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  1. Chickabiddy

    S09.E15: Hotheads and Hookahs

    If Jennifer wants Bill home more, maybe she should downsize and spend less money. Sure, plastic surgeons make bank, but that tacky mausoleum has to cost a bloody fortune in upkeep...not to mention all the crap she is constantly buying for her litter of miscreants. Stay at Home women with lavish lifestyles crack me up when they complain their husbands are never around. How else is all that “designer” shit and tequila supposed to get paid for? Maybe Dr.Bill could cut out a couple rhinoplasties and a few liposuctionsa week if you he house had “only” five bathrooms and a movie theatre OR a basketball court.
  2. Chickabiddy

    S06.E13 & E14: Tell-All

    So, I’ll keep it brief tonight No really!! 😜This shit show has just worn me out!! It’s taken me two martinis to wade through all the bullshit. So let’s get started beforecmartini 3 starts to get warm. 😉 First, there were a whole lot of people in glass houses throwing a whole lotta stones. Hope no one one is walking barefoot on set. Yikes!! Kalani really had her full rack on display for the reunion. I hope the girls got an appearance fee for that night out. Eric and Leida are trash...the worst kind of hypocritical trash. The only thing keeping me calm, besides the gin, is that Karma has their number and will be making a house call soon enough. Oh, and Tasha needs a hug...and a makeover ...but I digress. I blame the gin. Christ on a cracker! Steven is sounding like a wise man beyond his years. His arguments are wise and cogent. Just as I started thinking people in hell must be drinking ice water, I realized that even a stopped clock is right twice a day. 😉 I see Steven gone brunette. What? No GoFundMe for bad bleach jobs? Taking relationship from Johnny and Fernanda would be hilarious if it weren’t so sad. Oh, and I love Fernanda accusing Larissa of what she is doing....marrying for a green card. 🙄 Larissa is right. They are all boring and jealous....maybe not of her relationship....but they are sure as shit jealous of her ability to hold an audience. Frankly, of all these losers, Larissa and Colt seem to have the most real relationship.....as messy and as fucked up and as unhealthy as it is.... Oops, my post got a little longer than I planned. I blame the gin.... And these people. These fucking people. (I may now need therapy after weeks of these crazy people...but thanks for the fun ride, everyone.) 😘
  3. Chickabiddy

    S09.E10: From Turkey With Love

    Just need to share that I found Delores’ whole Lady Bountiful act gag inducing. She really seemed to enjoy prancing around the event a little too much, pointing out “this one” and and “that one” as props in her personal pantomime of “See How Generous and humble I Am.” As others have posted, there was nothing particularly useful or helpful in any meaningful way about the services or goodie bags provided. The whole event was just one long hand job for Delores’ ego. 🤮 As for Joe Gorga, methinks he is just a lithe bit jealous of Melissa’s business success. Remind me again who had to sell his restaurant because of a “dispute” with his business partner? Loser. And Nonno certainly came off as s randy old goat this episode. He may be a pain to have around the house, but Theresa needs to stop complaining as if he some added burden to to her schtick of “Working Single Mom Of 4” He helps her cook and is there to drive the girls around so she can hang out with friend at home. Jackie lost me when she caved in to Theresa. Jackie is no tough girl. She tried to play one on TV but gave up after 30 minutes. 🙄 Forgot to add that Jennifer’s new SiL is no mail order bride - in that she didn’t actually arrive in the mail. ;-) But otherwise that marriage is totally transactional. They should have tried for a spot on 90- Day Fiance. Something must be really wrong with the brother to have to resort to importing a bride from the old country. In a “traditional values” culture, any man with a stable job should be able to find a wife by 45. I don’t think Marge’s comment was egregious. Seems pretty accurate, actually. And she said it in “private” Theresa has to run back to Jennifer as fast as she could (Thanks cardio!) to blab to her. It’s not like Marge was running her mouth like that at the wedding...or ya know...disparaging her hostess in her in own home to her own face. .
  4. Chickabiddy

    S06.E12: Make It Or Break It

    Totally this. She could have gone to Goodwill with Larissa, for example. :)
  5. Chickabiddy

    S06.E12: Make It Or Break It

    I love how remorseful Jay seems now that he is caught and he sees that green card slipping away. Love Jay’s claim that at least he didn’t have sex...it was just a few messages...because he got his ass busted before he could seal the deal. And Eric never fails to disappoint. When he said he wanted to let the girls know how important......how important it was for the girls to support him on his wedding day. Silly me I thought he was going to say he wanted to let the girls know how important they were to him. When will I learn??! 🙄 I will say I am fucking elated that Eric is no longer charged with providing for any aspect of our national defense because if his wedding day is just another mission for him - and he forgets his fucking pants - let’s just breathe a sigh of relief that we are all safer for the fact that Sergeant Stupid is back in civies. Jesus Jones, what a douche... And it looks like the lion’s share of the flower budget went towards Eric’s ginormous boutonnière. 🙄 Leida seems a lot more in love with living in America than living with Eric as his wife. Can’t say that I blame her. What a schlub. So, while Olga seemed truly sad to say goodbye to Steven, she didn’t let that baby out of her arms for a hot second. It’s like some deep seated maternal instinct wasn’t going to give Steven the slightest chance to try and make a run for it with baby in tow. Good for her. And Colt and Debbie wearing matching pinks...and Colt wanting his mother to give HIM away?!?! You just can’t make this shit up. Holy Hell...it’s like Colt is the blushing bride who really wants to marry his mom. And she has never seen him in a suit?!?! He never had to wear one for a job interview...not one time? And Cousin John wears the same attire for a wedding that he wears to a backyard barbecue. Why am I not surprised? And why am I not surprised that he and wifey showed up for the wedding? She is so thirsty for camera time. And John just wanted to rage watch and fantasize about giving Larissa the discipline he thinks she needs. What a sad little ragtag wedding and crew. Colt invited John just to antagonize Larissa. He really gets off on antagonizing her. And then he fucking called the police on her for a fight. A fight with no mention of someone laying hands on someone else. If he called the police on her for yelling and scramming, than he really is a feckless, useless sack of shit. He certainly had no problem with John’s raging temper tantrum. Klassy Kalani chomping on a wad of gum in her wedding dress and bright red lipstick right before the ceremony. 🙄 Truly, I just don’t understand the fashion choices and esthetic philosophy of any of these fucking people....because of course long, loose hair is the perfect choice for a wedding on the windy deck of the “Titanic.” 🙄 I’ve done so much eye rolling tonight that they just may get stuck in the back of my head. These people. These fucking people....
  6. Chickabiddy

    S06.E11: Where Truth Lies

    Umm, yeah, Eric, you are not between a rock and a hard place, asshole, you are between your daughter and a psycho bitch wife to be. Despite all your protestations to the contrary, you have total control of the situation and can make a choice in favor of the girls you claim to love so much. Oh, but wait, you tearfully informed us that you’ve been doing for your children for 20 years, and now it’s time to do for you? Newsflash: parenthood doesn’t just stop when you’re ready for it to end; it’s an ongoing commitment. Just ask your dad, he seems to have given you money several times during your adulthood. I don’t want to throw shade at Eric’s girls. They have enough going on without that, but why the fuckety fuck does Olga from a “poorer country with fewer opportunities” look cleaner and better groomed than all three of those girls? Although, I got to say the Tasha looks way better with the lighter hair. Talk about 110% improvement. I hope everyone who thought Fernanda was an immature brat and totally unready for marriage last episode is now eating crow after listening to her very mature, responsible apology letter and discussion with Jonathan. I was impressed by her ability to be humble and take one for the team for both of them. And for the record, I was impressed by Jonathan’s ability to see things from her perspective. His realization deserves a gold star, too. 🌟 And why the fuck is Kolini bawling like a jilted lover when she found our Kalani is pregnant? It’s like she was holding out hope that Kalani would leave Asuelo at the alter for her....and now the pregnancy makes that wild dream impossible. And again with the “Asuelo did this on purpose just to stay in America.” As if he fucking sneaked up on Kalani with a fucking turkey baster under the cover of night. Something in that family just ain’t right.. And I am so over the blaming, shaming and hating of Asuelo. Ashley, Ashley, Ashley, once a player, always a player. Girl, you should know better at your age. I bet the smug-o-meter at Natalie’s house broke the minute Ashley knocked on the door. Maybe next time Ashley won’t be so quick to throw her friends overboard for a hot piece of ass... Colt and Larissa - Don’t care and can’t be bothered. Though Debbie did admit he was a Mana’s Boy. That surprised me. For now, I really hope Steven and Olga work out. That little bit of unexpected pleasantness between them let me forgo the second martini. ;-) Maybe Christmas did come early this year.
  7. Chickabiddy

    S06.E10: Backed Into a Corner

    So because Johnathan has the economic power in the relationship, he can disregard and ignore his wife’s emotional needs and psychological vulnerabilities? This isn’t a corporate merger where the weaker partner has to bow down to a he dominance of a partner with more valuable stock. It’s supposed to be a marriage. Johnny better watch out. The next recession or credit crunch could wipe out all his economic power with Fer paying the bills. And with the age difference, there may come a day when he has to rely on her for a lot more than an Amazon bill. Power balances can shift in a split second. As for Fer calling her dad, it’s not like she can call up her bestie and go to the bar for ladies’s night to blow off some steam. 🙄
  8. Chickabiddy

    S06.E10: Backed Into a Corner

    Amen to this. And just to add- My husband and I each give each other a very long leash. It’s been key to our 20 year marriage. We trust each other. We would never dream of sharing or asking for cell phone passwords etc. For us it is unspoken trust and respect. BUT - It was a dick move for Johnathan to go out and leave Fernanda because she IS stuck at home with no real options to go out with her own friends to blow off some steam. For 90 days, I would hope douche bro could just hang out with his fiancé. After she is more settled and has more of a support system here, he should feel free to go out for the occasional drink. But for right now, he should be gracious enough to appreciate the power imbalance and just be there for his future wife when she is feeling weak and vulnerable. We saw one scene where she was freaking out. Is no one allowed to have a bad day or a weak moment ? And I think it’s rich to say that Fernanda needs to act like an adult when we have seen plenty of “adults” far older than she is who acting like unhinged brats and making loads of bad decisions. Yes, she has social media and the Internet, but that is a poor substitute for actual human contact, especially for a vibrant extrovert. Fernanda has been in the US less than 90 days. Has anybody here ever moved to a new country and had their social network and new life in place by week 8, particularly if they are not working and meeting peoples that way? If so, I would love to hear about the magic formula. As for using Uber/Lyft to get out to the library or wherever. That can be an expensive outing. American suburbia is known for its never ending sprawl of boring tract housing. Walking the neighborhood everyday could get pretty boring. and walking your way to to a strip mall or coffee place is in impossible. Most places don’t even have sudewalks. Ride services ain’t cheap either. 10 bucks as a lowball average each way is a 20$ ride to the library or Starbucks. Three rides a week adds up to $240 bucks a month. And we already have Johnacthan throwing Fernanda’s Amazon bill and her boobs in her face. Who wants to add an Uber bill to his munitions pile? I have been in a very similar situation to all of he foreign fiancés, albeit in the opposite direction, and with a way better spouse. 😊Having walked in n their shoes, I have a ton of empathy for them. Try to imagine your last move to to a totally unfamiliar town or city. Now, layer on culture shock and a language barrier. Add to that the pressure of a new relationship, no job, and no wheels. And just think what a camera lens might have caught if you were having a bad day. And yes, I get it. They all made a choice to come here, and can always go home. But are you always thrilled with your daily life? It is, after all, the sum total of all your past choices. I just think a little empathy goes a long way....and it’s free! No monthly fee or down payment whatsoever. 😉
  9. Chickabiddy

    Steven & Olga: Babies With Babies

    This is actually a US rule no matter you live or are. And it goes for renewals as well. It’s kind of a pain, but I totally understand why they do it. My husband and I have had to both be present when submitting our son’s passport application/renewal each of the four times since he was born. However, someone posted upthread that US embassy security protocols in Moscow prevent non nationals from entering the premises. So, there must havevbe some work around. Regardless of Richie’s status as a freshly minted US citizen, he is still also a Russian national, and ain’t no way the Russian bureaucracy/regime is gonna let punk ass Steven slip over the boarder with a Russian baby. Especially with the current political climate, Russia is hyper protective of its citizens’ rights, particularly in the face of what they see as American Hegemony or cultural imperialism. You know like when Steven claims that America is soo much better than Russia. As in the jobless, feckless couch surfer,who has no idea what an SSN number is, has a better future than the independent, bilingual college student who has her own apartment and is an international traveler. 🙄 In retaliation for the sanctions put in place by the Magnitsky Act, the Putin regime halted all US adoptions of Russian children...even adoptions that were in the final stages were halted. The reason given was that the Russian heritage and identity of those children needed to be protected from Americans swooping in to deny them the their cultural birthright. So, with all that said, I could even see Steven getting his ass detained if he tried to pull a fast one and smuggle the baby out of Mother Russia. Now, that would an episode I could enjoy....maybe a crossover show with “Russia’s Toughest Prisons.” Vodka, anyone? 😉
  10. Chickabiddy

    S06.E10: Backed Into a Corner

    I have a load of sympathy for Fernanda. I moved to Germany with my husband when I was 28. I speak German. I love Europe. I get Europe - but Jesus Christ, those first couple months in country were really hard. I left behind my family, my friends, my vibrant career, my whole social support system…just like every other fiancé on the show. I know. I know. 😉 But, man, those first few months when you are trying to make a life from basically scratch in a new place are hard. I remember one time when my husband went out with some colleagueson a Friday night, and he stayed out till after two in the morning. It was a work thing, and I understood, but I still wanted to kill him. I had been home alone all day, and at the end of a long week, felt so lonely and isolated. Now, this was about 20 years ago, so communication options were a bit more limited, but I had 10 years on Fernanda, and was still so lonely and isolated after a long week alone. All these years later, that moment of lonely isolation is still with me. I am willing to give Fer a pass for this freak out. Maybe she was just having a bad day at the end of a long week. Nobody is 100 percent strong 100 percent of the time. And let’s be honest, Johnny, you bought Fer’s bewbies for you, too. 🙄 Leida, Eric, and Steven are just terrible awful fucktards, and each one deserves to have a piano fall on his/her head. And now when fat Kardashian Kalani shows up on my screen, I just see red, and my heart begins to race in rage. In addition to all her other contraception and “Asuelo got me pregnant by staring at me too hard from across the room” bullshit, I have to now watch her sit like a mute blob, unable to make eye contact whenever she converses with her family on difficult topics. She did again last night - just sitting there, eyes downcast, saying fuck all, and making the non native speaker break the tough news to HER mother. It’s like she thinks sitting there like a dumb, sobbing tub of lard will absolve her of responsibility for her actions, and garner her pity for the poor, poor overgrown baby she is. It’s the coping mechanism of a totally weak and ineffectual person, which I could forgive if she weren’t simultaneously such a smug, arrogant know-it-all who just loves shitting all over Asuelo ( the magical impregnator of innocent waifs) every chance she gets. Ugh, these people, these fucking people. P.S. Can someone please explain to me how Eric can sit back and claim so sanctimoniously that Tasha is 19 and needs to grow up when she was the one who took in his broke ass after he was living in HIS CAR for several weeks? Whoever said that no good deed goes unpunished was so spot on. I just hope that Tasha has learned her lesson and leaves her dirt bag dad in his car after Leida bleeds him dry and dumps him....because we all know she will. I hope to hell that next time Tasha’s relationship math vis a vis her dad is just as cold and viscous as her dad’s was about her.
  11. Chickabiddy

    Steven & Olga: Babies With Babies

    It may well be the case that what Olga is saying is true. And I don’t have a problem taking her at her word because we all know what those editing monkeys are capable of. HOWEVER, we also can’t deny the fact that women defend and protect their abusive husbands, boyfriends, SO’s all the time. They refuse to press charges and return to men after each successive beating or act of violence. They make excuses for the abuser and blame themselves for not being good enough, kind enough, understanding enough, and on and on. Not so fun fact - The number one cause of death of pregnant women is homicide at the hands of her partner. I am not saying that Stephen is currently violent with Olga or that he will kill her, but pregnancy and the high stress of having a newborn at home are more dangerous for women than a lot of people want to acknowledge. Olga’s denials may be believable, but we also have to be open to the possibility that she is in denial. Given her upbringing and the general attitudes about DV in Russia, Olga might think that such maltreatment that we all saw on camera is normal, and that it is her job to manage Stephen and his temper. For me, the jury is still out. And whatever the reason for Stephen’s disturbing behavior on camera, be it editing monkeys, normal stress related to a new baby, poor upbringing, or serious personality disorder, the salient point is that the behavior was disturbing.
  12. Chickabiddy

    S07.E28: Modern Families

    To be fair, there was a camera crew set up in the living room to record Bentley’s homecoming. It’s not like he got dropped off at 5:15 pm on a Wednesday to a dark house, and the droper offer wasn’t sure if Maci and Taylor were held up st the office. Ha! Maci and Taylor working late at the office. I crack me up sometimes. 😂
  13. Chickabiddy

    S06.E08: Ready to Run

    Stop?? What?? Getting a visa to visit the US can be very challenging. For years, I managed executive MBA programs with partner schools in Latin America. I wrote countless letters in support of my students travel plans to attend week long intensive courses at our uni, or for the students’ family members to attend graduation ceremonies over the weekend. These were well-off students who had executive level jobs and good connections in their home countries, and even then, they were often denied for reasons the consulates never have to explain or justify . Oh, and they all had proper documentation, too. I know because I reviewed it. ;-)
  14. Chickabiddy

    S06.E08: Ready to Run

    Ok. I appreciate Sephen’s past trauma and lousy upbringing with no role models...well except Gran and Gramps, who seem pretty decent and seem to care..right? But Olga has had her own lousy upbringing. Hello, Russian orphanage,anybody? Where are Olga’s role models? Where are her grandparents to take her to the hospital/airport? You have two people with traumatic backgrounds. And you just have to look at how Olga and Stephen have managed their personal lives, and how they treat each other to see who is fundamentally a better person. Olga is getting an education, Olga is bilingual, Olga is not couch surfing or mooching off friends, Olga packed up for an adventure to the US and held down a job. Olga has handled Steven’s petulance stoically, and still manages to be kinder back. Lots of people have trauma and tragedy in life. The difference in how they handle it comes to quality of character. Olga has it, and Steven just doesn’t.
  15. Chickabiddy

    S06.E08: Ready to Run

    I think we all, mothers and fathers have these “dark feelings” from time to time with a new baby. We all feel frustrated with the stres and lack of sleep. We all have an inner child who wants to feel more help, more love, more security, have more fun. However, as mature, well adjusted adults, we know not to voice these petty, petulant sentiments or take out our frustrations on our partners, or our newborns. We know that doing so is potentially hurtful and damaging to the wellbeing of our families. What sets Steven apart is that he does not have the maturity or well adjusted personality to control those feelings and needs when his partner is under the same stress, which is only exacerbated by her recovery from major surgery and need to nurse to the baby often. Steven has no concept of time place. He has no concept of other people’s needs or frailties. As a narcissist, he just doesn’t care. He feels entitled to vent his emotions and frustrations anywhere and anyhow he wants. His needs are paramount, and he accepts no responsibility for those feelings. As an empty vessel, he holds everyone around him responsible for his feeling good about himself and when he doesn’t feel good about himself. This bottomless well of emotional need combined with his lack of empathy is a perfect storm.That storm leads to urestrained frustration and wounded entitlement that will always make him dangerous to those In his orbit- be it emotionally, psychologically, or physically. As an aside, a new mother can end up nursing every 30 minutes to an hour with a newborn, depending on how hungry a baby is. Breast milk does not have the staying power of formula. Those first few weeks are a relentless cycle of nursing and diaper changes. I doubt Olga’s constant nursing scenes are producer shenanigans.