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  1. lidarose9

    S07.E12: Modern Families

    Why is it whenever these PR designers have to design for anyone other than a size 0 model, they lose their damn minds? EVERYTHING was FUGLY... .... except maybe Bidell's teen girl's dress (without the ridiculous bows on the leggings) and maybe Michelle's teen girl's dress, or maybe Dmitri's black dress -- but all of them could easily be found at any local J.C. Penney or Macy's. It was insultingly bad, and all the "family" people were doing their level best to keep suppressing their urge to vomit. And it was hilarious watching the judges pretend it was "all star" level design. I can't believe nobody talked about the crotch of that little boy's pants. For the "curvy" women, it seemed like they were deliberately trying to make them look heavier, if anything! Irina's maroon and black skirt thing! The clothes looked like they did not fit right, the proportions were nauseating, and most of them looked very "homemade." And the styling! There were some very very bad choices. Even the hairstyle choices were not good. If the challenge was meant to please the judges and not the clients, they should have made that clear from the get-go. I think the designers were confused about who they were designing for: usually you're supposed to please the client. Being unclear about that sent them all off into confused hideousness. I can't believe the judges didn't burst into incredulous laughter when Dmitri's male person came down the runway in that odious ensemble. Wtf was that supposed to be, some kind of uniform? As the years go on, the bar gets lower and lower on PR. From one season to another, the only designers I can remember are the ones who stand out for being particularly bad. I used to try to watch with an open mind to try to see what the judges were looking for, to learn a little bit about what constitutes good fashion design these days. Now it's all just blowing smoke up our asses to carry off the fiction that is this show. It's a joke and I have no idea why I keep watching.
  2. lidarose9

    S09.E09: Momster Mash

    It looks like Jace got shafted genetically from both sides. From both his parents, he inherits a predisposition for addiction, some kind of mental illness, or both. Andrew looks an awful lot like a long-term druggie who's trying hard to pass himself off as clean. No surprise that Jace has emotional problems. The deck is stacked against him in so many ways, poor guy.
  3. lidarose9

    Last Tango In Halifax

    Does anybody know if they plan to do more with this show? I miss the characters and want to know what happens next!
  4. lidarose9

    S07.E19: Welcome to the Family

    I've been trying to shake myself loose from these damn shows for so long, ever since their kids got old enough to know what's going on. I feel like me watching is the same as validating their stupid behavior; it's the same as putting money in their pockets. I absolutely can't condone putting money in Jenelle's pocket anymore, especially after that "road rage" incident. I have to do the same with this show cuz I won't reward attention whores with more attention, not to mention money. I wish I lived in a world where I didn't have to even know the Palins exist, and I'm sure not going to watch a fake soap opera about their problems. I can find out when Ryan relapses and when Catelynn goes back to 'rehab' by reading this forum. You guys are a hell of a lot more entertaining anyhow.
  5. lidarose9

    S08.E09: P√Ętisserie Week

    I recorded this and am just now watching. I wasn't so much disappointed about Stacy leaving, but I was shocked that Sophie was Star Baker. Her ballet tutu was kind of a mess, broken, and looked like a hat. To me the design was quite simple and it was not well executed. I was truly shocked by that decision. Unlike many of you, I liked Stacy very much. I agree she probably should have gone home several weeks ago, but I found her relatable and down to earth. She got nervous and shook up, but that seems so normal. I agree that Liam should have been there. I found myself getting accustomed to the new hosts and judge; I didn't care for the goth guy much, but he's growing on me. What I like about them is they don't try to be Mel & Sue. But I absolutely hated missing the technical and having to wade through commercials. I will watch this again when it's on PBS. Also: everybody knows it gets hot in the tent. If you watch the show you know this. They all are working in the same heat, so it's an even playing field. If I was a contestant, I'd plan ahead for that. But yes, it would make sense to get some a/c in there.
  6. lidarose9

    S05.E11: Reunion Special

    I had trouble making it through the whole reunion. What a bore. I wanted to hear from Carleigh about her hand and the woman with MS, but really the rest of them it was the usual cliches about doing this for my family and blah blah blah. I hope they can reshape this show so it's not a matter of who's fat enough to outlast the others. I found the whole season kind of dull. Why not allow them some more equipment that will make them better able to obtain food? More emphasis on shelter-building and survival skills and not just watching people starve. Zzzzz.
  7. lidarose9

    S03.E10: The Final

    I was rooting for Brendan because to me it seemed obvious he was the best baker. He was experienced, knowledgeable, confident, consistent, and knew what he was doing. If he'd practiced at home, good for him. It's what you do if you really want to win. The other guys were great, I liked them both, but James seemed a little too relaxed, like it was all just a lark, and John was just not consistent. I was shocked that he won. Also I got the feeling Paul liked James and so cut him slack, and didn't warm to Brendan and so tended to ding him for being old-fashioned or lacking creativity. As to Brendan's seeming smug or overly confident, I interpreted his comments as defensive. He knew very well he was much older than the others, maybe felt the need to bring up the fact that in some regards his age could be an advantage. Also it's impossible to know whether they are prompted by certain questions: "So Brendan, obviously you're much older than the others; will you be able to keep up with them?" Maybe I am sensitive to this since I am getting up there myself. ETA: I don't mean defensive in a negative way, like hostile or combative. Just saying maybe he meant Sure I know I'm older than the rest of these people, but I'm not ready for the old folks' home quite yet. Also I wanted to say his manner of speaking may seem kinda stiff and cold to us today but I think he was brought up at a time when that's how well brought up, well educated people talked. People were much bigger snobs about how people talked back in the day.
  8. lidarose9

    S08.E31: On the Mend

    It would not surprise me if Jace ends up shooting David. Ali is experiencing lung problems and Leah smokes. Ali will eventually need oxygen, more than likely. Oxygen + smoking? Bad. Ali's fatigue may be cuz she is not be getting enough oxygen, so breathing properly is vital. Ali's attitude about the machine was awesome, thinking of it as a robot. A mother with some maturity would find ways to make Ali's medical situation into an adventure as much as possible. Why does the wheelchair have to be a bad thing? Ali was delighted when she first got her motorized wheelchair. It was her hot rod. I agree that Leah and Corey just really don't understand this disease. Yes, Ali is going to die from this disease eventually. At some point she will no longer have the muscles needed to breathe. Leah's job is to make her life as comfortable, calm, happy, and painless as possible with whatever time she has. And stop trying to make her fit into the "normal" box. Ali will never be a "normal" little girl. Both Leah and Corey need some counseling on this. I am surprised the doctor does not urge them to connect with some therapists who specialize in this or support groups. Maybe he does and they ignore it. In any event, Ali is a smart little girl. In spite of Leah's obvious shallow bias towards physical attractiveness and popularity, Ali is a good student and a reader. She seems very mature for her age. She is her own person. She may end up teaching Leah a few things. On the other hand, I truly felt for Leah as she stood outside the car trying not to cry in front of Ali. She didn't have a husband or friend there to keep an eye on Ali while she went to the bathroom to bawl her eyes out in private and then compose herself. I know what it's like when the tears come and you just can't stop them.
  9. lidarose9

    S03.E11: Fallen World 2018.06.20

    That is what I meant. In this regard, Clarisse is representing all humanity. Self-obsessed? and ultimately insane? Or capable of seeing what's really happening? We'll see. Survival depends on it.
  10. lidarose9

    S03.E11: Fallen World 2018.06.20

    I have no problem with David Straithairn's accent, and I agree about Belter dialects being different. It's part of what makes the Belters who they are: they are not one people. They've always been individuals and now they have to find unity, a common identity. I noticed Naomi had lapsed back into a broader Belter accent after having spent some months on the Behemoth. Earthers and Martians have different accents. Look at Bobbie. Look at Avasarala. The only way you get a uniform accent is by regimented schooling in a class system like the British used to have. Also I think he called himself Captain to give the impression of strength and unity. Right now the Behemoth is in a position to save the day for a ton of those people. That ship will have to become a kind of DS-9 space station for all the others, since it's the only one that was originally created for lengthy space travel. The Belters can be the heroes in this situation and he instinctively knows to play up their strengths. Also I think he has been addressed as Captain and referred to himself as Captain for so many years, it's probably second nature. Plus he's got a lot on his mind like his fucking punctured lung that just somehow stopped killing him. I do like him as an actor very much. I was having trouble with the swashbuckling pirate thing (expected to see an eye patch and wooden leg), but I can forgive that now. The pacing of this show always throws me off. Each season seems to reach a turning point around episode 4 or 5, so that the season feels like it has a first half and a second half. This season is no different. The events of the last two episodes could easily have taken up four episodes. It kinda kills me how they all go barreling in there and nobody really stops and takes a look around, tries to understand it. Nobody investigates and describes or records or measures. They are in a different reality. They are experiencing a new set of rules for what they can and can't do. They should be tip-toeing, but instead they (with the hubris of humans) dash along with their own myopic dramas. Silly Clarisse is a great example of this. She's in the middle of a new reality where the laws of physics don't apply. Some people feel it's miraculous, a life-changing religious experience. She's also just survived a major disaster, had to wade through dead and injured hip deep. She's committed murder not once now but twice. The enormity of ALL that is completely lost on her. She just blindly pursues her stupid (and mistaken) vendetta against Holden, as if any of that matters. Only a person who is obsessed to the point of insanity would do that.
  11. I am so pleased I managed to find this post again! I read this post weeks ago and thought it was so insightful and spot-on -- I should have commented at the time, but got sidetracked... But as time goes on, I have found myself remembering this post, and wishing I'd said YES YES I AGREE, YOU HAVE NAILED IT. So now I'm going to do that. Very insightful, very apt, very well put. Thank you! This problem felt much more evident to me in the show than in the book. Not sure why.
  12. lidarose9

    The True Story of Franklin's Expedition

    Thank you!
  13. lidarose9

    S01.E10: We Are Gone

    Either of these, adapted to arctic conditions with white or off-white fur, could have been a Tuunbaq: https://www.smithsonianmag.com/videos/category/history/terrifying-mammals-that-may-have-greeted-ear/
  14. lidarose9

    The True Story of Franklin's Expedition

    Just want to add, re comments about random spelling and capitalization. The English language was not standardized until the mid-19th century. There literally was no correct or incorrect spelling until Webster's dictionary, which was first published in 1828 but didn't sell well and wasn't widely used until the 1840s. It wasn't adopted as any kind of authority for a couple more decades. That practice of capitalizing nouns was a fad in the 17th and 18th centuries, which later died out. (Some think it originated with English's German roots, but there is no evidence for this.) Those of you who have read non-fiction accounts of the rescuers and/or modern investigations, would you please share the names and authors of books you recommend? There are so many, and I want to read the ones that are the most inclusive and up-to-date. Thank you!
  15. lidarose9

    S06.E10: START

    Another general observation about this show: When it began in 2013, relations between the US and Russia were pretty much OK, and the show seemed kind of quaint, almost nostalgic. But things are VERY different now. Throughout this season, I found myself experiencing a lot of inner resistance to watching the show. I had to harden myself inwardly. I think I only did it cuz it was the last season and I wanted to see it through. But there is so much now that resonates with our current situation with Russia. It's fucking terrifying. A woman I know from Russia remarked a few weeks ago that while Americans see Gorbachev as a heroic figure, people in Russia at the time thought he was insane. The whole good guys vs. bad guys thing, we've seen plenty in my own lifespan (I am 61) to know how often things are not what they seem. Everybody in this show believed they were acting for the greater good. Right now I've never been so afraid in my whole life, not even during the Bad Old Days this program portrays. It's all too real.