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  1. juliet73

    Will & Grace

    This episode was awful.
  2. juliet73

    Windy City Rehab

    I grew up in a Chicago suburb. When people ask, I always say "outside of Chicago." Most of the time, the next question is "which suburb?" I saw nothing special or different about this reno vs the others. I liked the staircase and the herringbone floor, but I'm not impressed with AV at all and this particular home certainly doesn't warrant a $2 million + price tag. She needs to get over herself and take her stupid vent hoods with her!
  3. juliet73

    Windy City Rehab

    Hoyne: I agree with everyone else... this house was a fail. AV needs to get over herself. She drives me mad when she brags about how original her designs are. Nope, all her homes look the same. Rectangular boxes, identical layouts, brass fixtures, gaudy vent hoods, white subway tile, unnecessary "vintage" pieces and needless additions. I understand not wanting to move walls, etc for the potential buyer since the framing was already done. However, AV didn't have to be such a b!tch to her or Donovan about it. He really needs to wash his hands of her and move on to a different partner. Hopefully, someone who is way more professional, more budget conscience, and isn't so selfish and egotistical! Onto the house...the front doors open out? And no porch overhang? So not only is her "vintage, French" door surround going to get ruined from the elements, but also visitors get to stand outside in the rain and snow. Hopefully, when the door is opened, people won't fall backwards down the porch steps because the it opens in the wrong direction. I don't understand why AV never includes a foyer in the plans. I think if she did, a coat closet wouldn't be an afterthought or non existent like in this house. The "mudroom cabinets" should have been installed near the back door, not at the opposite end of the family room. I liked the shower in the master, but everything else was meh. Considering they spent over $550k on renovations, I would have expected a lot more. This house did not say "London flat" at all. It said "I'm way overpriced with no vintage details or character left. I'm completely generic on the inside and totally ugly on the outside." The woman buyer at the end was so annoying and her overacting was just too much!
  4. juliet73

    S05.E12: We Know Everything

    What bothers me about Connor's mom's pic on IG is it is so unrealistic. Obviously, there is some suspension of disbelief with this show, but this particular detail is just lazy writing, IMO. Yes, I believe C's mom would post it on social media just to "brag" about hooking up with a college kid. However, that picture would have been edited to show just her and Asher. Anyone or anything else that would have taken the attention off of her would have been cropped out before being posted. I'm over Gabriel and Nate. I like when the show intertwines a case of the week along with Annalise and the K5. This season seems to lack that. The eps either revolve around Miller, Gabriel, Nate or all of the above.
  5. This was an interesting read: https://www.google.com/amp/s/amp.9news.com.au/article/da5ce870-38af-40d2-9ba0-913f54b310b1 So was this: https://www.google.com/amp/s/amp.reddit.com/r/UnresolvedMysteries/comments/3x8phz/kyle_brennan_murder_or_suicide/#ampf=undefined I didn't realize Shelly's mom committed suicide. Apparently, it was a "strange case." Here is an article about it: https://www.villagevoice.com/2012/01/25/the-strange-death-of-flo-barnett-mother-in-law-to-scientology-leader-david-miscavige/
  6. The tax professor said in order to be classified as tax exempt, the religious/charitable side has to outweigh the business side and he used animal rescue as an example. We all the know the Co$ doesn't use the money they make to help the poor, needy, hungry, etc. So their charitable side is basically 0%. However, demanding that auditing be paid in advance and a small price break is offered if you buy a "package deals" is a business. Running holiday sales on auditing as Mike and Leah mentioned is a business. Having sea org members pay a "freeloader's debt" is a business. Displaying a price list is business. So their business side is 100%. I guess I'm not understanding how it ever could have been considered a charitable organization at any time during the past 60+ years. Also, I found this little tidbit on the IRS website: "The IRS may begin a church tax inquiry only if an appropriate high-level Treasury official reasonably believes, based on a written statement of the facts and circumstances, that the organization: (a) may not qualify for the exemption; or (b) may not be paying tax on unrelated business or other taxable activity. This reasonable belief must be based on facts and circumstances recorded in writing. The IRS can obtain the information supporting a reasonable belief from many sources, including but not limited to: Newspaper or magazine articles or ads, Television and radio reports, Internet web pages, Voters guides created and/or distributed by the church, Documents on file with the IRS (e.g. a Form 990-T filed by the church), Reliable information reports from concerned members of the church or the general public and Records concerning the church in the possession of third parties or informants. The IRS must derive the facts and circumstances forming the basis for a reasonable belief from information lawfully obtained. If this information is obtained from informants, it must not be known to be unreliable. Failure of the church to respond to repeated IRS routine requests for information is a factor in determining if there is reasonable cause for commencing a church tax inquiry.
  7. Exactly! Leah mentioned in the 60 minutes segment that she had to pay an additional $300,000 for three months of auditing just because she asked where Shelly was at TC's wedding to Katie Holmes. I can guarantee no other religious organization on earth would make that type of demand!
  8. juliet73

    S01.E14: Upgrade

    This show has become pretty stupid. I'm at the point, where I'm only watching to read the characters nicknames on this board. Eyebrows, Caveman, Wolfman, LaRon Hubbard, Jarod referred to as Jason in some of the comments. I know there's more...
  9. Here are clips to the recent 60 minutes episode regarding Shelly and the Co$:
  10. I can see how it happened. Members of an actual church usually make donations or tithing, but are NOT REQUIRED to do either (correct me if I'm wrong) For the sake of easy math, if a church has 100 parishioners and each of them donates $10/week every Sunday for 50 years $520 x 50 = $26,000 x 1000 = $260,000. Keep in mind, these donations are made to help those in need, feed the poor, church upkeep/salaries, youth groups/adult classes, special events, etc. If you are unable to donate, church officials do not force you to mortgage your home, open and run up credit cards (with or without your consent), and/or spend your retirement and college savings. You can still be part of the congregation or you can voluntary leave without being harassed or shunned by your family and friends. Now from what I have watched/learned about the Co$, aside from the free "personality test", you aren't allowed to do anything until you PREPAY and it takes about $250,000+ to get to OT8. That's not counting additional funds towards constructing new buildings, having to repurchase materials "because there are too many semicolons" in the ones you already bought, any courses you have to redo for whatever BS reason, or any additional auditing you have to pay because someone wrote up on Knowledge Report on you. Again for the sake of easy math, if there are 25,000 members (which seems to be the current statistic even though DM brags there are tens of millions) and each pays the minimum of $250,000, you have $6.2 BILLION dollars. Add in all the money that people paid for a few courses and left and the millions of dollars that people like Tom Cruise, John Travolta and Nancy Cartwright (Bart Simpson), among others have donated over the years and all the money they saved by using the slave labor from the Sea Org, and you have a multi billion dollar business in a short amount of time. I'll even throw Davey a bone and say if they had 1,000,000 members and each only paid $20k, that's $20 BILLION! Keep in mind, the Co$ isn't housing the homeless in their empty buildings, helping in the aftermath of natural disasters, feeding the poor, etc. They are buying real estate and handing out $cientology fliers on 9/11.
  11. juliet73

    House Hunters Renovation

    Sherman Oaks: After a quick Google search, I found that the wife is (was) a publicist and the husband is a regional sales manager for an industrial machinery and equipment company. I really didn't care for her. She seemed disgusted at cosmetic things along with everything else. I think the realtor was over her. At least he admitted the bathroom was functional and didn't need to be gutted immediately. I thought the house was too open and there seemed to be a lot of wasted space. I liked the kitchen, but they lost a ton of storage. I didn't like the formal dining room being just a few steps away from the casual dining area. I didn't like the fireplace either. The pool still looked green and they should have budgeted for a safety gate to be installed around it. IMO, this reno had so much potential, but in the end, it had no personal style. It was cold and generic with a few trendy finishes.
  12. juliet73

    S01.E13: Cleared for Approach

    Olive is an expert in symbolism now? So much so that Ben asks her for more informationinstead of, oh I don't know, using Google? Grace is still super annoying. I can't believe she or Ben didn't use a magic eraser on the front door. Not a fan of the cave man. But I think he plays well off of Michaela since both characters have the personality of a wet noodle and both of them are horrible actors.
  13. juliet73

    Windy City Rehab

    I wanted to punch her in the throat when she blamed everyone, but herself about the "stolen" sink. I read this: "Eckhardt said a stone fireplace, three clawfoot bathtubs, stained glass art and vintage wall sconces were taken out of the home and will all be restored." Tony and Miriam Ruiz say they’re not impressed by the preservation efforts they’ve seen so far, which included witnessing original wood moldings get tossed in a Dumpster and coming home to find a hydrangea bush torn out from the parkway in front of the home, a bush that Ruiz said she would have wanted to have the opportunity to save and replant.
  14. juliet73

    Windy City Rehab

    I don't even know where to begin with this episode! I can see why all the neighbors are pissed about what AV did. The house is a complete eyesore from the back and doesn't fit in at all anymore with the rest of homes in the area! There was absolutely no need to add that huge addition to the back! She kept saying over and over how she was staying true to the era of the home, but the only thing that stayed was the fireplace. Everything else was ripped out. She pays a lot of money for vintage doors, windows, etc. She should go to Habitat for Humanity once in a while; I'm sure she could find awesome stuff there for half the price. She'd probably find the sink that was "stolen" there. I didn't understand why so much time and money was wasted on the chicken coop. The stove hood was atrocious! The rest of the house looked like everyone other house she's done. No character, trendy finishes and overpriced/unnecessary pieces that add "character." I can't find anything online that confirms this house sold so it probably didn't. I'm not surprised though because no one is going to pay $1.3 million for a home in a $650,000 neighborhood.
  15. I think the people that Mike wronged while he was in the Co$ are now on good terms with him is similar to how addicts/alcoholics make amends during recovery. When you look at both situations, neither were in their right frame of mind. Once you are free, whether it be from a cult or from an addiction, I think it's easier for people on both sides to understand/forgive and move on. I don't know how accurate this celebrity list is, but it was an interesting read. Towards the end, are some the perks Tom Cruise, or "TC" as he is referred to at the Co$, and other celebrities have received. http://home.snafu.de/tilman/faq-you/celeb.txt