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  1. merylinkid

    The Disappearance of Madeleine McCann

    The Portuguese Inspector was just full of it. His version was implausible on the face of it. The McCanns, who are visitors remember, kill their daughter, then hide the body so well in an area they are unfamiliar with that those who are familiar with the area can't find it? Yeah no. He's like every horror movie official "But, but, but the tourists!!!! If we announce there is a crime/monster going on here, the tourists won't come. Then our economy will tank." If he admits there is a pedophile ring operating in the area, no tourist income. But if he says its a one time thing by the parents of the missing kid, the tourists will come because they surely won't kill their own kids. I'm glad the McCanns sued his ass.
  2. merylinkid

    Leaving Neverland

    Just justifying another rich reclusive singer's disgusting behavior. Her sense of privilege is strong. Dementia does not make you say things you don't really believe. It just removes the inhibitions to say things you know you shouldn't say in polite company. Even if she were having dementia, which is probably not the case, those thoughts are still on her head. As for Jackson's kids, he didn't want black kids. If he were their bio dad, there was a chance they would look like him. So he used donor sperm and a white blond woman to be the mom, instant white kids.
  3. merylinkid

    Miscellaneous Celebrity News

    Unbelievable. Apparently Sara Gilbert is so powerful that one tweet can take over the world. If you read further, Roseanne's kids know the truth. They changed her password on her twitter account and they each know part of it. So Roseanne "can't bully one of them into turning it over." Which tells you all you need to know about how Roseanne is as a mother.
  4. merylinkid

    Miscellaneous Celebrity News

    Which one, the one married to the guy who is under investigation for various things in the UK, or the other spoiled one?
  5. merylinkid

    Miscellaneous Celebrity News

    I like the wrapping things too. It's a personal touch she didn't have to do. Sure it fed her shopping habit, but she could have fed that WITHOUT making it a gift giving event. There's a fine line between collecting/hoarding. Candy has hers under control if she could give gifts to everyone. Tori, not so much. Unfortunately, for her to see a therapist about it she has to want to get help.
  6. merylinkid

    The Curse Of Oak Island

    RIP Dan.
  7. merylinkid

    Miscellaneous Celebrity News

    I can see how these kids didn't know about the accomodations. The ones whose parents needed to cheat for them were not, shall we say, the most academically inclined. They didn't know how the SAT/ACT worked becuase they weren't hanging out with the kids who were freaking out over the tests and college applications. They were off partying and you tubing and instagramming. So if mom or dad said "you will take a test at your school in a room by yourself" these dippy kids probably thought EVERYONE was taking the test separately. They didn't know everyone was all a room together being distracted by humming guy and rocking girl. Basically these kids were so not into school and so self-centered their parents could lie to them. Oh go put on these clothes for a photo shoot. Oh go take this test here with this much time.
  8. merylinkid

    From Across The Pond: Royal Weddings and Scandals

    They were handing out shamrocks to the Irish Guards at Hunslow they didn't actually go to Ireland. Zara and Mike Phillips daughter Lena was christened yesterday. The Queen made an appearance. No Philip. Harry is godfather so he and Meghan were there.
  9. merylinkid

    Other Pro Gridiron Football (AAF, XFL, CFL..)

    Why not? The only reason only one forward pass is allowed is because the rulebook says so. Heck, the original rulebook didn't allow ANY forward passes. there is no legitimate reason to not allow forward passes in a play other than tradition.
  10. merylinkid

    Miscellaneous Celebrity News

    They knew the President of the Board of Trustees and STILL had to bribe her in. Think about that for a moment. Yeah college is not for this kid right now. Who knows maybe in a few years when she gets some life experience, she might be ready. So let her be a dippy You Tube Influencer (just don't let her go to any music festivals without making sure there is actually food and water there first) if she wants for a while, college will still be there. Talked to a friend of mine who is a special ed teacher. She is FURIOUS. Her kids don't always get the accomodations they legitimately need. But these twits have the money to go buy a doctor to get the notes they need and gather all the documentation they need to get fake accomodations. Ugh.
  11. One of the claims in Depp's lawsuit is that it cost him the role of Jack Sparrow. Now how he is going to prove that I don't know. But it could explain the timing, that after the divorce he thought he could move on and his major role is gone.
  12. merylinkid

    Miscellaneous Celebrity News

    I was not thrilled they showed up at Huffman's house for a full on raid. The prosecutor already HAS the evidence, if they shred emails now that the prosecutor already has, they just look even worse. There was absolute no reason for it. But a criminal defense attorney I know said "hey if they are going to do this for a few grams of pot, they can do this for her." I get his attitude. As for the focus on Huffman and Loughlin, what is not being well covered is several of the coaches/admissions officers already pled guilty. No point covering them. The attention is on the folks who haven't pled yet. This is actually a huge deal. It's about corruption. Little corruption and big corruption. It's about "how we do things in this country." Yeah there are problems -- BIG PROBLEMS. But we try to fix them and rooting out corruption is one way to avoid a biased system in favor of those WITH money versus the homeless black lady who used her babysitter's address. BTW, sadly that one had a simple solution, just work with the school. There are actually rules about how to handle homeless kids addresses. But you know, homeless, lack of resources, no one told her and she didn't know how to find out. So yeah, not letting rich white folks get away with faking test scores, and bribing coaches is something we want to do. Will it solve everything. No. But it's something. It's better than shrugging and going "eh bigger things to worry about."
  13. merylinkid

    NFL Thread

    Don't get too excited. This all looks great on paper. It's what happens on the field come September. You can assemble the greatest players on earth but if you don't know what to do with them, it doesn't matter. These are still the Browns remember. Washington always wins the offseason, how many trophies do they have? Along those same lines, a lot of now former Steelers are going to find out that a lot of green doesn't matter if you are sitting at home in January.
  14. merylinkid

    Miscellaneous Celebrity News

    Or use that money for tutors for your dumb kid so they can do well on the tests without cheating.
  15. merylinkid

    Miscellaneous Celebrity News

    He only took the SAT or ACT for them. Which having taken both those, the GRE, the LSAT and the Bar Exam, all I can say is "not enough freaking money in the world" to take them multiple times.