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  1. juliet73

    S02.E11: New Beginnings

    It's just his backstory. They did Bobby's in S1 and Hen's last season. JLH really needs to part her hair on the side instead of straight down the middle. Chim better not die!
  2. juliet73

    Windy City Rehab

    For those that don't want to read the article, here are the highlights: AV said “A hundred years from now, people will be saying my name. I absolutely think I’m changing Chicago one house at a time.” If they are saying her name, it's not in a positive manner. And yes, I agree she's changing Chicago one house at a time, but not in a good way. She really needs to get over herself! "Victoria believes she deserves a warmer welcome for her efforts at preserving some of the homes’ historic elements. 'We are trying to bring the history back with the builds. So it’s not like we are coming in making crap and just trying to make a buck.' " Is she for real?! That's exactly what they are doing!! Crap work and expecting buyers to pay big bucks for it! "Ruth Egofske, the mother of buyer Anna Morrissey, told the Sun-Times the TV show spent more on the rehab than planned and tried to get the couple to pony up more money. They refused (“They’re both lawyers,” Egofske said), but the deal finally closed earlier this month." I can't believe anyone would even consider buying from these two after watching this show. Between the high price tags and all the mistakes made, I can see why all these homes are still sitting unsold. "1906 N. Hoyne, still hasn’t sold, according to state records. It, too, has an unfinished backyard, and the beautifully staged furniture inside — featured at the end of every show — is gone." No one is going to pay $1.5 mil for a house with an unfinished backyard...even if it is the size of postage stamp. Also "So are some incredibly pricey doorknobs she put on doors inside a 1820s-era hand-carved golden, giltwood door frame from southern France that she had installed on the front of the house. The doorknobs — which she said cost $2,000 — were taken down shortly after she revealed their cost on the show." I hope she took $2000 off the list price. "State property transfer tax records and the Multiple Listing Service only confirm four of them have closed." Out of 11. Here's a little backhanded compliment: "Mary Lu Seidel, director of community engagement for Preservation Chicago, who said what Victoria and Eckhardt are doing is better than the “terrible alternative” of tearing down the houses and replacing them with “McMansions.” She also appreciates how the show features local artifact and restoration businesses, including Urban Remains in West Town and Hammer Design on the Near West Side. Seidel wishes they didn’t supersize the homes or make changes like painting the brick exteriors — and tried harder to get along with the communities they target. “We all know flippers are about turning a profit, but it would be great to see this show model a flipper who seems to have more respect for neighbors of the houses they flip,” she said." I'm glad she gave Ari a shout out! I wish they would cancel AV and give Ari his own show already!!
  3. juliet73

    Flip or Flop Nashville

    I agree with you. I think all the construction and actual remodeling is limited because it's only a 30 minute show whereas the original Flip or Flop is an hour. They should all be an hour, except for Vegas. I can barely tolerate Aubrey and her "glam" designs as it is. What I like about P and D (and Atlanta) is they don't have a lot of OTT drama. They have a problem, they fix it, they move on. Professionals.
  4. juliet73

    My Lottery Dream Home

    I lived in Vegas most of my life so it was nice to see it portrayed as a normal city and not all glitz and glamor - looking at your Flip or Flop LV. I'm sure it was exciting to win $320k, but for him being a professional gambler, I would think they would be a little more cautious with how they spend their money. I didn't hear what she did for work, so maybe she's the breadwinner and his winnings are "extra". I'm glad they picked the 2nd house - I loved it too! If they wanted a big backyard, they should have definitely went with an older home. Most of the ones built before 1990ish have larger lots. My parents house was built in '79 on a pie shaped lot because it was located on an "inside corner" of a cul de sac. At 1/3 of an acre, it was considered HUGE by Vegas standards. I had to laugh when David said there were so many "funky" neighborhoods around the city. I have to disagree...most of the neighborhoods are just tract homes and if you go to custom built neighborhoods, "funky" wouldn't be the word I would use to describe them.
  5. juliet73

    TDS 3.0: Season Four Talk

    I'm not a Desi fan at all, but I did like CNN music piece. She seemed more natural and didn't seem like she was trying so hard to be funny/shocking, etc. On a super vain note, she looked pretty with her hair pulled back.
  6. juliet73

    Windy City Rehab

    I think this was the "pilot" episode that aired last year. It's obvious this was one of the very first episodes since AV was actually kind of being nice to Donovan and she wasn't being a total egotistical b!tch like she is now. Plus, Ari and his business were formally introduced. I rolled my eyes when AV said "if you want something done right, you have to do it yourself." Ha! I would NEVER leave anything up to her (or D) and assume it will turn out correctly. Also, when she told D that she's never read anything negative about herself until now...LOL! She obviously must read very little because I read more way negative than positive comments about her and her renovations. Another chuckle was when she held up the sketch and asked D "does this look like a concrete box?!" YES!! Yes, it does!! And so do all of your other ones!!! Once again, same layout and similar finishes as all of her other homes. I hate that she replaced the living room window with a huge single one that doesn't open. I didn't like the brass framed mirror over the fireplace - a mirror inside of the wood frame would have looked so much better! The buyers were so full of it - they were so over the top with their compliments. Either A. they picked out the finishes (and the brown vs white cabinets was just TV drama) or B. they got paid to gush about AV and her designs. I'm going to go with C. both because AV said the house was purchased $1.375 mil, but according to public records, it was really bought for $1.365 mil. Interestingly enough, the house was listed at the end of Jan 2017 for $1.425 mil and in the property description it specifically says "April Delivery". Because of that and the realtor saying he and the buyers already walked the property the night before leads me to believe, it had an MLS and was not some random couple walking by that were so struck by the awesomeness of AV's designs that they HAD to have the house, like the show made it out to be.
  7. juliet73

    S04.E10: Cloud 9 Academy

    Disappointed in this ep. Dina and Garrett were the highlights. I didn't care for Mateo storyline or Cheyenne being jerky instead of her usual ditzy. Glen baby proofing his office for an infant who is going to be in the store for one day was stupid.
  8. juliet73

    Windy City Rehab

    I really wish he could get his own show! I follow him on Instagram. If anyone is interested... hammerari is his IG name. Ari Smejkal HAMMER DESIGN is his company.
  9. juliet73

    Windy City Rehab

    What is with AV mugging for the camera so much this episode? UGH, with the fake buyers! Again, same floorplan, same kitchen layout with same casual dining banquette, similar finishes in the bathrooms, etc as all their other homes. I didn't see a formal dining area or a main level bath. She couldn't get the ugly stove hood or the island to match that vintage "whiskey bar" cabinet? They went from a small backyard to basically a non existent one due to the unnecessary addition. I rolled my eyes when AV mentioned that people pay more for HER homes because she takes risks. Nope, she's just limiting her buyer pool, IMO. Not many people want ugly blue kitchen cabinets that you literally need a ladder to reach, no mudroom, no backyard, etc. I really don't understand why it takes $600k to remodel a house. Other shows that add floors/additions, etc do it for half that. According to the cook county recorder, the last entry for this address was 12/7/2018 and it was listed as "mortgage for $142,500." So I doubt it sold. The house across the street (4bed/4bath 3500sq ft and completely updated) sold in Oct 2018 for just barely over a million and it was on the market for almost a year.
  10. juliet73

    House Hunters International

    Melbourne: The wife was beyond annoying and ditzy! She acted liked she had never seen an open concept house before. The husband could have done a lot better!
  11. juliet73

    House Hunters: Buying in the USA

    Austin: I can't see them getting married. She was awful. Stop with all the "craftsman" crap HH!!
  12. juliet73

    Windy City Rehab

    Agree! And it looks like everybody that she overshares with doesn't care either! Once again, this reno has the same layout, etc as all of their others. Not impressed. I can see why AV would be pissed that D that didn't call her about the $30k addition fiasco because that is a lot of $$$$. But on the flip side, I don't see her calling him when she spends over $6k on an ugly vent hood! She totally overreacted about the appliances. The "fireplaces" were horrible! She should have done without or at least installed electric inserts instead of those lame candles. So the fake buyers at the end are just brought in so AV can brag about how awesome she is? The house was purchased in Dec 2017 and won't be listed until March 2019?! After watching this season and all the self inflicted problems and wasted money spent on incompetence, I have come to the conclusion that besides being greedy and having no common sense, these two have no management/leadership skills. Obviously, since they are complete morons, they need a site manger or superintendent on their jobs every.single.day. and they need to use the same dependable crew all the time. IMO, they shouldn't have any more than 2 houses going on at the same time and at different stages so they/the crews aren't overextended. Maybe a third if it's in the final stages (painting, staging, etc). Since the houses are all located in the same neighborhood, the site manager can be available for 4 hours at each house every day. And once all the "trade work" is complete, then AV should be able to take over. There is absolutely no reason for that addition to have been built incorrectly. Within a day or two (maybe sooner/later - I'm not a professional) someone (a legit super/site manager) would have noticed it was wrong. I would much rather see them not go so far over budget because of their own idiocy and see that the homes sell in a reasonable time frame at a reasonable price rather than see them tack on the overages to the sale price because of their unprofessionalism and then taken off the market because they aren't selling. I just can't wrap my brain around how they spend their money. Lose a few thousand waiting for the job to be done properly vs losing tens of thousands because it's wrong and then paying more money to have it done correctly. Same with losing a little bit of money on accepting a lower asking price vs losing a lot of money by holding on to it and taking it off the market and then probably selling it below asking anyway a few months later. The guy that does all the woodworking should have his own show. He does great work!
  13. juliet73

    House Hunters International

    I find it even harder to believe that she can just up and move to a country with no job and get access to free medical care. Everything seemed really off about this episode. I can't believe she was even considering house #3! He pointed out that the elevator being broken was a concern, but what about the 100 steps she had to climb to get to the bedroom?! She wore those horrible shorts in the beginning of the episode too. Just when my eyes stopped bleeding, she appeared at the end wearing them!
  14. juliet73

    Proven Innocent

    I liked the show, but I didn't care for Madeline. She was written just too smug, too perfect and too happy. I liked the investigator the most. The parents were completely useless and seemed "dim" to me. I don't like Kelsey Grammar - I think he's swarmy IRL. That being said, I liked him in this. I agree with other posters though in that if every episode is going to be an inmate who was wrongly imprisoned because of KG and set free, then this show is going to get old real quick. I stopped watching Bull after 4 eps because he won every single time. I'm sure it was Brian Husband (guy who hit Levi with the baseball bat) who is the murderer. I'm curious why the law firm couldn't hire Levi to be a runner, etc. Instead a drug addict (former) who was exonerated for murder can only find a job working with children? I don't think so. As much as I like Riley Smith (Levi), he has the "Eddie Cibrian touch". Everything either one of them are in only lasts one season...if that.
  15. juliet73

    House Hunters Renovation

    I didn't like the kitchen. I don't care for the huge custom hood and no upper cabinets look. It looks unfinished. I liked the homeowners. They seemed like a fun couple. I want them to be my neighbors. Theo was super cute!