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  1. Adira

    S01.E09: Songs About Texas

    Besides Maria, who DOESN'T know about the aliens?? Seems like everyone from their graduating class knows, plus Cameron and Noah... so basically everyone their age except Maria.
  2. Adira

    S09.E04: Bahama Drama

    If you hover over their name, an option should pop up that lets you select "Ignore User."
  3. Adira

    S01.E12: You're Dead To Me

    What doesn't really make sense to me is that the Elders really aren't THAT old. They are just more senior witches. Even Marisol was one and it wasn't THAT long ago that she was breaking a necromancer out of Tarturus in order to resurrect her dead infant! I find it hard to believe that they would be so out of touch when they are obviously just normal women/witches who, presumably, have come into "power" due to their experience. Probably there are some Elder traditions that have been passed down over time, but it's not like these women have been Elders for centuries or anything like that.
  4. Adira

    SURly Staff In The Media

    That house is gorgeous! But I really hope they know what they are getting into... they seem to have such major differences in what they want out of life (Tom: wants to get married & have kids; Ariana: doesn't...).
  5. Adira

    The McGees

    If the McGees want a big family, is there a reason they aren't popping out more kids of their own? Their youngest is what, 8? Why didn't they pop out a few more after him? Maybe fertility issues? Which would explain why they need another wife to have more kids I guess?
  6. Adira

    S01.E12: You're Dead To Me

    They mentioned in the letters that Macy's dad would reunite with Marisol occasionally because they stayed in love. Presumably during one of those trysts, she got pregnant with Maggie. Marisol had the power of premonition, so that's probably how she knew her daughters would be the Charmed Ones.
  7. Adira

    S10:03 Kody Wants Out

    I felt bad for Aspen when they were asking her if she wanted to have the wedding at that last location and it was so obvious she did but didn't want to come across sounding like a spoiled brat like Mylketi. She just wanted to know the budget and didn't want to make a fuss and they kept putting her on the spot.
  8. Adira

    The McGees

    I think there's PLENTY to judge without making up stuff about them with no evidence. Case in point: There's no evidence for the bolded. Agreed that she doesn't seem 100% on board, but they've told us it was HER idea, that SHE convinced the husband, so to just assume she's trapped in the relationship with no confidence and can't get out of the relationship is just making up stuff, which seems unnecessary.
  9. Adira

    S10:03 Kody Wants Out

    I got the impression when Kody was telling Meri it was good that she learned how to do things on her own, without him, that he was trying to tell her they were over and she should get used to doing things "on her own" from now on.
  10. Adira

    The McGees

    I get it - she definitely seems to be struggling with it, but I don't think it's fair to make judgments based on assumptions.
  11. Adira

    The McGees

    Actually, didn't they say that it was the WIFE that was interested in polygamy first and convinced HIM to do it?
  12. Adira

    S07.E08: A Housewarming Divided

    Just wanted to add that I DON'T agree with Billie, just wanted to share her latest ridiculousness with this group!!
  13. Adira

    S02.E02: Failure to Launch 2019.01.27

    Didn't they say that it was the WIFE that felt compelled to this lifestyle and she had to convince HIM to get on board? And they were doing this all before the fire.