful injury - and we have seen her with it bandaged and the bandage dirtying from wear. Time is passing in the footage we've seen, therefore. She is not just bunging it on. And I don't think she has been 'getting around fine' at any point since the challenge where she injured it. But nasty pasties will mock anyone they see as weaker than them. I can't think of when a good time would be to mock someone who is injured, but who still put her best in in both challenges.