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  1. this was what I posted on twop: I *loved* this finale. As a full on capitanswan shipper this was awesome. :) I loved all the snowing scenes as well. As someone that has never really warmed up to Regina I was not upset with her not getting her happy ending. did she not care at all that she was the one that murdered (or would have) Robin's wife? no, it's all Emma's fault. She's always been good at blaming others and it looks like that has never changed. the rumbelle wedding. whatever. naming the baby Neal...not happy about that. I never got to see Frozen so I don't really care about Elsa? coming to storybrooke I am glad Emma got her white magic back due to her love for her family and not a true love kiss as some people were speculating. that's too soon for emma and hook. her calling her parents mom and dad was so good.
  2. Verly

    New To Previously TV!

    I am also a TWOP refugee. I am Verly here, there and everywhere ( I do sometimes add a "babe" or a "girl" at the end, but it's short for my first name.. Beverly) I have been a registered member since 2006, but I am sure I was a lurker/reader even before that. I mainly stalked the OUAT and American Idol, Face Off and Commercial sections. I am a current watcher of Once Upon a time, American Idol (yes, even this year), Walking Dead, and Face Off. I mainly play video games and share screenshots on my tumblr when I am not working on my master's degree in management. It was the original TWOP that taught me that it was ok to genuinely like a show and also snark the hell out of it.
  3. Verly

    Small Talk: a.k.a. 'The Meet Market'

    I do not think I posted in the OUAT forum on TWOP, but I lurked every week, and read the recaps. I mainly ran to TWOP because following fan reactions on Tumblr can be tedious at times and I always like the honest, but intelligent responses in regards to my favorite show on current television. I'd been a member there since 2006 (just checked). I had been years, but I used to post in the American Idol area. (Only TWOP claim to fame was that I named the Elliott Yamin thread). I will try to make this site my new tv forum home, but it will take time to get used to. I will also actually try to add my own reactions to the show, but in all honesty, will probably still be lurking. lol